Follow the money behind Republican takeover of the court with help from their billionaire donors with this interactive relationship map. Updated with details on Aileen Cannon’s Free Luxury Vacation and Delay In Trump’s Trial


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Thank you for this link. The whole of the right is one big ugly ball of corruption.

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May 8·edited May 8

I think Kayleigh McEnany has her pervs mixed-up. She thinks Judge Merchan is being perverted by letting Stormy Daniels tell the truth about the real pervert she happily worked for. Trump was cheating on his wife who had just given birth to his child, and he was still hanging out with Jeffery Epstein at that time. Epstein was the pedophile that became a convicted sex trafficker. Jeffery is conveniently dead and so is Ivana---two of the other people that could speak about Donald's predilections.

I watched McEnany pervert the truth daily when she worked for that psychopath. She too is a mom with a boy of her own and what she describes as a perfect husband. Wonder how she would feel if he did what Trump did and then lied to the whole nation about it. Oh wait, lying to the nation was HER job!

A perverted, lying psychopath is what self-proclaimed "Christian" Mike Johnson chooses to defend, and THAT is exactly what the Republicans have to offer this country. You're right Thom, no one should go to the polls without knowing this and none of it is confusing.

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Everyone has their price Alis, be it money, power, fame, access.

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This is true. Well, this is definitely true of one of two kinds of people. To say everyone has a price may seem like it is one figure and not the most likely which is once you have sold out there will always be a price-for continuing to be bought by money, power corruption, etc.

To prove a point a discussion by a financial planner mentioned 2 kinds of people in his work with retirement funds/ investments. One sort was concerned about a comfortable and dignified retirement and old age. When they met that goal they were content to achieve it. The second type could never get enough. The goal was always more. And he added, mostly it was the client's that far surpassed "their goal" and were millionaires and admitted didn't need more but continued pursuing more with an insatiable appetite.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a millionaire ( legally) but their is a growing class of insatiable deplorable. And that appetite has no problem bring the country down in pursuit of their criminal and corrupt desires.

F-em, SOB need to be removed.

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When I was a child, a grocery clerk gave my mother change for a $20, when my mother had only given her a ten. Mom didn't realize the mistake until out in the parking lot and then went in to return the extra $10. We were dirt poor. My brother, who was younger asked, "Why did you do that?" My mother said "Everyone has a price, son. Mine is more than $10."

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LOL. Quite a mom you have, you be proud.

A couple of years ago, I found a wallet in Safeway, I looked in the wallet and saw a drivers license, I went through the store and found the owner. Returned the wallet.

Two weeks ago, a hearing aid fell out. And some gent tapped me on the shoulder and said I think this is yours, was already gone when he saw it, however a person seated by the door thought it might belong to a person wearing a cat themed hoody, he found me.

So maybe there is karma in the universe. However if there is, then I have to ask, wherefore then Trump.

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I love that story! How many people have honesty and integrity like that?

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My mother was not a saint; she was violent, abusive and bi-polar. But she was honest to a fault and at least tried to walk the Jesus talk. Later in her life, the violence settled down and she was known for caring for the homeless in her area of town, often at personal risk. I did not know her, really, in the way that others did as I had left the nest long before her turn to peace. I took the good lessons I could, like this one, and left the rest behind.

Asking myself, "Is this my price?" when tempted has served me well.

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I think more than we know.

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The day Epstein was arrested I said to my cat: "There goes a walking dead man." But Johnson may be a wild card. In his "prayer closet," god just might tell him to fulfill his holy pledge to do right by America. But I think the biggest challenge is just overcoming the functional obstacles States have put in place to make it hard for selected people to vote.

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Or K Street not just "representing" corporate interests. Corruption and power moves everywhere you look and even where we can't.

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To suppress MAGA Mike we need to sweep out the Republican criminals. To protect American democracy, reach out to millions of unregistered likely Democrats using a dedicated database using every outreach method possible (phone and text, postcard, email and targeted ad, and in-person too), where new Democratic voters will make the most impact – in the most flippable states and districts.


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“The war has already begun. Our brethren are already in the field. Why stand we here idle? What is it men wish?” [Patrick Henry]

Hillary Clinton warned us of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” to overthrow this democracy. Authors like Nancy MacLean, Jane Mayer and Naomi Klein have spelled out the root instigators and tactics of the Libertarian Fascist plans to overthrow this democracy.

What kind of civilized democracy stands idle as a few, well-paid Fascist judges, working alongside Libertarian Fascist billionaires, unilaterally tear down the fabric of Justice with imagined “hypotheticals” and personal opinions lacking consultation with medical experts?

Corporations are NOT people.

The Jan6 coup attempt was not a “mere riot.”

Clarence and Ginni Thomas were actively engaged in the Jan6 coup attempt, along with Harlan Crowe, Eastman, etc.

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet so as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? [Patrick Henry]

Are we going to shed our democracy by mindlessly validating the positions stated by TRAITORS? Are we going to FALL IN LINE with Libertarian Fascism because the RNC has installed Puppets in High Places? The RNC is no longer a political party—It is an organized crime syndicate run by Libertarian Fascist Billionaires seeking to overthrow this government. And they are not stopping with the US.

An arm of the RNC actively worked with Putin to place oligarchs into power in Eastern Europe. The RNC paid for “Arthur Friedberg’s “kids”—Manafort, Roger Stone, Rick Gates—to sway elections for Orban, Yanukovych and others. This is conducting foreign affairs as a shadow government and it is illegal. They are traitors, just as their Puppet Masters are traitors.

Now, the Libertarian Fascists are also actively inciting unrest in Mexico, Central & South America. All that right-wing campaigning about “build a wall?” Mexico is having to sue the US because these, same Repug Fascists have aligned with drug cartels to foment violence.


“I know not what course others may take, but as for me—Give me Liberty or give me death.” [Patrick Henry]

It is high time this country show some sense of self-preservation. Libertarian Fascist Billionaires need to be rounded up, their assets seized, and charged with treason. Their installed puppets who abuse their power and violate their oaths also need to be extricated and charged with conspiracy and treason.

A prison ship can hold the traitors as they deny and delay charges, awaiting trial.

Let them eat in a cafeteria with Trump ; his stench will ruin their appetites.

MAGAt propaganda and activities needs to be banned just like Nazi Party activities are banned in Germany.

If we don’t do this, they will deploy the Shock Doctrine tactics and ruin us all.

Time is running out, and the Fascists are already changing the “rules.”

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1962.

Are we there yet? I'm still betting on the rule of law and fair elections. We will see.

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If the SCOTUS declares immunity for the likes of trump, it is all over.

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Distraction is the word. Mostly it is about church going christians ignoring the values of their political leaders and continuing the pretense that Dems are the problem and cause of the down fall of the country. Anything other than take the blame for their own actions. As if their lives and the country depend on their denial that civilization will fall if the Dems win. Even if the Dems win by huge margins, they plan to not give up and push false ideas and beliefs to disrupt society. They would rather make America fail to support their lies. Nobody is keeping them from living in peace with how they want to live themselves. They simply cannot live without trying to control everything outside of themselves because they have no Jesus inside themselves. So deep is their dysfunction that they cannot see the Satan they support. How the Church has failed so many people.

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Anyone can wake up, stub their toe, and declare themselves a a pastor. It is the blandly evil, leading the misguided. This grifting goes on all over the south and the heartland.

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If what Mike Johnson has said about the Justice Department is true, if his speaker role is challenged, Democrats should not save him. The budget funding has been passed, the debt ceiling is no longer looming, and funding for Ukraine has been secured. I don’t see much left that is compelling. In fact it is customary for little or nothing to be done just before an election. Let the Republicans hang themselves, he’ll sell tickets!

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May 8·edited May 8

Agree Kenneth. However, Marjorie's motion to remove was tabled in a bipartisan vote---Dems did save him. The instability created by the on-going wars was their reasoning. Have to say I'm really sick of her jerking everyone around, and I bet so are they. Putting her in check might be a good thing to show the voters.

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And in other news, 70 riot police beat up University of Chicago students at 430 AM today and 68 students at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago were arrested for a pro-Palestinian protest. Oh, and Trump's spanking yeah, that's a different form of fascism I suppose...but I can't help notice how Thom avoids creeping Democratic Party fascism and that the only critically thinking black voice Santita Jackson (Jesse Jackson's daughter) was kicked off WCPT Chicago's "Progressive" Tall because she had professors and lawyers and historians talking and thinking critically about Biden and the Democrats.

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You really can't help yourself Boris, Can you?

You are the equivalent of a perv dropping his trousers on Times Square.

We all know that you could care less about Palestinians, Gaza, or anything but running a disinfo program for Putin, if not directly then indirectly by attacking Biden and the Dems.

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Excellent observation, Mr. Kaufman.

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Of course you would agree. You have 1000 lb chip on your shoulder, and apparently hate whitey., You will love Trump dude., this time he is taking his gloves off.

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Achtung! Inbred, ancient, racist white boy. Out of respect for Thom (a man that I have deep respect for) I have ignored your ad hominem attacks. I could have handed you your dumb ass a long, long time ago. I TOLD you that I gave you a one-time dispensation but, alas, the time has come to bury you before your next diaper change.

Your constant insults to all who have a perspective other than your own is indicative of educational insecurity and cognitive cowardice. I have thousands of followers. My newsletter is read in 16 countries (and people pay to read it). I have written for the largest Black Owned Newspaper in North America as well as the renowned Black Agenda Report. While, conversely, you sit your sorry 100-year-old ass in front of a monitor "commenting," trying to be a cyber-gangster (coward) and being Pontificating Reader In Chief (P.R.I.C.)

Don't blame me for your anatomical inequities, punk.

Billy-Bob, you lack the cultural savvy, erudition, intellectual prowess and linguistic dexterity to engage me in any meaningful way. You are pathetic and pine for my attention like a moist pantied 12-year-old girl backstage at a Justin Bieber concert. You are a featherweight. To engage you would be akin to intellectual necrophilia, and it is a crime, in the State of California, to screw dead folks.

One should never hemorrhage away life attempting to score points with an absent opponent; a thing we only learn by doing just that. Amongst life’s cruelest jokes is that it often points out our mistakes when it is much too late for us to profit from them.

You are not only a cosmic mistake, but you are also a cosmic accident.

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Before there was racism, there was deep sexism. In fact, it is THE fundamental dividing line, globally, about who is truly human and who is subhuman. How do you treat the women in your life? Do you treat them as full human beings deserving of agency over their bodies? Do you support bans against our bodies? My experience has been that some of the men who scream "racism" the loudest, also treat their women with disrespect with terms like "Ho," Bitc*, etc." Even Martin Luther King, who spoke of the "triple evils of poverty, racism, and war" never addressed sexism, upon which all are built, either within his movement or the greater world.

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Sexism, as it were, cuts both ways. Though few people acknowledge it there, along with misogynists, are misandrists. How do you "treat" the men in your life? You have a lot of balls, so to speak, to call yourself putting me on defense; I'm on offense sister. Further, "women" are not all treated equally; especially Black Women in the United States by European-American women. In fact, European-American women spat on Black Women during the "women's lib movement." Just like "white" European-American women spat on Black Children in the United States during busing and school desegregation (or the attempt). Our people don't spit on yours, don't bomb your babies in church, don't kill 17-year-old boys, get away with it and sell the murder weapon for a quarter million dollars. Additionally, white women raped, that's right, Black Men in the United States as did European men.

You draw a false equivalency and if you really want to know what the experiences are of my people, gender notwithstanding, become one for a couple of days. This is how many European-Americans act, and you possess the temerity, the hubris and arrogance to be delusory enough to assume some elevated position.

Ergo, don't tell me a damned thing about Black Women for you have no frame of reference; each of my children is a Black Woman in the United States. How many of yours are?






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Your hatefulness is sad. That's really all I can say.

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You can't hand yourself a jar of vaseline

You are nothing more than an angry racist black. I once had a serious argument with someone who accused blacks of racism.

I was wrong. You have proved me wrong.

You are bad PR. You are the meat that the white racists love to get a hold of.

You would really do yourself a favor and get rid of that chip on your shoulder.

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If you weren't so functionally illiterate, you would know that no Black Person in the United States can be "racist" for racism itself is a European construct. I AM prejudiced; I both dislike and am allergic to stupid people suffering from cerebral rigor mortis.

Further, I have dealt with bullies my entire life and the one thing that always works is you have to smash them dead in the goddamned mouth.


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You are indeed a pathetic soul, Rohn.

FYI Racism knows no boundaries. You seethe with hatred. I've heard you on Thom's program. Thom is polite and gracious, you take advantage of him.

I say again, get rid of that chip on your shoulder, and yes you are indeed racist. You can define it anyway you wish, but your hatred and resentment of the whites bleeds out on these threads and on his show.

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Your childish attempts to insult, reflect badly on you.

But that else to expect from someone with such an inferiority complex that spends his blog bragging how intelligent and loquacious he is.

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BTW Being the offspring of a famous person means nothing. Look at RFK Jr.Despite the fantasy of humans, children are not extensions of our ego and id., and all to often the contrary of their parents.

Antisemitism is rife in the black community,https://manhattan.institute/article/black-americas-anti-semitism-problem

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It's the worm in his brain!

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What's left of it, that hate hasn't rotted out.

It seems hate is the only thing that motivates some people, left and right.

The Fuck Biden horseshoe https://www.thebulwark.com/p/the-f-joe-biden-horseshoe

Gaza Protests are a mirror image of MAGA https://www.thebulwark.com/p/gaza-protests-columbia-university?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

Apparently Rohn and Barry are stalking horses for Trump and that means for putin

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Again and again, Trump is a broken clock.

When he says "the media is the enemy of the people".. right on. For it is the media that made him, the media that elected him, and the media with it's constant flow of free adervtising that will re elect him.

When he says the FBI is the enemy of the people, Again he is oorrect. The FBI is conservative to hard right, and it helped elect him, then helped the Jan 6th invasion, by

1. Using all of their investigative assets and powers to monitor the left, while basically ignoring the right, which I suspect is still their operating instructions.

2. Not alerting the Capitol Police and congress to what they did not about the Jan 6th planning, then agsin the Capitol Police were also Trump Humper, and only turned after they had been attacked, there is even a video of one of them, escorting the traitors.

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I'm puzzled about why the press keeps referring to the President's "affair" with Stormy Daniels. She has never claimed anything beyond a single sexual assault, followed by a series of nuisance phone calls from him, calling her "Honeybunch" and trying to bribe her to appear on "The Apprentice," promising to rig the game so that she'd win the competition. *He* may have interpreted the fact that she occasionally accepted his calls as having an affair with a glamorous porn star, but that wasn't the way her autobiography claims it played out. Later, after she had a small child, one of his thugs showed up to threaten her life in a parking lot. *That* may be the main thing she was paid to be silent about. It

was not just an embarrassing lapse of judgment and betrayal of Melania, but a serious crime. He had failed to put his own signature on the nondisclosure document, so it never became legally valid. Paparazzi had forced her into hiding, interfering with promotion of her live performances and breaking up her marriage, so she was entitled to compensation for the damages sustained.

It's amusing that Kayleigh pretends to be shocked about fragile female psyches being disrupted by testimony about the silly incident where Stormy, who had been expecting to go downstairs for dinner, became so exasperated by his self-aggrandizement that she rolled up the magazine with his photo on the cover and whacked him across the butt with it, as some might do when housetraining a puppy. (Other fragile females might just shoot the dog!) He apparently interpreted this as a flirtatious move and pounced her as soon as she came out of the bathroom, catching her off guard and lightheaded with hunger. She left without the dinner that she had been expecting at the restaurant downstairs.

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Contact the Georgia Court of Appeals

The American people have the right to know if Trump is guilty BEFORE the presidential election. Don’t take away that right. Allow Fani Willis to continue as prosecutor.

Court of Appeals for Georgia: 404-656-3450

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The United States has a spectacularly exquisite mess on its hands, and it has been centuries in the making. Donald Trump will be your president, barring unforeseen circumstances (assassination, major international crisis, another pandemic, etc.). And, as the domestic political situation melts down, international vengeance will appear. When your opponent is lame, that's when you kick them. Donald Trump is not a person; he is a thing, and he is the thing that represents the core of these United States.

In 2016 European-American ("white") voters, who make up 69% of the total, voted 58% for Trump and 37% for Clinton. In 2020 the voting pattern was identical.

If you folks knew where you were, you'd know where you're at.

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Many of those voting for him do not understand that he is a "thing", Rohn, but they do have eyes and have seen what he has done. Ignorance of psychopaths aside, there are also those who love his cruelty. Throw in the electoral college and spectacular exquisite mess it is!

Thanks for the cold shower.

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My pleasure, Alis for I am a philanthropist at heart.

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This whole thing is absolutely infuriating! None of these people have any decency or integrity and shouldn’t be anywhere near the reins of power! Apparently you can say the same thing about half the people in this country. Ignorant, greedy, selfish...what kind of Americans are they? They would’ve fought for King George, not George Washington.

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If Trump had used his own money to pay off Stormy like he paid off Marla Maples and Melania when he got caught shagging other women he wouldn’t be in court now. He tried to hide the affairs from the voters.

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The money addicted billionaires will stop at nothing in order to pay no taxes! Even if Trump loses, with a corrupt attorney general and the ability to run more candidates against the Democratic nominee, eventually they will seize control of this democracy! Since Biden has not fired Garland, it is probably already too late. Our government workers like the idea of lifetime jobs for them and their families. Our employees are robbing the Treasury which will leave us all destitute. I expected more from evangelicals and Catholics. We have to vote for democratic fascism instead of dictatorship fascism. It would be nice if Biden would step down and we could put ANY center left person in his place.

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I don't know about just 'anyone' but the U.S. certainly needs someone else besides genocide Joe to try and bring things back to the center. The U.S. needs a serious reset and a government house cleaning before it all collapses around them. With efforts by other countries, big and small, to stop trading with U.S. dollars, the economic collapse is right on the horizon. If that happens, watch all of the wealthy elites run overseas like rats jumping off a sinking ship.

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Terrance, The Democrat center is what got us to this place. Bernie Sanders was a leftist populist, and was leading Hillary, until the DNC put it's thumb on the scale for Hillary.

She, the Democrats and Hillary fan girls, blame the Russians, Jim Comey for her loss, and I will acknowledge that they played a roll, but she lost in the swing states. The Swing states are the Rust Belt, created by the man who signed NAFTA and GATT,. It didn't help that she had the charisma of an artichoke. and married to the guy who betrayed his base

And there is the civil rights thing. Bernie had a real civil rights record, Hillary's was contrived and exaggerated.

Bernie proved that a real populist, not the right wing kind like Trump, can out raise corporate donors, but the DNC can't bring itself to back a populist.

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I totally agree. We are at the mercy of the oligarchs and there is little wiggle room anymore by design. How are we not like China and Russia? We may not have a perpetual leader (unless Trump wins) but we have the eternal struggle of a two party system that might as well be one for the most part. I am all about fixing that somehow.

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I too would like to fix the two party system, but have no idea how?

Third parties work, and I encourage them at the state level and lower. Third parties in Congress (House plus senate is congress), are great, but in General election they suck votes away from one party, and experience since Teddy is that they suck votes away form progressives, and benefit "conservatives

I am surprised you asked the question "how are we not like Russia and China"

At present, many ways. Ask the question After Jan 21st Next year, when Trump is sworn in, and you will be correct in your apparent rhetorical question.

Do you have a current passport? I and my wife do.

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I am thinking of voting for Jill Stein, although she doesn't have much of a chance against the two party juggernaut system. If I could, and there were decent housing and health care available, I would relocate to North West Ireland. But right now, that would be jumping form the frying pan into the fire.

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A vote for anyone other than Biden is a vote for Trump, Not voting is a vote for Trump.

The frying pan to the fire is a stretch as a comparison.

Terry; My first vote was cast for Nixon in the 1960 Kennedy v. Nixon race, my last vote, until 2016 was cast for Goldwater in 1968. I was a staunch anti communist then, that was my only issue, not economics, not cultural issues, because tha was the way I was raised and brainwashed.

However after 1968 I became slightly enlightened and realized that the two parties were merely different sides of the same coin, so I stopped voting.

I was aghast as Clinton betrayed his base, time and again, blacks, gays, labor, women and yet they voted for him to be re elected.

I was convinced that my choice to not vote was correct, until the fat orange liar came down the escalator and opened his mouth, at that moment I knew I was going to vote, so I registered Democrat to vote against the miserable liar.

I am no fan of Biden, but if Trump wins, it won't be because I sat on my hands, and the presidency is not the only thing at risk, everything from the County Commissioner to the Senate is at risk, and the Republican party has shown it's hand. There is, at least since 2016, a major difference between the two parties. The Dem's may be craven and cowardly, but they aren't full blown racist, misogynistic, theocratic, fascist like the Republican party

And the frying pan to the fire is a false choice. Vote Jill Stein, if you live in a safe blue state, but by doing so you are actually voting for Trump,

Biden is not a fascist, racist, misogynisic dictator but Trump is. You will not be voting for Stein, she has zero chance of winning, but you will be voting for Trump. There is too much at stake this election, like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the hard won rights we enjoy.

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AMEN, Thom Hartmann. Amen.

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