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Well Thom, isn't it time that we forgive and forget about the Republicans and Insurrections and such, so that we can repeat all of these horrible mistakes after Trump and the Republicans steal the election in 2024 for China's help and try to blame it on nonexistent election fraud (ignore the actual election fraud which always seems to be committed by Republicans) or Hunter Biden? Remember, Hillary isn't important enough these days to bring up Benghazi so lying about Election Fraud and such is really the best way to lead the Nation and the World.

That diplomatic mission that Biden is on (he gave a bicycle helmet to Boris Johnson. Seriously? Give me a break!) is NOT the way to show effective leadership. Rage Tweeting while taking one's morning dump and huge tax cuts for Musk, Gates, Bezos, Buffet etc. - that is the only way to lead this country and save the economy. And that virus will be all gone before Summer thanks to the warm weather! In April!

(by the way, do you know why my car keys are stuck to my face? I was vaccinated for Polio in 1958 (age 3) and am sure its those magnetic particles that Bill Gates stuck in the mix that is causing these. I can't see out of my left eye 'cause the key fob is stuck there)

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