There's this vadose zone between ruthless economic gain and really sick addiction/mental illness for all these guys. Guns make a ton of money; the profit margin is huge. Politicians rely on that $ which is funded through dark money PAC's etc. The NRA is a chip of a tip off the iceberg. On the other side of the vadose zone is the really sick psychopathology that drives these guys. They rape, they kill, they like to blow the legs off toddlers with their industrial military machines. They are sexually stimulated by violence and have no moral conscience. Jeff Bezos left a lovely woman who supported his rise to the top for a look-alike but plastic surgery addict freak (is there anything 'real' on that woman)? Bezos, Musk, Branson are all into spending billions on sending giant phallic symbols into space. Harlan Crow blackmailed Clarence Thomas into doing his bidding. Watch that Frontline special on the Thomases; we remember the stupid 'pube on a coke can' business but, there was much more ..... Clarence Thomas had an extensive porn collection that he 'shared' with female staff. He sexually harassed dozens of women. He's a drunk. One is sicker than the next.

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Dear Thom

Thank you very much (I dislike the current over-use of “SO much” for every “thank you”) for your writing. I really appreciate the knowledge and research your years of thought bring to each topic. I used to find your books too anxiety-producing to read as you fully delved into the

I have a reques

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Dear Thom (continued)

... as you fully delved into the nightmare of how things get so messed-up. But the new Substack small bites are sufficiently short that I can appreciate the information without becoming overly depressed.

I have a request. Could you write some time on where the ideas you and I share about kindness, helping those who are down and disadvantaged, and welcoming the “others” into our lives come from ? I used to believe I got them from our Judeo-Christian culture, but it now seems that many Jews and Christians, here and in Israel, no longer seem to follow the teachings of Jesus among others. I’ve also learned over the years that many cultures used to share the tradition that guests must be catered-to and protected. But in the current lifestyle of NIMBY, me-first, close-the-borders, and name calling, I find myself wondering if our old liberal beliefs were really just an idea some of our tribe had--that doesn’t necessarily have a more universal meaning.


John Spock

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I had a relative that was hateful, loved to start arguments, say no for no reason, and generally make sure that everyone around him was in distress. It truly was his nature. This is possibly related to being bored and about being in control. Thank goodness he didn't have billions---he could have done a lot of damage.

The people you speak of are very much like this. One of my fav chapters of the "Psychopath Test" is Jon Ronson's visit to a CEO's home. It was filled with artwork that solely consisted of animals, all predators. Some rich and powerful really enjoy their own version of the Colosseum.

It's basic sadism. It feeds a need to see suffering. What good is all that power, if you don't use it to show how little, vulnerable, and of no consequence others are? It's fun to watch the battles and pick the winner.

Funny, they LOOK human!

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