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I love Thom and have all his books. This authoritarian need of people also attracts the ruling class to exercise--police, military (standing armies sent to kill--no better than Russian state (Syria, all Mideast etc...all war crimes we have committed) and behind the scenes corporate manipulation of truth. We have to seek out non-corporate news, take the status quo with a grain of salt, question everything including democratic leaders. Biden is no saint and has done as much to continue Trump as he has undone Trump's destruction of democracy. He could do so much more from lifting the poor, homelessness, health care, student debt, post office etc. ENVIRONMENT is a staggering failure. His cabinet is half-filled with the same bottom feeders with just enough good appointments to offset negative opinion. The Kochs fund PBS science programs as an example. I could go on all day. We have to fight on all levels. The truth will not win until a generation or two in the future, way too late to save us. Can you imagine selling new public lands for fossil fuels? Even Sen Warren doesn't have a climate change category to contact her.

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