I read most of this, up to the point that it made me physically ill. How is it that so many people -- Democrats, at that -- don't understand the importance of getting behind Biden/Harris 100 percent in order to prevent the destruction of our country as we have known it?

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Excellent article. It encapsulates everthing and put things in proper perspective. I don't think that most people understand that maga is a right wing, white extremist movement that is well funded and organized.

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I , for one , have been trying hard to unsee the atrocity of the far right vultures in our country.

I’ve known that these mercenaries were gearing up for whatever is destructive to our way of life.

But I kept hoping the criminal chaos of their

leader, might push this back.

But the Republicans of today have an energy that we’ve not matched thus far .

The ingredient is a reckless hatred for anyone that tries to infringe their right to destroy.

This is a cancer on democracy.

Make no mistake their hatred of anyone who doesn’t support them is massive.

And they have family Christmas cards with pictures of a family , each member with an automatic weapon , including little children .

Their resistance to curtailing the availability

of automatic weapons from crazies like themselves is notorious.

Why would these people be so opposed to removing weapons used to shoot up kids in classrooms.

People in a Synagogue.

People in a Church.

None of these people are important to their cause , the cause for unchecked hatred. Not kids , not Jews, Not African American churchgoers.

None of these people are donators to their nefarious, No, Evil Cause.

These are people who have become brainfilthed by a sick and twisted

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Food for thought. If Trump is stating he is going to present evidence of fraud in the Georgia election this coming Monday at a press conference it shouldn't be a problem to have a quick and speedy trial set. In fact why don't we just setup a bench trial for that following day, Tuesday 8/22/2023 and end this insanity.

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All the facets you wonderfully lay out in this blog all are found in Fascism. A dogma that has always melded the worst of racist, theocratic, misogynist, mythology with the worship of a return to a feudal economy.

A world that today’s Christian white males feel provides relief from the immiseration caused by the cynical billionaires they feel they too will be if only they could destroy them non-white “other”

Why Democrats refuse to label the Fascist loving Republicans what they are only demonstrates the power of their ruse on decent Americans.

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Michael Moore wrote an interesting piece titled He's Lucky He Lives In America. He points out that in any other country, a failed leader who has attempted a coup and not succeeded, would be give a rope or a blindfold and either hanged or shot by a firing squad. Perhaps that reality would bring a little sanity back. We are a nation of laws and I truly hope the laws will hold and his reign will end soon!

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Jaime Rankin said that Yes, we can know what is true. Court cases depend on evaluating truth. We need to make the discussion fact based. When someone says that Trump is the real President, ask how. Then ask why 60 cases failed to prove voter fraud. If they say they don't care, ask what they would do if a Democrat lost an election and asked other Democrats to help him stay in office. Ask, isn't that saying your vote won't be counted. Ask if they really would enjoy living under Putin and being poisoned if you didn't agree with him.

And if they still revere Putin and autocracy, suggest that democracy is not for them and they should move to Russia or Hungary.

In every interaction with news media politicians should be pressed for facts. Relentlessly. Leaving political discussion on the emotional level (especially with so many armed partisans) gives us no leg up to improve communication. We need to talk. We all need to appreciate the beauty of democracy where we can each freely pursue happiness.

The MAGA masses don't seem to have thought it through.

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Narcissistic Devil.

He knows who he is .

We know who he is .

He is a pathetic, tortured , mentally unstable, weak person who only wants that which can hurt the most people, that he perceives have something he doesn’t, a heart and a soul.

He will punish anyone who has a heart and a soul. As will his followers.

His hate is for himself but he cannot hold it all it has to go out.

And because manipulation is one of his best skills , always by proclaiming his hostile victimhood, he attacks and snares others that recognize his hate as pain.

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The law, time and history are rolling over Donald Trump. It's impossible for Americans to not get some of the residue on our shoes.

I hope that the picture becomes clearer as the legal process moves forward. These Reports are going to help us to grasp "why" for the crimes. The indictments certainly lay-out the who, what and where for the felonies.

Keep beating our democracy drum, Thom. It's time for Trump to pay the piper. We have to take care of each other in the meantime. Those grand jury participants did their duty---bless them all. Now that's integrity and being a good citizen of this country---two things Trump and his cult members do not value.

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When push comes to shove and let's say Trump is the nominee, it's hard to imagine really really really that anywhere near a majority would vote for him. But we are in a mess of unworkability and it is a wake-up to deal with income inequality that makes enough people unhappy enough to try anything different from the status quo. It's system change we need, looking to our fundamentals, and not just struggling with those deck chairs on the Titanic

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Downright chilling! I’m so fearful for my grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Have no patience for the enablers of this insanity 🤬

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Use this relationship map track the 19 people charged by Fani WIllis in the Georgia county case against Trump. It has been updated today with details on 14 likely co-conspirators. https://thedemlabs.org/2023/08/17/relationship-map-trumps-unindicted-co-conspirators-in-georgia/

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There is a Share button on this, and I used it. I'm not particularly involved in social media, but I do have FaceBook. Whether or not people will actually read it (I asked them, too, to refute it if they were able) is a huge question.

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Fascism also reduces truth/reality/facts-evidence-proof to utter irrelevance. One claim T. has been raising a lot lately is that he truly believed and believes that he won. In that context, I think it's useful to go back to the first Impeachment. When Zelinsky quibbled that there was no basis for investigating Joe Biden, T. said, never mind, just announce an investigation and leave the rest to me! (I didn't hunt up the exact quote, but I think I'm close.) This is habit and pattern of a criminal mind. T. doesn't for a second believe he won (therefore massive fraud - must be - has to be....). What he believes is that he can create the reality he wants. Whatever went on with Joe Biden in Ukraine T. doesn't know and cares less. Mary T. made this distinction yesterday, in the context of whether T. was feeling "the heat." She said something along the lines of, there was little capacity to experience anything adverse. (i.e., "reality" isn't real to him.) M. Scott Peck, 1983: "Interestingly,...Satan...does not understand science. Science is an antinarcissistic phenomenon. (Science) assumes a profound human tendency to self-deception, employs the scientific method to counteract it, and holds truth higher than any personal desire. Satan cannot understand why any beings would not want to deceive themselves. It ...finds human science incomprehensible." (p.108, "People of the Lie" First Touchstone edition, 1985)

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... I doubted I could ever add anything to a thorough Hartmann report... but this has been eating at me for years so I will put it here:

>> may we drop the word

CLASS and replace it with the real word INCOME ? It is time

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The carbon cabal would be the last group to support RethinkX. The energy disruption RethinkX analyzes (and certainly advocates) will drive fossil fuels into bankruptcy, and all the sunk costs will become worthless.

You are quite correct that "the damage is done". The metaphor that Adam Dorr uses continually is a house on fire. The first response must be to put out the fire--completely. But that is not the complete response. Nothing the fire department does repairs the damage already done. Dorr discusses the technologies to repair the atmosphere, the land, and the oceans, once the "fire" has been put out..

Hold your skepticism in abeyance long enough to watch the YouTube presentations. Hopefully, that would pique your interest enough to motivate an in-depth reading of the (I think) more substantial look at the data supporting their thesis. Some disruptions are relatively small, like the disruption in photography that replaced (expensive) film with the ubiquitous photography we have on our smart phones, based on the charge-coupled device technology. A substantial one was the Internal Combustion Engine replacing the horse at the beginning of the twentieth century. This aggravated the carbon dioxide problem created by the eighteenth century disruption we call the industrial revolution.

(Note that the cities before the ICE disruption were drowning in horse manure, and that before the industrial revolution more than 90% of the world's population lived in what we today would call extreme poverty.) RethinkX discusses individually four interconnected technological disruptions: Energy (wind and solar plus batteries); transportation (EVs supplanting ICE cars plus fully autonomous self driving cars); food (precision fermentation to "brew" any desired biological molecule, together with cellular culture, grown with food produced by precision fermentation. Acquiring the stem cells that begin the cultures with not require the slaughter of any animals. Land freed from use by bankrupted conventional agriculture will involve an acreage equivalent to several continents, available for rewilding. Land currently used to feed animals destined for the slaughterhouse is largely responsible for the Anthropogenic Extinction. The food disruption will end that.); and Labor (artificial intelligence plus robotics: removing the shackles on production due to qualified labor shortage. Economics will need to move from the science of managing scarcity to the science of managing abundance. Something like UBI will be needed to complete the circle between supply and demand. I think there will be new study of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Education will be redirected from a focus on prospective employment to the individualized development of talents and interests.)

I know that these prospects will seem fantastic and utopian, but I think if you give them a fair consideration, you may find that your vision of the future will be considerably brightened. Looking forward to continuing the conversation,


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