Yes indeed! Calling it the right name is the first step. But the elephant in the room as you have often opined, is GUNS! America is on a path to self-immolation. The NRA, the weapons manufacturers and their paid corrupt politicians are arming us to destroy ourselves. The second amendment was designed to keep guns away from Black people for fear of rebellion or armed insurrection by oppressed and enslaved people. Now, we are armed to the teeth because we fear and/hate the other. Unless we have the courage as a nation to ban assault weapons, at the least, this America carnage will continue and render us all prisoners. Now, all gathering places are a risk because you don’t know which terrorists are lurking around to open fire! GUNS are the problem.

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So , a true and frightening fact.

The far right in this country is a terrorist group.

Tucker Carlson is a leader in this group of terrorists. He’s ranting on TV following mass shootings , all the reasons queer people deserve to be gunned down.

He uses the word grooming over and over again.

This of course serves to agitate other Right wingnuts . Who are letting themselves off the hook for these murders, because they’re gay or lesbian , transexual, all hated by the Republicans who consider only white heterosexual s to be worthy of their crazy.

And again , terrorize these people because ‘ they’re not like us’.

They are right in this respect, homosexuality does not have evil at their


But Tucker Carlsons made up warnings against these children of God, proves only one thing .

We know terrorists look for vulnerable people to torment .

This is ‘militant ignorance ‘at is best. The formerly , before Reagan , mostly decent Republicans, under Donald Trump , have morphed into perpetrator’s of evil terrorism.

Tucker Carlson has patterned his diabolical behavior after the haters who practice this terrorism .

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It really matters very little what we call these men and it should be recognized that many of the people murdered in the United States and abroad are shot by men in uniform and working for a police department of the military.

In the United Kingdom with its 63 million inhabitants over the last 20 years there have been a total of 30 incidents where law enforcement had to use deadly force. Contrast that with the city of New York where in 2018 alone, the police shot more than 235 people.

The Rambo and similar movies have the hero using automatic firearms and machine guns to mow down dozens of people who are deemed to be the bad guys. In these movies the bad guys were Asians and later movies have Arabs as the bad guys. With cops any person of color is suspect and a bad guy. These stereotypes persist thanks to the media and the TV and movie industry.

If it is OK for Rambo or Chuck Norris or other actor to execute people then why should some white guy not do the same? And we make it very easy for a man to buy multiple assault weapons at their local Wal-Mart. It should be noted that the problem is worse in the red states that are former salve states which have a proud history of arming their white citizens to keep blacks terrorized for the past 200 years.

The police organizations use mass shootings as a way to ask for more money which has never reduced crime. Mental health programs are what is needed along with gun controls but that will never happen as violence serves the needs of the elites who want distracted workers focusing on fellow workers and not the people at the top.

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I would also include the mega financial sponsors that employ, position, and structure hate in our society for political and financial gain, or for their personal hate agendas. Today, the New Republic published the following article about Elon Musk's management of Twitter:


I think it is also important to highlight the terror activity of the billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter, whose money, operatives, and organization rescued Trump in 2018, when he was trailing in the polls by double digits and selling stock in an up market, to "self fund" his campaign. Mercer saw enough hatefulness and divisiveness in Trump along with his willingness to rubber-stamp anything placed in front of him to employ him, as long as Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, two Mercer operatives, would become his "Presidential Advisors". Formerly, these two operatives were backing Ted Cruz's candidacy. Their political dexterity exhibits how they produce total BS for money:


More on the Mercer Family:










The Mercer billionaire's aren't the only family fostering and promoting terror, but they are a good example of those who spend a minute part of their vast wealth on supporting terrorism. Rebekah has advocated the use of violence, and financed BratBarf (sp) and just sold her social media and hate platform Parler, to Kanye West.


Those that fund terrorism, by spreading hate and violence, are mainly responsible for hate and violence in our society.

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Nov 23, 2022·edited Nov 23, 2022

There is a method to this madness.

We do know that weapons can be -and have been- regulated. Even to the extent that obvious military weapons (bombs, cannons) are illegal or require special permits.

We also know that arms dealing is a massively profitable business. This profit motivates these businesses to reduce regulation - even to eliminate regulation. To do this, the industry has focused funding on 'changing the narrative'. In particular, from regulation to freedom. To market the freedom narrative they purchase politicians and fund the NRA (curiously, now bankrupt).

Dovetailing with the profitable business motive, the proliferation of arms advances the abilities of fringe (primarily neofascist) groups to arm themselves in a righteous defense of their freedom. It provides a cover story for insurrection.

The triumvirate is complete with the addition of religious grievance. Businesses fund militias, religious backing (victimhood, righteousness) excites militia membership, armed militias are able to be directed against the country in support of 'their freedom'.

Breaking each piece of the triumvirate cycle is critical. Break the profitability model (e.g. ban, sales tax, licenses, require insurance, etc). Break the religious backing by marketing (e.g. anti-smoking campaigns). Break the militia formation (enforceable laws against insurrection, registering as taxable organizations subject to regulation).

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And for 21 years we've been fighting a Global War on Terrorism. Hah.

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Calling this article what it is. Perfect.

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Holy Smoke Thom, felt the inner realignment of understanding this evil operation by right wing media & politicians. Driving the ‘haters ready-to-blow’ through constant, outrageous and amplified lies exposes Republican’s finger-on-the trigger as accomplices in a obviously sneaky directed act of terrorism. Thank you for shining the light!

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It's wonderful to live in the nation of gun insanity. In most countries, these christian terrorists stand on soapboxes and shout insanity to - whoever stops by.

The USA is the only country on earth where the corrupt Congress and corrupt SCOTUS legalized arming the christian terrorists with weapons of mass slaughter in return for massive Ruble stuffed envelopes from the NRA/Kremlin.

May be it should be illegal for the Kremlin to pay US SCOTUS judges to make murder legal in return for bribery? Just thinking out loud.

The corrupt and sold out Congress and SCOTUS had better watch out. People in the USA are starting to realize it may take violence to stop them from destroying the USA. Jan 6th was christian terrorists, but they showed how to succeed. If actual citizens who can reason attack, it won't be entertaining shots of terrified insurrectionists like Hawley and Greene sprinting to hide behind the keaders

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How else to explain the mass slaughter of innocent people? Layer by layer these terrorists are radicalized, taught hate and grievance against the "other". Add emotional immaturity to the despair, loathing, and loneliness and you have a disaster. These men have decided to die, and they are taking people with them.

Groomed by religion, the far-right, and sometimes the company they keep their political agenda knows no bounds, because they think America means THIS kind of "freedom". The second amendment is their real bible. They will be the ones to interpret it, despite the fact that it is in very plain English and has a documented history.

Where is the breaking point? When do we stop putting up with the sh*t coming out of the terrorists and their creators? I see a few cracks, but I am already sad about who else will die tomorrow and all the days that follow. They are innocent and deserve better.

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Call them whatever you want. But can we make them afraid? Can we see a means to get to where the sickos will not even be moved to act out their horrible deeds? We’d love to understand motivation. We’d love to get consensus on something. Even if it is the wrong something.

I had just turned age 11 when JFK was assassinated. I was speaking to a school classmate about that and other things yesterday. We each agreed that just talking about it brought so many personal memories up. And it was clear, as we each spoke how over all of these years so many varying theories have gotten into our heads. I thought to myself what some callers had said on the program. It haunts us still. The JFK, and any dozen other atrocities we have not come to terms with, and likely as not we shall struggle on and on within our minds and hearts. Citizens, rise up. Then sit down. Sit down, then rise up again. Dangling from rubber strings from a paddle. We are the little rubber balls, hitting the wall.

The memories of those so traumatized by these awful and horrific killings, I can’t hardly fathom. The frustration we experience as we try to envision some way to break through the obstruction to any number of reasonable things to do to help prevent more and more. It is just such a sad, sad cycle of the same discussions and forlorn sense of helplessness. We have to keep on trying, I know. But oh hell.

My rural grade school (1-6) was old. It was built in 1915. It had been my fathers and many of my other classmates high school, so 1-12. There were 3 floors, there was one bathroom. It was in the basement. It was a scary and stinky place. And upper classmates or just general predatory bullies, they would hang out and whoop on little kids. Not a pretty picture. Heck, I think little kids wound up avoiding going there from fear and the revulsion. I learned then and there I would have to fight. And eventually, fight I did. It surprised me, how that situation seemed to resolve for many of us once a line was crossed. Later in life, some of those types of situations, standing up to the bullies, it almost always proved out the theory that the bullies were really and truly cowards when confronted.

But this? This world now, with these weapons. This online hatred? The bought-andpaid-for politcians too scared to stand up to the bullies who threaten their seats?

In the public sphere, more and more behaviors are being tolerated that public shaming alone would have prevented. Not seeing deterrence and not hearing voices calling out the liars, thieves and killers. People are going nuts. And some get this crazy idea that they will get their 30 seconds of fame and maybe some thrill at the same time.

My rage shows. And in some ways, so does my age.

We can surely change how we talk about these animals who are so brutally harming, and killing.

I tend to feel like the best thing would be to have the more public deterrence, making examples of the doers. How could we ever do that again? Things that were done before we were civilized. Heads on a post, public hangings? Really?

A million good wishes to all of you Hartmann readers, listeners and I wish you all peace, love and joy.

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