I negotiate for a living and I told my wife in 2015 that Trump was not an negotiator. He was a “bully”. He doesn’t know how to negotiate. He just knows how to intimidate people and that’s not negotiation. A real negotiation brings people together. Both parties get what they want. It’s a win-win.

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Excellent post, Thom. Abortion is a prime example of the bullies never being satisfied. For 50 years we listened to the right-wing decry Roe v. Wade, and when it was finally overturned by our now illegitimate SCOTUS, that wasn't enough. Now, it's attempts to, and some success in, banning abortion completely in some states, and the constant undercurrent of a national ban if Republicans get enough power again. I don't know where the adage, "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" comes from, but it surely had to have been connected to the right-wing. They won't be satisfied until we are a Christian nation, with white men as the fascist leaders, and women as breeder stock. And even then, there will be something MORE they will want, though unimaginable right now. Make America Great Again is their rallying cry, and Gilead is what it means.

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Based on my experience the post:

“Joe would be ripe for Indictment. If I don’t get immunity, then Crooked Joe Biden doesn’t get immunity.” He added, “By weaponizing the DOJ against his Political Opponent, ME, Joe has opened a giant Pandora’s Box.”

is a sufficient threat to arrest him.

"Assault is generally defined as an intentional act that puts another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact. No physical injury is required, but the actor must have intended to cause a harmful or offensive contact with the victim and the victim must have thereby been put in immediate apprehension of such a contact." https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/assault

This goes to the judges hearing his immunity case. DOJ can ask for sanctions. To find him in contempt, the court needs to hold a separate hearing.

Besides DOJ, every DA in every state has the capacity to bring criminal charges whenever threats are made. A jury can infer intent from conduct.

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Great article Thom. Who would have thought, giving the rich all those tax breaks would have lowered the standard of living for everyone else? The rational thinking liberals that's who! Now the losers want to bully anyone who acts happy that they don't like, just for the fun of it, because they are sadists. They are more sadist, than they are pro-life. Waiting 2 years to begin prosecution, is unforgivable! Liberals better prepare to grow their own food! All the jobs will go to the bullies and social spending will end. Trump has a chance to prove us all wrong, but he won't! There will be very few jobs created with the trickle down theory. Who is going to be able to buy stuff? The maga crowd thinks that they will inherit the wealth. The maga will be used, then replaced by cheaper, healthier, more grateful, immigrant labor.

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I believe I was in 7th grade at the time. I was in the school yard when some kid I didn't even know came over to me and pushed me to the ground. Well that was bullying. Not only that, but he then proceeded to kick me. Honestly I saw red. Kicking someone when they are down to me it was a real reprehensible Act. I got up from the ground and bloodied his nose hopefully I think I broke it. On my way home from school lo and behold there's the same bully but this time with his big brother in tow blocking the sidewalk. I could take flight I could freeze or I could fight. I didn't really have to do any of the above. I knew I couldn't run and I knew I couldn't freeze so I walked up to them. Big brother asked me why I bloodied his little brother's nose so I told him. Apparently the big brother had some sense in them because he looked at his little brother and then walked off. In the next week the little brother the bully spent his time trying to make friends with me and be my best bud. Lesson learned if you want to be friends with the bully beat him up. That respect that. I wouldn't be friends with one but they, these bullies, have a hierarchy that they follow. And the hierarchy is who's the biggest bully? Whoever that is these bullies will follow. They are sick people always trying to bully their way to the top of the hill where they can Proclaim themselves Kings of the Hill. It's unfortunate, and it's scary, but the only way to handle the bully is to confront that bully and make it painful enough so that he never ever wants to do it again and instead wants to be your friend.

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"It’s way past time for average Americans to fight back."

I am going to keep mentioning a Movement of marches and/or protests. Maybe I am not looking hard enough. The bigger the movement, the more the noise that can be made. Showing up in numbers will show that we won't be bullied. It needs an obvious and singular message. Is there a movement around "Eat the Rich"?

If we lose the election, the bullies will be nearly impossible to stand up to. Dictators have a way of dealing with those that don't agree with them.

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A trenchant column needing reinforcement. Bullies are cowardly losers who bully out of the knowledge they are inferior and the insecurity that brings. While overreaction is a risk, it is unfortunately soon to become necessary if our country is to survive.

That will be personally traumatic for feeble, 75-year old me. I was bullied twice as a child. It is worth briefly recounting what happened.

In the Fifties, I lived in an apartment complex with dozens of other Baby Boomer kids, many from military families, like me. We played cowboys and Indians and WwIi games with our toy weapons all the time. Some enterprising horror of a toy maker sold these little facsimile machine guns that shot BB’s. I was walking up the steps to our apartment block one morning when this kid came up and started shooting me with one, moving ever closer. When he was about two feet away, he got a look on vision face and started marching the BB’s up the middle of my chest, heading toward my face. I was holding a toy rifle with a metal sight, about two inches high. Instinctively, just before his BB’s reached my chin, i basically clacked out andI hit him over the head with my rifle and ran inside my building. I learned later that I had turned my rifle upside down before striking him. The gunsight pierced his skull and caused permanent brain damage that made him a drooling idiot requiring assistance to walk. I was not reprimanded or punished in any way, as there had been too many witnesses. I did encounter him some months later walking home from school, being supported by two of his sisters who yelled “Look what you did to our brother!” I ignored them and moved on.

Years later, at the Catholic school I was then attending on the opposite side of our country, another kid thought it was fun to sneak up behind me and pull out the short hairs at the base of my neck, then run away. He was fast and agile. I was fat, slow, and with bad, then uncorrected vision. Finally, after I don’t know how many such incidents, I turned fast enough to confront him. He laughed and took a swing at me. I blacked out again. When I came back, I was being pulled off of him by four other kids and two adults. Apparently I had knocked him to the ground and was on top of him, beating his face into a pulp. He survived, and was forced to leave the school. Again I was not punished.

My parents had a talk with me about how they were proud I had stood up for myself. My father trained me in fighting techniques in case any such thing happened again.

My own reaction was different. It frightened me to know I had such a demon inside of me. I committed myself then never to let my temper get that bad again. It never has, but only through a conscious, difficulty effort on my part when bullies harassed me a couple of other times in my childhood. Frankly, the ability I developed to bottle up and channel my rage has served me well many times.

The point of my relating these very personal anecdotes? My bet is that there are millions of others out there, women and minorities of all stripes, who have that same demon within. While I don’t want it to happen, more than I can even say, if TFG and his goon squads start using violence to avenge imagined wrongs, to try to intimidate, or just for the charge it gives them, they will be in for a rude awakening that could turn fatal. And they have more guns, but we have more brains, and we outnumber them. I am reminded of an old remark I once read, though I have forgotten the source: “ Even the smallest worm will turn when trodden upon.”

So with apologies for this long, personal post, I end with this thought. Let it be known that the bullies in TFG’s cult are on notice. Those you would dominate will not go lightly into the dark. They will rise up and overwhelm you, and it will be hideous, and ugly, and maybe the end of this country. That is why we MUST get out the vote in November, because while the bullies will engage in violence if they lose, it will be far worse if they win and feel they have that win and the law, to the extent that matters to them, on their side. Be strong. Be united. We can, we will, we must overcome.

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Hunter Biden just stood up today to the bullying MAGAt when he showed up at an over site committee hearing. He put the bullies on display and walked out when crazy marge started to talk. I have been living among people who use intimidation (been through the criminal justice system) based on observing their behavior this was a standing up to the MAGAt bullies by the President’s son. Loved it

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It’s more than political bullying, in the case of Trump. He is a mob boss, or a member of the Russian mafia, and has been for 40 years. The pressure Trump puts some people under, as evidenced by his mob-adjacent lawyers, is life-threatening. Lean on people until they acquiesce to your power. Trump launders money for the Russians and in turn provided Putin with what he needed and needs.

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Absolutely great essay, Thom.

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Despite Trump's b.s. that the economy is terrible, he just admitted that the economy is in great shape, because he said that when the economy crashes he doesn't want to be a Herbert Hoover, which is an admission that the economy is in great shape. LOL.

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Trump is not only a bully he is a psychopath who bullies because he’s a twisted up orange mess and doesn’t need his lifts in his shoes or his nasty depends when he bullies .

But he ends up seeing the same monster in the mirror and having to go after anyone who can see the truth about Trump.

Trump needs to be held up as the image of what no one should aspire to be. Unfortunately somebody needs to knock him back .

Hopefully the Courts can, if they do their jobs and go by the Constitution of the

USA and not the paltry thoughts and plans of their wealthiest donors and Trumps cadre of foreign bullies. Putin , Orban, and the like.

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Sometimes I wish we could allocate the massive amounts of federal money sent to red states to people who want to leave those Christofascist states for a period of time, and then stop ALL federal funds from going to those states. Florida and Texas, etc can wall themselves off and have it their way.

Let’s see how much those toothless cowards who support tRump would like that.

I just don’t see how the entire US stays together with such divergent visions of who we are and what we can be.

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A society 'rotten to the core' creates bullies.

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As a court stenographer, I knew my friend had to keep her game-face on. I asked her if she ever lost her cool in court. The point for now is, what did it feel like to be in a court of law where an actual member of the bar said that nothing a president does is a criminal act and they have immunity from prosecution? Did anyone LOL; did anyone in court at least cough the word "king"?

Can't say I was shocked that there was no nuance or finesse in their position. His Royal Hiney and the Cult always double-down by trying to bully some more.

I've had to testify and to sit on a jury, court is as serious as a heart attack. Eventually, one is going to slap these bitches back to reality. And, SCOTUS judges do not live forever--it just feels that way.

My friend answered yes. It had to do with a guy in a wheel-chair, an angry wife, and a steep driveway. A wicked sense of humor can help you cope.

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Last night I saw a gutless, spineless Trump, a groveling, sniveling wimp grasping a the last straws like the coward that he really is. What is it about the Lion King generation that they have no confidence in their ability to stand up for bullies. They need a Savior. Why?

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