Republicans say they love the flag, But at every MAGA rally you see the flag worn as underpants, wrapped around statues, cut up and the pieces displayed, flying from vehicles... all of these are violations of the Respect Clause of the US flag code.

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The America of the 50's, the one Republicans love, passed away some time ago, and they are clinging to the corpse. Just like some people who tend to lionize a lost loved-one, the Republicans refuse to accept the truth. They do not see the humanity in being WRONG and more importantly trying to RIGHT our wrongs as a nation. They also preach about their love of responsibility, but they don't love that either when it's America's time to face the facts.

What drama---this clinging to the past! It's wearing everyone out, but we just need to keep supporting each other while we progress. I love the progress we have made, despite the fact that it pains them. After all, the Republicans have had an invitation to join us all along the way. Time has marched-on, and they most certainly have reaped the benefits the Democratic Party has fought for. I know I have.

As usual, Thom asks the right question.  Republicans' actions speak for themselves.

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Aug 10, 2022Liked by Thom Hartmann

Hypocrisy exposed! Great op-ed.

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Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. Less corporate regulations, and of course less pay for workers and less benefits also.

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NaziRepublicans like money, nothing else. My wife and I are no longer surprised when they answer this question "Don't you care about your family? Your grandkids? Your neighbors?"

The answer is ALWAYS "F"-em, nobody helped me.

Of course, if you talk to them 5 minutes you find out they were sent to expensive schools on inherited money.

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Republicans love believing that they’ve made it all on their own. To believe anything else is just not going to happen.

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At the core, though, the self-centered mind is in love with itself and its own ideas, however delusional and destructive.

Latching onto a kindred spirit like Trump is as natural as sneering at the poor and the disadvantaged. Stealing and losing children was of course the right border policy and a perfect example to the world of America's self-righteousness and utter cruelty on a national scale -- the fabled city on a hill is shining because of blinding hypocrisy.

The greatest fear of arrogant pissants suffering from chronic assholeness is being exposed -- revealed as irrelevant; shrill voices with nothing to say; stifling, boring little minds who can only focus on themselves and their own petty little problems, usually self-created and blamed on others.

And lying is the glue that holds the whole charade together. It's second nature to lie about anything to anybody. Big things, little things, it doesn't matter; lying is the coin of their realm.

For instance: How many times have you heard "Biden" and "inflation" in the same sentence as the big "issue" for the midterms? What?! First of all, a president is not a Marvel super hero who can vanquish the inflation villian by the awesome power focused through aviator sunglasses. Secondly... oh never mind; what's the use?

Mostly, Republicans lie to themselves. And they love it.

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[ secular indulgences requested ]

So much to say… reading even your restricted yet long list — from just one day — is exhausting in itself. Thanks, Thom, for everything.

But it does occur to me that we have to talk in modes that might light the way for these crackpot addicts, that they might understand.

We are talking about the Chump Party now. It’s Chumps all the way down.

These losers are slavishly following Don T

They are making seemingly endless, twisted un-American excuses for . . . a traitorous, treasonous, twisted excuse for a man, who is literally named ‘Don T’ Don T!

We can meet them where they are, it seems to me, to find those who might wake up from their programming and get out, and either vote for progress or not vote at all.

Vote for the Chump Party? DonT! — b.rad

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Republicans--all for me, none for you

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Shit! FBI agents with a search warrant! Turns out that Mar-a-Lardo ain't much of a safe house for wanted criminals on the run. And it sucks as a sanctuary for stolen government documents too.

Turns out that the mythical, muscular Rambo-Trump on the obnoxious MAGA flags flapping in the wind, advertising willful ignorance, is just an ordinary human after all, albeit disgusting, repulsive, and laughably unimpressive in real life.

At least Merrick Garland spared the world of the image of a wild-haired, angry, whimpering lard-ass standing outside in his underwear by waiting until the perp wasn't home before conducting the search.

Good ol' Merrick should learn to lighten up a bit and have some fun with this small-minded, fat fool who thinks he's above the law. A fake king with no clothes. Priceless! Definitely worth a thousand words.

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The Republican party is all about hate, anger, fear, angst the corporate media, the oligarchs have led them to believe that they are under seige and men , and Christianity is on it's last legs and last days.

Put it this way. The Republican party has, at least since Goldwater and especially Nixon, the amygdala and the Democratic party is the pre frontal cortex. The Pre frontal cortex is under the illusion that people are rational actors, and act in their own best interest. In that they are correct, but it is all perception, what Democrats see as their own self interest, jobs, employment, economics comes from the pre frontal cortex, what the Republicans see as their own self interest is racial and male supremacy, that American Descendants of Slaves and Hispanic males have joined with the racist right is simply evidence that the appeal to male supremacy outweighs racism.

Easily explained. We intuit that half the population is male, that there is fat chance that all males can be at the top of the heap, but these men will settle for being the top of their little heap. In other words King of the castle, trailer park, hood, barrio. hovel or cardboard box.

If you can't control the world, you settle for what you can control, and they see "libs" as a threat to their dominance, And testosterone is the hormone of dominance and aggression, it is absolutely necessary for successful penetration and sexual intercourse.

An eqalitarian society has, they believe, led to their emasculation.

A study of soccer riots demonstrated that they occured because the losing team fans, experienced a plummet in testosterone, to regain their "manhood" they resorted to violence.

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