I learned how much influence the Russian interference in social media had on the 2016 election from some of the great investigative reporters. They were able to quantify it after tons of research. It was sobering.

Now there is a great piece of work of on PBS Frontline that is dated April 13, 2021. It is called "American Insurrection". The reporter, A.C. Thompson, has been following and outing all the usual suspects for many years. It has put a target on his back, but he has soldiered on. I have to admire his courage, just like I admire Thom's. His work has brought him the same threats., but he just keeps telling the truth. This was another fine history lesson by Professor Hartmann.

Will Trump go to jail? Let's hope so, because this sociopath will have to feed his predatory urges as long as he is alive.

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The efforts by the Russian Federation, and groups inside it obviously operating with governmental permission, were real but they next to no effect on any of the elections in 2016. It is absurd to claim that Russia was a significant reason that Hillary Clinton lost the electoral college vote, which unfortunately is what decides the presidential election.

The DNC his behind this ridiculous claim to not confront their own failures. Like a candidate that with her husband made a lasting contribution to American English language, the phrase "The Rust Belt." Only by splitting the Democratic Party could Bill Clinton join will the full support of the Republican Party and foist NAFTA on the industrial base of the US. Those people never got the "re-education" for "even better jobs" that Clinton and other corporate Democrats and all Republicans promised would happen.

Forced into much worse economic conditions, the inhabitants of the Rust Belt have watched time go by, and now their own children also have their futures crushed. To send Hillary NAFTA Clinton into Pennsylvania and other states for votes was to ask for defeat, and the DNC got it.

For the DNC, and its biggest mouthpiece Rachel Maddow to keep crying "Russia did it!" was an insult to the Rust Belt and all the rest of us Democrats. The Mueller Report couldn't find the huge smoking gun because it never existed.

Here Thom does not harp on the Russiagate koolaid and does not usually try to apologize for the DNC, but he does mention it and gives it more credence by associating it with some genuine Republican interference. There is nothing wrong in calling out the DNC and corporate shills in the Dem. Party, something I wish Thom would do more -- it would be more consistent with his very progressive politics.

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