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Well, we do know that the Greed will never be stopped until we actually see something done to end the blatant Greed that we all know to be wrong and unfair to begin with. I would think with all

the just taking with no accountability for all the damage they continue to ignore and think we should just except it for what it is. This is a huge problem for our future as a country if we just continue down this road of Greed that is a threat to our Democracy. I say let’s act and do something about the Threat to our Democracy. Thank you Thom for pointing this out along with the clip from Mr. Kennedy. Democracy never stops or sleeps my proven Revolutionary and we the people know the truth. We have it in our power to begin the world over again Batman and when people pay their fair share I think we can get there. Hamilton Paine Hartmann great mind’s for these complex times. Love Peace Freedom Justice ask me again I’ll tell you the same. Justice Demo’s No Nukes!

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