Mr. Hartman, you're scaring the crap out of me!! I'm aware that the big push towards fascism/oligarchy is blatantly upon us. I'm outraged and frightened for my children & grandchildren! What they're orchestrating is pure evil! They MUST BE STOPPED!!

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Just a reminder that if the popular vote is not accepted and it goes to Congress. Who takes 1 vote from each State. CA has 40 million population and would get 1 vote. WY has 590,000 population and gets 1 vote. It takes 22 smaller states to add up to the population of CA. They would get 22 votes compared to CA getting 1. Billionaires buying votes in smaller states is a lot easier than in a state like CA. This is not even remotely close to Democracy.

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On the Oct 15 posting by Thom Hartmann I made comments for which I was “BANNED” from the site for 24 hours. A very insulting term. You can look at the page and see my emoji with a circle cross and a “BANNED” after my moniker Legend (a past dog that I owned). I know not what my offense was. If this is punishment, I have no idea why. I tried to post and ask why and the screen shows in bright red letters that I have been “BANNED” for 24 hours. They could have contacted me as they do have my email address. But instead, they just “BANNED” Me. Evidently Thom is the Reincarnation of Rush Limbaugh and only wants compliments of him on his Hartmann Report. Double Dittos Thom! I have been at least a 15-year subscriber listener and have regularly posted on Thom’s blogs. I try to post interesting facts and back them up with reference. I get lots of “Likes” to my posts. I have been posting trying to keep the Hartmann Report going. Back and Forth discussion on the Hartmann Report is almost now non-existent and now consists of mostly compliments to Thom’s writing. Most of the interesting posters of past years have left and there are literally just a few posters on the Hartmann Report.

I am a strong Progressive Democrat. I hate what the Republican Party and Right Wing (Mainstream) Media is doing to this country. I live in a Republican neighborhood, in a Republican County and Congressional District. I know how these people work. That is one reason why I consider it important to post reference. Republicans lie.

I have strongly disagreed with Thom on one subject. That is his constant tear down of Medicare Advantage which saves me a lot of money and gives me great medical care. And his support of Medical Insurance Companies that charge you hundreds of dollars a month for Medicare Gap Coverage. The same companies that rip you off for regular Medical Insurance. I have asked Thom to have a Representative from Kaiser Permanente on his show but he never has. Like I said. He must only want compliments as I am the first to be “BANNED” from The Hartmann Report. So much for people that disagree, go to the front of the line.

Goodbye to The Hartmann Report. I have been “BANNED” by a one side of the argument only hypocrite!

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I believe you. So, how do we stop them?

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This is true.

Yes it can happen here.

It absolutely will be pushed to the point of violence.

They didn't rape their way down this path only to turn back, because...?

When the day does come, and we find our society in flames - what will we do?

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It should be noted that when the 24 hours was up, the "BANNED" banner next to my moniker was removed.

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Because Trump is a psychopath, everything Thom says about his election statement could be true and yet none of it could be true. If I knew that it was strategy, and it came from Putin or Bannon, I would believe it's not more BS. They might even have the strength to keep him on course to get it done. Even though it is un-American, many of the Republicans involved might gladly throw away or change votes. I bet we will be able to hear the Russians laughing from Sarah Palin's yard.

I watched the sickening paranoid footage in the links. These "patriots" want people to think they are being bullied. I am choosing to use my individual freedom to get vaccinated to keep my community safe, including me. If they die of covid, they don't care who they take with them. At least they will have an extra flag to drape their coffin.

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So, how DO we stop them? As Legend's comment mentions, Jon Stewart is now making clear nationally what became apparent about 10 years ago - fascism has gone world-wide. Of course I would hope this country would help other, smaller countries with this problem, but we obviously have our own. As I have mentined before myself, I have watched this freight train coming at us since the '70s, I frightened most everyone around me silly by trying to show them, and have spent thousands of hours comtemplating the inevitable and what to do about it. All I have come up with is a GENERAL STRIKE. We need to know it is coming, somehow we need to set a time for it to start, and we all need to be prepared. Stock pile food and water for a war, then stop spending money, don't go to work, hunker down at home or go to demonstrations. Expect that they will be violent, quite possibly with live ammunition. But most importantly, it cannot be for a symbolic day or two, or even weeks. We will need months. Yes, it will be painful for all of us, some more than others. I think of as chemotherapy, of which I am not a fan, but the main idea is, while it hurts us, it will hurt the oligarchs even more, especially if ways can be found to freeze their assets, including overseas, by reason of they are a threat to national security. If possible, the GOP should be redesignated as a terrorist organization. While the Commander in Chief is a Democrat, the military needs to be alerted, shown the evidence, and told they may be called upon to defend their country on its own soil. Massive investigations need to follow up, looking for any in the services who are pro-republican, and then they need to be dishonorably discharged as enemies of the state, from generals and admirals down to privates and seamen. Particular emphasis needs to be placed on special forces.

Yes, I know this is extreme, but it is not a call for martial law, though local law enforcement also needs to be purged. All too many sheriffs and police chiefs are members of the Oath Keepers, and way too many field personnel are part of militias. Vetted National Guards could be trained to temporarily fill in local forces. Some of them might even decide they like it better than their old jobs. But as extreme as it is, I already know how extreme the GOP can be. Forgive me if I have already mentioned this in a post, but I vividly recall receiving a letter from Reagan's State Department that was essentially a thinly-veiled death threat. I realized that if it had been phrased just a little bit differently, I wouldn't be here now. But it did end with "We are watching you," so I knew nothing was eminent. Still, it frightened me enough that I burned the letter. Ever since, I have wished I kept it. At least it showed I was shaking their cage.

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Jon Stewart is streaming a new show on Apple TV. The second episode covers this subject. He has guests from the Philippines, Egypt and Venezuela and discusses what happened in these Countries. They also discuss Brazil, Hungry etc. It seems that Fascism is the worldwide trend.

Right now is the time for our judicial system to prove that it can work. I personally think that it is on the verge of collapse. How long Steve Bannon (and others) can not face the January 6th committee is the first test. We know that Trump is guilty. We have read the books. Steve Bannon publicly said that he was involved. Will the judicial system prove it? Or can criminals refuse to testify.

Steve Bannon recently lead a fundraiser for the Republican Candidate for Governor in VA. The audience and Bannon gave the Pledge of Allegiance to an American Flag that was carried at the January 6th insurrection by one of the insurrectionists. Will the American Flag that was used to beat a police officer be auctioned for $$$,$$$? https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/trump-bannon-youngkin-republican-virginia/2021/10/13/1113ad10-2bb4-11ec-985d-3150f7e106b2_story.html

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