These are great insights Thom - and very timely. I found nothing in the major news media outlets about the border solutions VP Harris offered. Kristen Welker seems more interested in soft-balling the former prez than addressing the border crisis and Harris’ actions.

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Nice job excusing away VP Harris's virtual invisibility because "Republicans would say..." She has not been of benefit to the Biden administration and is more proof of the dangers of identity politics. And my answer to your question is a resounding "no" as Genocide Joe hugs Netanyahu and then gives him the obligatory slap on the wrist, akin to Hillary Clinton telling the big banks to "cut it out." This administration has all but lost the next election with their open xenophobia and the exposing of our decades long complicity with Israel's chronic crimes against humanity. And to correct your assertion Thom Israel has already lost support due to their open aspirations towards genocide and displacement of the Palestinian people. Religious zionists will stick with Israel regardless of their war crimes, while progressives are unlikely to forgive them or Biden.

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Vice President Harris came into view just when the world needed her most. We'll see what kind of impact she has in helping resolve the violently soul-crushing rampage that is the Palestinian crisis - something tells me VP Harris is in a unique position to shoulder this, where others may not.

Thom Hartmann is one of the greatest teachers I've ever encountered, and I thank him as always for pointing to things we may not otherwise know the importance of.

I know that I need to learn more about Vice President Harris - and I'm certain I'm not alone. We cannot let her be defined by our adversaries because we failed to do our own homework.

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Whenever I hear the term "international community" I become rather leery. It is a term that is not only apparently subjective (depending under what circumstances it is being employed and who is using it), it also appears to morph in meaning. That notwithstanding, Kamala's speech left a bit to be desired and seemed a lot of platitudinal doublespeak.

For instance: “The Palestinian Authority security forces must be strengthened to eventually assume security responsibilities in Gaza. Until then, there must be security arrangements that are acceptable to Israel, the people of Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, and the international partners."

What does the first sentence in that statement mean? How would that be accomplished? The second sentence can only be summarized as ridiculous, for if that were possible there would have been no need for her to give the speech in the first place.

In any event, I have been in the room with Ms. Harris. I met her in San Francisco almost 20 years ago when she was the district attorney. I will reserve my opinion of her based on that brief interaction. However, I will say this, with the utmost respect to all, the Democrats are not going to run Harris. It is not going to happen. She will be promised a supreme court appointment or some other such thing. Another Californian will likely be their boy. He is currently the governor.

I repeat for the hard of hearing: they will not run Harris and it will be fascinating, from a political science standpoint, to watch this Mephisto waltz.

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What should be included in this potshot resume was most of America's first take on Ms Harris--when she broke the unimpeded, dominant PR run of Trump's cabal early on by adroitly dismantling the glib and slick lawyering of Barr. With a delightful confidence, she pimpslapped into incoherence the preening Barr, who fumbled and finally gave up any pretense of response. After that, I assumed she would be appointed Biden's Attorney General. Instead, we got the almost invisible, most meager Merrick G. Were Harris given full legal rein as AG, the current chaos of legal maelstrum might well be different. Sometimes I wonder, is the two-party political system more Country Club than we know?

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Biden chose the wrong person for his running mate. She appears condescending and is disliked by many women for her seemingly rude demeanor and contrarian words.

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Thank you!

I needed to learn this!

I now have hope that a semblance of peace will come to Israel and Palestine.

Our support for Israel must stop under the brutal Netanyahu regime.

There is a path, just not sure if humans involved will be willing to take it. We watched the webcast yesterday with the Brown University professor who has an exceptional, realistic plan, if only the parties are willing to take it.

I am very concerned that Israel’s actions have turned public opinion toward anti-semitism. That’s the last thing we need.

So grateful for this story.


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Good speech, but hardly passionate. I continue to hope for more. Here’s Kamala reading the speech. https://youtu.be/2TyLoaloUaI?si=ipEx30Q2bKb--1dJ

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This all seems a bit late-thinking on behalf of the Dems.

Kamala Harris has not been popular from Day 1.

I think it's about time US politicians actually 'heard' their voters.

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Sorry, but it is a bit late in the game for the Veep to finally step into the limelight. Harris's achievements up until now have been trivial. She has been characterized by subordinates as snippy. She was not impressive as a campaigner. She did attract some female and Black voters to help the ticket. However, I have always viewed Biden/Harris as a place keeper to save us from fascism.

Unfortunately, the Billionaire class are still pushing their favorite anti-tax fascist (are they in for a shock). This time around, there is no way for Biden to shed years off his odometer nor is it likely that he would dump Harris (and lose votes) even if he replaced her with energetic Newsom. The DNC is always so out of touch with voters that asking Biden to retire and take Harris with him scares the crap out of them - even though a new ticket is far more likely to defeat Trump.

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I am voting for Biden-Harris, even if I am paralyzed from the neck down.

However I have a problem with the two state solution for the following reason: This is Islams duty:

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).

The above is from the haddith of al Bukhari, sahih 1295 and 1296, Book 56, haddith 139 al Bukhari

It is also paragraph 7 of Article 7 in the HAMAS covenant.

The preamble of which is: Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

The apologist can say, well that is HAMAS, and I reply "you obviously don't know Islam, you haven't read it's sacred text the Quran, haddith and bio of Mo by ibn Ishaq.

There is already a two state, Palestine, split between HAMAS and the PLO. So long as their are Jews in the middle east, the Arabs will always be attacking, unless they submit to Islam, pay jizzyah, a poll tax, and accept being ruled by Sharia and accept the 2nd class citizen status of a dhimmi. That way they can practice their religion, but Islam being theocratic, women will have to be covered either with a hijab or Abaya , gays and "adulterers" stoned or thrown off roofs, travel restricted, speech restricted, Jewish children harassed.

Basically the same as will happen in America when the Christian theocrats, the Dominionists aka Christian Reconstruction gain power. Notice I said when not if, there are so many eat up Americans, that fell sway to the b.s. of Muslims and Palestinians that they will elect Trump by either not voting or voting for a third party, or pissed because they haven't got all they want from the Democrats, that they will withhold their votes and thus vote for Trump and the theocrats

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I just got a charge on my bank account of eighty dollars from the Hartman Report. What is this for? If I signed up for it, maybe I did, but I don't recall an eighty dollar fee. I am 87 years old and live off of social security. I can't afford this fee. Is this eighty dollars per month or one time. I would rather buy your books and I admire your leanings and investigations and I have already bought four of your books. Your insights are right on but I don't have time to read them all, and I am trying to survive on social security. I also write. Can I get the $80 charge reversed or dramatically reduced?

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As the great John Lewis said we’re in this boat together. Grateful for your opinion. Hoping the work our President and VP are both doing will steer us towards a prosperous outcome.

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You've actually put your finger on my only apprehension on voting for Biden. He's done way more than I expected under horrible roadblocks and I don't care how old he is as long as he's sharp, which he is. I really am not enthusiastic about Harris as a potential replacement if something goes wrong. She's a corporate Democrat and exactly what needs to be eliminated from the Party to end corruption. I'm from California and unfortunately voted for her based on her going after the Banksters illegally evicting people from their homes in 2008. After she became Senator, I found she had the ability to send Steve Mnuchin to prison but let him off . He then contributed to her Senate campaign. This really frosts me. I really had to ignore her last time to vote for Biden. The idea of her becoming President is disturbing. I'm glad you mentioned something positive that she's done. Please let me know anything else. I'm still going to vote Biden, but she is my unhappiness.

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No matter how many great minds attack the subject and how well-intentioned their plans, a two-state solution strikes me as an outright impossibility. In no particular order:

_It must require a withdrawal of Israeli "settlements" from the West Bank That's West Bank, not Judaea and Samaria).

_It must specify Palestinians' responsibility for their own internal security & policing which no Israeli government I can picture permitting.

_It must make provision for free access of all the Abrahamic faiths to their "holy sites" in Jerusalem.

_It will create a discontinuous Palestinian state, the West Bank and Gaza. Who can visualize Israeli military and political establishments allowing free transit between the two parts? If that state were ever created, I feel sadly confident it would in short order suffer the same sad fate as the former East / West Pakistan.

_Is a three-state solution any more viable? I doubt it.

That said, I'm waiting for the volunteers to hammer out a practicable plan. Good luck!

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I’ve seen countless attacks on Harris on social media since 2020; I fear the Swiftboats have already surrounded and wounded her. I knew she’d been sent to Central and South America, but never heard of any results. And all I hear in all media is that thousands of foreign nationals are still flooding our border. All my area newspapers are owned by Wall Street hedge funds, so no wonder. Simple and clear Broadcast TV Ads are Bidens only option. And must start NOW

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