I just got my nails done by a “legal” immigrant (his words) who is going to vote for Trump. He had given me his email address & I have been sending him lots of newsletters from you, Reich, Richardson, etc. He says it’s “fake news”! I told him it was sourced. He commented about the Putin interview with the quack that was fired by FOX News. Unbelievable!

These were his complaints:

1. My taxes are higher than when Trump was President;

2. The economy was better under Trump. (I reminded him about the pandemic. He doesn’t realize the economy is good that there is price gouging due to corporate greed);

3. They are giving money to immigrants ($10,000). (I reminded him he was an immigrant but he said he was “legal”. I told him they need to vote on the bipartisan bill which would help the situation. I said the immigrants are helping our economy).

4. They are giving money to lazy people who don’t want to work. (I agreed, they need to scrutinize this better. People are collecting unemployment & working, not paying taxes);

5. We didn’t have wars when Trump was President. (I said we will be in WWIII if Putin wins Ukraine & he invades the Baltic States).

I told him historians have rated Biden as one of the BEST presidents while they have ranked Trump dead LAST.

I also reminded him of Trump’s 5 bankruptcies, that he is NOT the smart businessman people think.

I also told him how almost all of his cabinet & associates (campaign mgr, etc) were convicted of crimes. He pardoned most of them (but some are still being prosecuted).

How would you respond to him? I guess I need to travel with handouts of talking points & wear a bullet proof vest (and being a taser!).

(BTW, I try to educate him. He welcomes the conversation yet others listening in put in their two cents and chastised me saying, “He has to listen to all your crap”. I left feeling horrible).

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1. Trump hares dogs,

2. Trump stole from kids with cancer,

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it is a sad cult...almost impossible to change the "mind" of anyone who worships a "supreme" ruler. You did well,, don't kick yourself.

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