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The only thing that "trickles down" from the uber rich, among other terrible things is avarice, all kinds of corruption, and chrometophobia which is a fear of money. But for them it would be fear of losing money or having to give it up to taxes. Managing money is very stressful--whether you have none of it or lots of it. The sweet spot for life styles should be somewhere in the middle, which makes Democracy a struggle that every generation faces. Did the Boomers get lazy about their Democracy? I did, but it's not over yet for America. We can slay the Red Dragon and still have a HAPPY BLUE YEAR!!!

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It happens gradually, over generations. And people who grow up with it think it’s just “the way the world works.” And so it goes …..

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Cuyahoga river! Dead Lake Erie! Superfund sites are testament that it has been a national disgrace for many years. https://www.epa.gov/superfund/search-superfund-sites-where-you-live

It was so bad that the Republican Party, the Party of Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot and (eek) Richard Nixon led the fight for environmental justice.

Meanwhile, I sound like a broken record, but since 1973 OPEC/Saudis/ and Russia have us over a barrel. An oil barrel! They fix prices by limiting production, and have caused the worldwide inflation and have undermined our domestic economy while Saudis own our largest refineries and control companies like Exxon.

Exxon, once was controlled by the Rockefeller family who knew that fossil fuels were killing us and wanted to diversify were rebuffed. https://www.eenews.net/articles/why-exxon-hates-the-rockefellers-its-founding-family/

Many in that white Republican base live in places where life expectancies are short and the quality of life is poor. California is doing something about it. California filed a sweeping climate lawsuit against Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron, as well as the domestic oil industry's biggest lobby, the American Petroleum Institute. California claims that the companies misled the public for decades about climate change and the dangers of fossil fuels. It demands the companies help fund recovery efforts related to California's extreme weather events, from rising sea levels to drought and wildfires, that have been supercharged by human-caused climate change.

The people who need relief the most, however, are in red states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Appalachian states. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/sosmap/life_expectancy/life_expectancy.htm

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In 1964 I stood death watch with uncles, and cousins over my Dad's brother, Clarence. Clarence, once a 180 hunk of a man, was 90 lbs and smelled like death. He was dying from Hodgkins disease, He lived in Pt Neches, Texas and worked as a pipe fitter for Texaco, whose plant was a short walk from his home.

My Dad was a Marine in the Pacific, his brother and brother in law, moved from lumber company town, to newly built refineries to support the war effort.

The town, once known as Cancer Capitol of America, was sold to Koch Brothers who converted it into a pulp mill and producer of cardboard and paper products like Brawny and Angel Soft. Every family in that town has suffered cancer, all of my cousins (s and second) and my aunt died of cancer.

The same is true of Pt Neches my cousins who stayed in cancer alley, have had their lives cut short by cancer.

What people will subject themselves to for a paycheck.

The Port of Corpus Christi is a major crude oil refinery hub comprising six refineries and the top petroleum commodities include crude oil, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, naphtha, jet fuel, etc., and it is also the current Cancer Capitol of the US

Kentucky has the highest rate of cancer in the US of all state, New Mexico the lowest. What is not mentioned on this site is coal mining, the major cancers are lung and esophageal, and those come from coal mining.https://www.asbestos.com/cancer/state-cancer-rates/

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The amount of time, effort, and money that has gone into convincing Americans to vote against their best interests is astounding and disheartening. These are the same forces that attacked the New Deal and want to take the nation back to the smokey days of the Gilded Age. It is easy to use fear when it is in human nature to be tribalistic and to fear those who are not like us or the people we associate. Democracy is being put to it's most challenging test in modern times and sometimes I wonder if it's asking too much of people to defy a human nature that has been in place since antiquity.

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As a citizen witnessing All the above, you are 100% correct again Thom! The rich never have enough. The rich have lots of money but very little empathy for the poor. The poor are seen as objects to exploit. If you can't make a buck off them, what is the point in feeding them? Instead of serving good and God, the rich who oppose a maximum wage, are sadistic and they spread their sadism to their cult of zombies.

The unlimited greed rich are pushing no birth control and no abortions, so they can cause more human suffering. Six or seven billion isn't enough to make suffer.

The fascist supporters that I have met are incapable of reading this article. They would read something, about two lines and just say it's all lies. There is no reasoning with them. They want everyone to be insane sadists, just like them!

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The lack of care by the Church of those that lie as a way of life is all that is needed to understand the poison lies do to society. This harm is so great to the Church but fundamental conservatives thrive in the toxic mix though an ideology built on hate. Hate as love is their way of understanding life. It allows those that use cheap labor for their industries to not be blamed for boarder tensions and deflect the blame to those that do not hate and treat others acting without hate as the enemy. If you do not hate as they do, you are the enemy of society. They normalize lies and hate.

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This whole report breaking down the important changes on the protection of our planet and our people tell s up many things. One is that anything Obama or other concerned executive s

changed were dumped by the likes of Trump who clearly gives not one care for other people . And the Republicans phonies in Congress who would do anything for a dime... all rampant crooks taking away any possibility for life and our environment to improve. The Republicans did this.

Their BS and little attempts to confuse aren’t working . Instead of doing something positive for the future of this country they put all their sordid effort into attempting to impeach Joe Biden, because what he’s done has been good for the average American . Also Hunter Biden a private citizen has been hounded all a sick attempt by these cretins to ruin whatever is good . Recovery from addiction should be celebrated not used to hurt someone . These wealthiest Americans are ugly , self centered fools who are destroying the world for profit and they’re fine with it . No wonder Putin is their buddy now . He too is a destroyer and a torturer .

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Corporations are "people" and people are "collateral damage." I guess that about says it. If only we could get ALL MONEY out of politics then the politicians would be forced to be responsible to their actual constituents, and we would see solutions rather than smokescreens.

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Conservative brains have an attribution problem. They have been played by industries and billionaires, and even with the history laid-out by you and many others, they hate to admit it. The absurdity of what they say and feel for Trump is only matched by the fact many of them are financing HIM. What a liar and a charlatan! And now he is screaming "Drill, baby drill!" once more.

The industrial age and then big oil era have given way to the information age. Some may feel supercomputers are the bane to our existence, but the future will be built on sorting out the data, especially about the environmental climate crisis. Disaster after disaster is being thrust upon us all, and having one land on their doorstep is how the right-wing holdouts will FINALLY learn. Will they attribute it to fossil fuel usage? Some already have--others never will.

We are moving forward without them. The Trump cult/conservatism is a very dangerous speed-bump on the way. Assholes---we are always cleaning-up after them. Not holding my breath waiting for them to attribute any of that to the left.

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A shout out to Mackenzie Scott (aka: money hoarding Jeff Bezos classy former wife) for sharing the wealth far and wide for the benefit of the less fortunate among us.

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"Tax the rich; feed the poor; until there are no rich no more." - Ten Years After, circa 1968

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Please Help Elect Progressives, Thank You.

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That’s a whole lotta man ‘splaining to further confirm your misogynystic street cred. No surprise that you don’t want to be called out on your racism, either. You’re really not all that.

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