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So, who has a crystal ball.

We center-right Progressives love that Biden has done a few minor Progressive things, and now there is a tiny chance we may see prosecution of a couple of the lowest level NaziRepublican Party politicians, the ones not "made" yet.

We center-right Progressives are not that happy that mostly Biden has done nothing, particularly for the non-wealthy (the vast majority of student debt he cancelled was rich kids), and while we like to remain positive, it's unlikely we will see ANY prosecution of ANY NaziRepublican Party politician. Both wings of organized crime are snuffing that out.

I am now hearing the intentional leaked tidbit that the Democratic Party leadership is afraid to prosecute NaziRepublican Party criminals because when the NaziRepublicans get power, they could prosecute Democratic Party criminals.

Yep, I'm all for that, in fact if I were king, I'd ship about 500 members of Congress to GITMO tomorrow and put in all Progressives, so we can go back to center-right government rather than kleptocracy, but I don't think I'm in the running for king.

The bottom line is if the Democratic Party once again refuses to prosecute politicians for felonies and sedition and treason, and yes, I do mean AGAIN, they will almost certainly see a very low turnout. We could see the normal 40 million NaziRepublican Party votes and another 30 million fabricated votes, but the Democracy loving largest voting block - 100 million strong of "don't bother to vote" voters, expand. Ever since the Democrats switched from representing American to robbing Americans, voting has plummeted, almost certainly the goal.


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