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The question is well we become as functional a the NFL. The corruption is really running rampant and buying off lots of politicians. Look what just happened to voting rights. The fight is not over not by a long shot. We must continue to believe in the goodness of democracy for all people and I do believe that. Rules have to be followed Thom, with all of the lawlessness that keeps taking place I don’t see anybody but people who know rules have to be put i n place for a reason. We would have less people thinking they can just do anything. I really think the country is headed in the wrong direction. I refuse to go backwards when looking forward is a great step for all of us. I really think we all deserve to be happy and we can be when we look forward knowing that you can make your own happiness. This journey of life is just that a journey so enjoy the ride I choose to do that. Democracy never stops or sleeps, my Revolutionary the battle continues until the war is won. We have it in our power to begin the world again Batman, this to is possible.

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