“Why Is the GOP Making America’s Job of Creating a Less Deadly Society More Difficult?” I think it’s because 1) money is speech/corporations are people, and 2) there are millions of our fellow citizens who need a tribe and have learned to be bad at learning, creating the pool of poorly educated marks for the grifting of America. With persistent nonviolent resistance, it would only take 3.5% of our population to make our government promote our general welfare (and stop doing bad things). Therefore, it might only take 3.5% of us to make our government engage in the bad things the oligarchs demand, thus making the 74 million votes for Trump some scary shit.

And when guns combine with racism, the synergy forms a hybrid wedge issue that causes some of the best ever human ugliness.

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I’m sorry, but I really have to comment on today’s Daily Stack opener on Joe Madison’s hunger strike. I’ve never heard his radio show, but the times he’s been on Thom’s show, he’s always presented himself as a knowledgeable, kind and reasonable man … so, because of his intelligence (plus a degree in sociology), you would think that he would realize that hunger strikes are one of the most ineffective ways to get your point across concerning your “cause.”

The hard reality is that he is a black man in America with a radio show that is, sadly, not well enough known to really make that much of a difference in this country. Does anyone here really think that if someone in a position of power was told, “Hey, Joe Madison is on hunger strike for voting rights” that there would suddenly be a change of heart and all would just change for the better? I mean, maybe Adele or Oprah or Taylor Swift or some other big name celebrity, but even then I’d figure that it would have to get dangerous for even them. I still have some serious doubts.

He’s good at raising money for causes and has a personal magnetism that can go a long way toward promoting good causes, but a hunger strike, as I said, is, not only nearly completely ineffectual, but brings great harm especially to a fellow whom, I’m guessing is probably in his 70s. After getting deathly ill due to malnutrition, he’ll definitely be of no good to furthering any more causes or even this voting rights one that he (and we) are championing, but won’t see happen unless we have a sea-change of opinion in the halls of Congress. Hunger strikes are cRaZyPaNtS “reasoning” that I’ve never understood.

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Amazing statistics! And look how many lives were lost or ruined and how many families were horribly impacted by just that single AR the flabby, baby-face white boy -- Kyle the Kenosha Killer -- was big-assing around with, playacting at manhood, fooling no one.

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