This Report is right on the money. Explains for me why so many are clamoring to get into politics. I've puzzled over this question, considering it can be a life-threatening career choice, if you upset the wrong people. For example, there are the death threats being received by those just performing their job. Trump had/has a knack for ruining people's lives; there are many who never used to have a security detail assigned to them before he came onto the scene.

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And speaking of money, I caught a small portion of the Thursday show that included a Trump cult member. Thom tried to tell him the truth, but at this stage one has to wonder what their agenda is when they listen to the show and call. He didn't seem like a troll or happy warrior; he just sounded very pissed. I think the cultists see Trump and their dream fading away, as part of the GOP begins to see the writing on the wall if they stick with him.

I wonder if something like today's point of the money he made and is still raising on the backs of Americans would hit home with the cultists. It is all about the money. Trump was supposed to be so rich he wouldn't need it. Maybe the question for them we could ask is: how much money has he asked you for, how often, and were you sucked into donating to a billionaire.

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Unless many US individual voters are willing, systematically, to NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT POLITICIAN the system will never change; there is simply too much corporate money, too many lobbyists and all the major media is owned by giant corporations. The approach for not voting for an incumbent may sound contra intuitive, because it also means getting rid of favorite liberal politicians.

However, as long as ALL politicians KNOW they are bought and paid for going in none of them will really have a service attitude to the people at home: They will be buying into a PERPETUAL NEED TO SELL OFF MAJOR PORTIONS OF THEIR FUTURE VOTING DECISIONS. This is a common sense TERM LIMIT approach. 330 million people will have the option this Fall 2022. If we talk with our neighbors about what's good for our country, the idea might catch one.

Mr. Hartman's citation:

Today there are very few members of the House who aren’t multimillionaires and we have several senators worth hundreds of millions. As the Supreme Court tilted the political field toward the white, male, and rich, the party that most embraced the “money first” ethos — the GOP — has come to reflect that in its makeup and priorities.

Big money is the cancer that has been eating away at the foundations and structures of American politics ever since the Supreme Court blew up hundreds of good government laws designed to protect our democracy from rich predators.

And they are rich. While average Americans are carrying the full tax load necessary to support America, most billionaires in this country are paying around 3 percent in income taxes. Most large corporations not only pay nothing; they’ve figured out ways to get government to give them money every year

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What needs to be done to overturn Citizens United? I want to do my part and spread the word.

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Ditto for Sandi Hanson's question: What needs to be done to overturn Citizens United? I want to do my part and spread the word.

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