A few thoughts.

So, Putin's '2 Week War' is now in it's 3rd year. I don't know about you, but that looks like failure to me! Along with that would be Putin's turd of an economy, the 11th largest in the world, which, given the size of Russia and the resources they have at hand, is another massive failure. Italy's economy, #10, is larger than Russia's. The U.S has three STATES with more successful economies than Russia! California, the 5th largest economy in the World, is obvious, but you can throw in New York and Texas also. What a resounding success Russia is. If they didn't have nuclear weapons, nobody'd be paying any attention to these bozos. A country that really only has two things going for it, oil and natural gas. I guess you could include hacking, in that as its allowed them to be major players in attempting to disrupt and influence our elections. Essentially a big fart of a country. Their logistics issues in the war with Ukraine are rather telling.

So, the GOP, who I assume will soon be printing half their material in Russian, is withholding aid to Ukraine, under the guise of 'controlling spending'. We know what's really going on here, but hear me out. So far, the U.S. has given Ukraine some $75 billion dollars, and Ukraine has done rather well with that. Things aren't exactly great over there, but they've held off the massive Russian military to more or less a draw to this point. The GOP wants everybody to think $75 billion is a massive amount of money, and it is. However, in 2019, my state, California, paid $472 billion in Federal Taxes. It received $457.8 billion in Federal Spending, a deficit of $14.2 billion. In 2021, California paid $587.6 billion in Federal Taxes and got back $546.5 billion. A deficit of $41.1. Similar numbers for New York, pay $305 billion in 2019, get $280.5 back. A $24.5 billion deficit. 2021, pay $330.1, receive $297.1. A $33 billion deficit. Similar for Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington & Connecticut, the other 'Donor States' that year. Not an unusual year. This has been going on for decades, perhaps even back to Reconstruction. Where is this money going? To Red States. Like Mike Johnson's state. Like Marjorie Taylor Green's state. To Mitch McConnell's state. To Matt Gaetz's state. To Greg Abbot's state. To Lindsey Graham's state. Name a Red State, the Blue Donor States pay for them. Look at IRS Gross Collections for a year. The find old Consolidated Federal Funds Reports. They were stopped, for whatever reason, in 2010, but do the simple math and it's right there in black and white. Subsidies, Welfare, Socialism, Failure, whatever you want to call it, you can't miss it.

Note above that if you take California's deficit for 2021, $41.1 billion, and New York's deficit, $33 billion, just two states, you get $74.1 billion. Nearly what we've given Ukraine, a worthy expensive in my opinion, over two years. If you really want to cut spending in this country, stop subsidizing the Chronic Failure Red States. Money pissed down a drain in my opinion. They don't seem to have a clue how to pull their heads out of their asses. In fact, their deeper than ever. Look what we've gotten for all our years of generosity. I don't need to list things here, you all know what they are.

A few other numbers. In 2021, Florida paid $252.3 billion in Federal Taxes, and received $300.2 billion in Federal Spending. Texas paid $312.1 billion, and received $358.9 billion. Ohio paid $163.1 billion, and received $236.5 billion. Easy math. $73.4 billion in free money to Ohio alone! There's 2 years of Ukraine aid right there. By simply cutting back on all the give aways to the Chronically Failed Red States.

Just an idea.

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Question: I read somewhere about how, and from whom, Trump bought his 727s for his Trump Shuttle long ago. It explained how the guy who sold Trump the planes sold him the worst planes he had, maintenance wise, because he had bought out a few airlines at the time, so he took advantage of how clueless Trump was about the airline business. Was that Thom? What date?

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