I'm in a vote-by-mail state, and I received two ballots this election. One had a weird tweek to my address and another "reissued" ballot had the correct address. A letter came with the "reissue" that listed reasons (none of which applied) and instructions to make sure I send the "reissue", because that was the only one they would count.

When I asked the county clerk why, the only thing she could reference was a recent car tag renewal. Here's the thing: I've lived here 27 yrs and have driven same vehicle 10 yrs; this was the fourth time I renewed my tags. I have NEVER written my address the way the initial ballot had it, changed it, or notified any government agency of a difference. SO WHO THE HELL DID?!?!

I am a registered Democrat (lifelong), and I am an activist. I will find out how this happened, because if I do not get a straight answer that makes sense, I am going to take it to my Congressional members. In the meantime, I will start with my Secretary of State to see what computer programs exist and what autonomy the county clerks have concerning purges, etc..

So thanks Thom and Greg for helping me understand the possibilities. So little time, so many bastards with dirty tricks!

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It does occur to me that by the fascists 'never loosing' then they 'never change'. This would explain all the ranting about election fraud and stealing. By never changing, they will rot - it is this rot and death process which we are all watching.

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Did MSNBC pick up on this? While following Palast and Hartmann, I wasn't conscious that the MSM was airplane mode on it. The facts of the suppression are shocking, and the mum MSM is shocking. Not the first time, of course. By coincidence, I have just been watching a VHS tape of Michael Moore on Charlie Rose in 2004, in aftermath of "Fahrenheit 9-11" release. (I see it is on YouTube! Yay! my old tape is a little skippy.) Part of the discussion is about the MSM falling down on the job in run-up to Iraq invasion. How well I remember sudden absence of Phil Donahue on MSNBC, and I will never forgive Joe Scarborough, no matter what a star he's supposed to be now. The San Francisco Chronicle buried Hans Blix's last ditch report and plea inside inside bottom, while the whole front page was about LeBron James, then still in high school in a state not California. I think I was hearing from Greg Palast back then. Vox clamante in desierto, memento longa.

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The voter fraud that Mr. Hartman chronicles is a very real issue; one that both US parties have a share of in their quest for power of the elites that control each power.

A Direct democracy model with the Electoral college voting abolished will probably never muster enough confidence in America; simply because the domination of a growing urban voter base is completely alien to most rural families and voters.

However, just as the control of our healthcare system by Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party in the 2020-22 has alienated 50 million voters and families who prefer to maintain some control of their personal healthcare, similarly, most of us should be donating $10-25 monthly to some of the organizations that are trying to get a secure, non-political voting system in place for the US. for all of us. We have many options, and if 100 million voters 'walk-their-talk' with regular donations it will happen. https://www.votefromhomeusa.org/ and https://voteathome.org/ and https://www.uniteamerica.org/strategy/vote-at-home and https://www.usvotefoundation.org/

The other choices we have are similarly effective:

https://thefulcrum.us/voting/ and https://braverangels.org/ and https://www.noparty.co/

Finally, voters in the US have a history of always voting in the incumbents, instead of rotating new community blood into a service position. STOP VOTING FOR ANY INCUMBENTS AND CONSIDER SUPPORTING https://ballotpedia.org/Ranked-choice_voting_(RCV)


Mr. Hartman citations:

Finally, The New York Times figured out something skeezy was going on in Georgia. From their article yesterday titled Turnout Was Strong in Georgia, but Mail Voting Plummets After New Law:

“Data released by the Georgia secretary of state showed that mail voting in the state’s November general election plunged by 81 percent from the level of the 2020 contest. While a drop was expected after the height of the pandemic, Georgia had a far greater decrease than any other state with competitive statewide races, according to a New York Times analysis.”

Ever since 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court blocked full enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, the GOP is making voting easier for rural and suburban white people and harder for urban Black people. Particularly in Georgia.

This is voter suppression at a world-class level, worthy of Putin or Orbán.

Donald Trump tells us that Joe Stalin once said words to the effect of, “It doesn’t matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes.” Republicans in Georgia are today engaged in an act of political treachery worthy of Stalin’s quote.

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And Herschel Walker lives in Texas -- so why is he not being disqualified to run against Warnock?

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Ya’ll are full of #Sh’t. Hershel Walker suffers from #CTE = “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy”. Whereas, #Fetterman had a stroke prior to his election that merely affected his speech apparatus. Kinda like `Bill and Hillary` … Mr. Fetterman has a better half, too! But, even with training wheels, you still need a bicycle to ride. Of which, Hershel … After so many hits to the helmet as a running back both in college at `Bulldog U` and in the #NFL does not have. Still the `Great State of Georgia` (named after King George) does have a history of great running backs. But, none of them (including Hershel) were ever as qualified a candidate for public office as Rev. Warnock. Sorry! But, quit supporting and giving air time to the `Racist/Fascist` ilk of #Kemp’s #GOP-entourage. Thank you.

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Greg's film is such a compelling indictment of "voter suppression at a world-class level, worthy of Putin or Orbán," but I bet it would have profited from another title. Vigilante isn't the compelling draw. It's late now for Georgia, but, since voter suppressions goes on, 60 Minutes or CBS Sunday Morning would be venues to do stories about Greg, don't you think?

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