Tucker Carlson has 'compromat' on all these idiots, like 'Gym' Jordan. Who doubts that Jordan is a pedophile? Wrestling coach who had no idea what was going on? come on. Carlson is all up in it, if you will, with the Russians. Probably has some nicely-funded off-shore accounts to show for it. As for America's support of Nazi Germany, the Koch brothers' dad went to Germany in the 30's and built refineries for them. He supported and supplied the German war machine all while Charles and David were home with a very nasty, abusive German nanny (this, from a prize-winning book on big oil and environmental damage, written by a prominent scientist who's name I can't remember). Explains a lot.

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The parallels Thom draws between Lindbergh and Carlson definitely rhyme and I think their biggest difference is that Lindbergh believed his racist philosophy and Tucker knows it's BS and all part of his propagandist contribution to the big grift that serves the morbidly rich.

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What does it say about the current era that Tucker Carlson is compared to Charles Lindberg? Lindberg became a national hero because of his flying feats which were, at the time, truly heroic in scope. His later descent into Fascist lunacy eventually erased all the good will he earned. What has Carlson done or achieved that is anything even remotely comparable to Lindberg's aeronautic feats? He's a flaccid talking head, pampered pretty-boy sociopathic liar with zero credibility in any realm. He's a bad joke in an expensive suit and not even a journalist. Even pillow freak Lindell has more integrity--and he's batshit crazy and probably bi-polar. If Republicans are afraid of Tucker, this is a party of wimps who should be ashamed of themselves but because they have no shame, never will be. Sheeesh!!

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Tucker Carlson needs to be removed from Fox News and Fox news needs to be removed from the media. Its not that difficult to find paid liars.

Its apparently more difficult to shut them up. And to gain a desire for truth in journalism .

Tucker is a lying thug. And apparently works for lying Thugs , and with other lying thugs. Its definitely time to rout then Out.

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The roots of fascism like every propagandist movement begins in the individual mind and spreads outward like a highly contagious virus. So, how in hell do our seemingly normal neighbors, in outward appearance anyway, become such fiery-eyed zealots of destructive propaganda so easily and, in way too many cases, so quickly?

Something deep in their minds has to be triggered, willing to receive, softened up, easily molded and casted. There has to be a genesis, something that prepares the field in the gullible mind.

Brainwash. Libraries are filled with the subject, and entire institutions are devoted to its craft, but sometimes a firsthand, spur of the moment encounter with a puppet master of evil says it all.

Kenneth Copeland, a classic example of everything wicked about the winger universe -- but just one beguiler in a legion of flying monkeys, gorging on their prey while trying, and failing, to justify their multitude of sins.

Notice the demon's eyes glaring out of the empty skull, the sardonic smile, his claws disguised as human fingers shaking in the reporter's face, barely resisting clawing her eyes out:


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Boris Johnson knows exactly how dangerous and crazy Putin is. Vladimir has already used nuclear and biological weapons in Great Britain. He had Litvinenko poisoned with Polonium 210 in London. They were not careful about contaminating many areas the assassins used on their deadly visit. The Skripals were poisoned with the biological nerve agent Novichok in Salisbury. If you haven't seen a movie or documentary on that, please do. He once again sent assassins that could have killed half of the city with their carelessness.

So, Boris knows just how insane it is for people to be frightened of Tucker Carlson's mouth considering the very real danger of Putin. The American allies have done the same kind of intelligence work we have. They also know what he has done to Ukraine and how he has robbed the Russian people of their treasure. Putin has taken untold billions from them. He's forfeited their place in the free-world. He's a psychopathic poisoner and not fit to lick Zelensky's boots.

The most ironic thing about Putin wanting Ukraine is that Russia is the largest country in the world, and it has less than half the population of the United States. There is no end to Putin's greed and Tucker is exactly the same.

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Boris Johnson and his party are not innocent bystanders. The Tories have long sought to privatize the BBC as a way to stem any criticism of austerity or Libertarian ideas floated by the likes of Liz Truss. More than anything Johnson is a war opportunist and hoping that a downgrade of the Murdoch empire would cool the heat on him by the British tabloids.

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Fred made his fortune building oil wells and refineries for Stalin, then he worked for Hitler doing the same, but Germany doesn't have oil reserves, but they did perfect a process for extracting oil from coal, of which they had plenty. There also pioneering, at Auschwitz, extracting oil from dandelions, by which to run diesel engines. (The first diesel engine ran on peanut oil)

The Pittsburgh and Midway Coal Mining Company, operated (under government contract) a pilot plant to do the same at North Fort Lewis from 1973-1981, it is called SRC or Solvent Refined Coal process. https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc1188994/it worked but it placed coal in competition with oil, and required transporting tons of coal from the mines to the refineries. I assume that they were only interested in having the ability to replicate the process. I find it interesting that it closed when Reagan became president,

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It is no mystery why the Christian right is enamored of Putin. It is the culture war writ large.

They look at the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin as saviors of the patriarchy. Nothing else matters, they are willing to live in penury, endure deprivation, so long as they are the Emperor of their own space. Augustus Caesars law of Pater Familia, of which the Catholic church was and is the guardian, and by extension Protestantism and even Islam.

For those not abreast of the movement of patriarchal authoritarianism, Poland, was the leader, Hungary a follow up, until Putin invaded Poland, and then the ultra orthodox Roman Catholic Poles discovered that they had a more pressing problem, than male hegemony, religious orthodoxy and gay rights. They too were being swarmed by immigrants from Islamic countries to the south, which is a major reason for the rise of anti immigrant politicians in Europe, from France and England to Poland.

That the majority of Russia is comprised of Asiatics and Muslims is lost to the right, all they care about at present is male hegemony. I am hesitant in using the adjective "racist" because the patriarchal "movement" crosses racial and religious lines. Islam is patriarchal, as is Orthodox Judaism, and Christianity, and Hispanics and a large swath of the American Descendants of Slaves are patriarchal, misogynistic, homophobic.

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I think that I understand that but does it work on just a computer? I don't have a cell phone. I typed #hamm and just Hamm into google and got the same results. I googled #syn and all I got was dictionary and wiktionary references.

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