Gwen Berry embodies the word champion in the poetic sense.

None of us asked to be born, much less be born in the USA. I appreciate my life, citizenship and freedom; being white makes that much easier to do. However, I know what I see and had parents who taught me empathy. We Americans are all WITNESSES now. There is no more denying what people of color have gone through and the way they are being treated. They have suffered the consequences of the choices made throughout our history while not always having a say in it. When anyone chooses to reclaim their human rights, demands their dignity be recognized, or tries to educate the ignorant, I will be cheering them on at the Olympics or in the streets!

YAY for Thom too....I had no idea about the history of the third stanza! Thanks for the education, Professor.

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Yesterday Thom was talking about the tower condo that collapsed in FL. States limit the amount of money that an HOA can accumulate in maintenance expenses. I can just about assure you that maintenance was delayed by a voting process to make the payments. Many HOA members vote against any spending of money. Florida should have been condemning the building considering the timeframe of inspection and no action. Which really makes me wonder, what is the condition of the other thousands of high rise coastal condo's in Florida.

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