The best information I read on the 9/11 tragedy was Richard A. Clarke's Against All Enemies. He was the only honest broker inside the Bush administration willing to come forward and testify. Of course the title comes from the oath of office many people take and the enemies mentioned are "foreign" and "domestic".

The Republicans are in deep denial about the domestic variety. But doesn't that track with the same kind of denial during the Bush years? Non-existent WMDs, ignoring the Saudi connection, and inventing one for Iraq is pretty much the same thing. Denial and lies--lots and lots of lies. Those lies create terror. They are meant to.

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I'm amazed that millions of people think Jan 6 uprising was.not so bad

That's Trumpers for you. 9/ 11

& Jan 6 were both horrible in different ways. Trumpers showed us how strange they are as well as how truly scary.

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