How is it that CNN and the rest of our mainstream news industry failed to learn the lesson of January 6th? If democracy dies, it will be because Trump was labeled a "politician" instead of "a threat to democracy" by newspapers and TV news throughout America.

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"It’s time to call a fascist a fascist and — speaking of CNN’s upcoming attempt to rehabilitate Trump with a MAGA-mostly-audience “Town Hall” moderated by a reporter who got her start with Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller — it’s time to call fascist enablers exactly what they are, too."

Great observation, Thom. Thank you.

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Thom , Thanks so very much for your very direct and precise way of assembling the facts of the matter. This should be spread far and wide. I use the word fascist in almost every instance involving a Republican .

The situation with Zooey in Montana, the two young black men expelled by Tennessee. It goes on and on.

The constant shootings that go on in this country and are supported by Republicans wearing lapel pins of big guns, rather than the American flag.

Trump, De Santis,

CNN is not even trying to deliver unbiased news.

Not anymore.

Just Frightening.

Im sure its not easy, but people need to yell about and let CNN know their feelings about their choice to elevate Trump from a criminal thug to acceptable candidate.

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Right on the money Thom.

After the 2016 coordination between social media (Russia), the FBI (Comey), and the press (specifically Fox) - all pillaring Clinton, I knew fascism had won a major victory. In my small circle, I called it out as Fascism. I was so disgusted, I stopped watching any of the conventional news outlets (yes, even MSNBC!). None of them were calling out the naked King.

I finally found a solid anchor in Madeleine Albright's book "Fascism, a Warning". She provided a mental lifeline. Soon after, my wife discovered The Hartmann Report. Another lifeline. More recently, I watched the Ultra documentary by Maddow and her historical account of America First during WWII.

Finally, we are hearing the attack on the country called out for what it is - naked fascism. The GOP and MAGA crowd are no longer able to hid in the shadows of propaganda and fear mongering. Thanks Thom

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Gotta hand it to Moonves, Trump, Jeff Sucker, those rapists stick together! Anything for ratings, I guess. I suppose CNN is trying to recruit Tucker Carlson. I still think a Tucker Carlson/Don Lemon 'Point, Counter Point' show would be a hit! Jane Curtain/Dan Ackroyd? 'Don, you ignorant....' oops, went too far.

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Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf on his night stand, he was well versed in Hitlers tactics.

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Powerful essay, Thom! Thanks for bringing this Henry Wallace column to our attention, I hadn’t seen it before. What a shame that Roosevelt was forced to drop Wallace from the ticket in 1944; as President after FDR died in 1945, Wallace might have taken us on a much more progressive path than Truman.

Here’s a link to the 1944 Wallace column in the Times:


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A brilliant, insightful description of life in America as it is happening before our eyes. Required reading. Twice. Then pass it along.

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We need articles like this!! It’s a ‘once you recognize fascism, you can’t un-see it!’

VP Wallace was a visionary as he laid out everything to look for in his warnings against fascism here in the United States, now here it is in our faces.

CNN promotes fascism. Call it out, call it what it is, LOUDLY! MAGA = Fascists! There’s no wiggle room here for euphemisms. Not to mention less than 30% of registered voters want anything to do with the ideals of fascism, tyranny and oppression. CNN is now has an active roll in the tearing down of our democracy.

Christo-Nationalist News.

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Absolutely: Fascism is and has been alive and dangerous in the USA. This debt ceiling battle goes so far beyond partisan in its potential harm to all U.S. citizens and internationally. Is Fascism becoming a third party? I’ve said this before, but it now bear’s repeating: this is the most important warning we will read. It must be heeded and shared.

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Holy fascist sh*t Batman!

So don’t watch CNN.

Boycott their advertisers

Write the advertisers and tell them why you aren’t buying their stuff

Rinse. Repeat.


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Apologies for hogging comments

But this is worth it https://www.salon.com/2023/05/02/its-2015-all-over-again-cnn-slammed-for-making-compelling-pitch-to-for-ratings/?lh_aid=3594738&lh_cid=nw3mc088w1&lh_em=myocicats@gmail.com&di=ee28f1277899bd2c6c85853aee13fd0e "It's 2015 all over again": CNN slammed for making "compelling pitch" to Trump for ratings

Remember the CEO of CNN was the VP of Programming under Les Moonves when CBS was carrying water for Trump in 2015

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Agree 100% with Thom on his article. At what point do Americans wake UP to the corruption and destruction of our democracy? The “my little fascist party “ is so corrupt at every level that it’s staring us in the face but too many Americans are gaslighted on a 24/7 scale by right wing networks and boot lickers ( which is about all of them) so I guess that’s the point. Alternatives to right wing media are few and not exposed easily to citizens in the same way that corporate owned networks are. I do not watch CNN anymore, especially since the free BS advertising for tRump during 2015-2017. And the fact that too many Americans bought into tRump’s BS platform and ignored his past transgressions speak volumes about so many Americans’ values. The only CNN commentator I pay attention to is Daniel Dale’s fact checking on social media. I also can’t stand Faux “news” so wouldn’t ever watch any of their programs. Some MSNBC programs are worth listening to and some are just mediocre with “both sides do it” content which I refuse to watch. It takes work to sift through media sources that report factual content and does actual reporting so I can understand why so many Americans don’t get that there are options to the Faux like networks out there. It seems that the onslaught of tRump and the Magat crazies and before that the “tea party” of know nothing Republicans take all the air out of our daily news and the rational discussions of how to improve our national well being ( debt ceiling, inflation, crime, escalating racist violence) and drown out actual problem solving. What’s the solution other than Democrats and rational people speaking truth, and speaking louder than the Magat crazies. And wouldn’t it be great if some billionaire invested in a network that appealed to all Americans with truthful content regardless of party affiliation. One can only dream.

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Amen. The current fascists are too stupid to feed the poor and keep the society civilized. Because they don't like socialism. All third world failed Nations are capitalistic with no socialism. Try to name a third world nation that is socialistic with a maximum wage. I'm glad I don't have any children to witness The killing Fields ahead. We will need more unaborted fetuses to replace the same members of society. They will be told the moon is made of green cheese and if they disagree they will be made into green cheese.

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May 3, 2023·edited May 4, 2023

Trying to talk about people with extreme prejudice actively persecuting those they have tried to dehumanize is a lot to explain to someone. Then you would have to add they want to hand the government over to business and the rich. "Fascist" covers it.

But, I don't think it covers it all. Leaving religion out is wrong. It is time to add that to any conversation. We need to make it clear that religion is no excuse under the Constitution.

As for CNN, I'm thinking cockroaches and sunlight, just like the Met Gala. Put Trump and his cult followers out there. Let the world see WHY good people need to do the right thing. I know I stopped watching that channel when the words "fair and balanced" came out of Wolf's mouth. They just had their worst ratings in 9 years, so I guess they would like a little fascist boost.

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All media should stop giving this jerk a platform where he can keep being on front of the public. He needs to be ignored so he can fade away

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