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Climate disasters are certainly worth daily headlines as are many other horrible events happening daily due to the corporate colonialism of the planet, including in the US. However, one huge danger is mostly relegated to back pages. The poisoning of our entire life support system by massive, unregulated use of every sort of herbicide and pesticide imaginable. We are a small farm of 300 acres who used to be surrounded by a dozen similar small farms with the whole family running them. Today we stand alone surrounded by nothing but agribusiness planting the poison roundup as king corn rules. They spread manure full of toxins (arsenic, etc.) due to modern feeding practices, on frozen ground so it not only makes breathing difficult but it pollutes the streams and Lake Champlain. To top all this off, there are almost no birds in the feeders this winter. Nothing but crows and sparrows are seen or heard anywhere. This is the first winter when feeders were not filled almost daily. I'm afraid Rachel Carson's silent spring is really here as the planet sighs in despair.

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