The GQP can't even be called a political party anymore. As others have said, in comments on this Substack and others, it now appears to be an autocratic, fascist, monarchist, pseudo-theocratic death cult.

Interesting that the tax-funded public works that enable the wealthy to print money aren't worth them paying taxes to support. Interstate highways, airports and air traffic control, shipping ports, telecommunications and electric infrastructure, and a host of other things built by public money from taxes, are all things they use and continue to enrich themselves from. Who really are the takers?

Lastly, that Gov. Abbott, a wheelchair-bound man paralyzed in a freak accident, is so cruel to those who need medical care, says a lot about him and those in his party agreeing with him.

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I read a biography about the Koch's; totally abused, father supported Nazi Germany and built refineries there, brought back a cruel, sadistic nanny who beat and abused the boys. "... but do the rightwing billionaires and their Republican groupies care? Not a bit. Psychopathy is their thing; cruelty is their delight;" Yup. And you can't fix this; it's how they roll. The GOP is killing off democratic voters. And, they also psychotically like to hunt and kill black and brown people.

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And in response to all this, what? Biden walks away from Supreme Court issue, manchin gets his pipelines, synema gets to protect the carried interest loophole. To say nothing of the small fact that the world is burning up right in front of us while nyt has 21 stories on its lead page that supercede any of the (grossly inadequate) coverage of that little matter.

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I would be a fan of Biden's if he hadn't appointed Garland. The Dems should be in control of the Congress right now and the supreme Court! This has nothing to do with his age.

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Attorney General Garlin is among the greatest heros we have. To believe otherwise means that right wing money is very good at infiltrating lefty media.

Based on all (lefty and mainstream) media, at this point, very few people are aware:

1) of the actual results and implications (just in the summary sections even) of the muller report and senate intelligence report, or

2) what is involved (from the perspective of how cases are approved and staffed, what witnesses need to be interviewed as a matter of necessity, process, timeframes - all as laid out in DOJ's own policy manuals) in any Jan 6-related case.

And now you are going to see a huge indictment in the Jan 6 cases with several key trusted members of trump's team and legal team flipped against him.

A complete ignorance about law, or what's involved with conspiracy cases involving hundreds of witnesses and thousands of documents, doesn't stop people from putting forth completely ignorant nonsense about Garland.

There are so many legal podcast from Legal AF by MeidasTouch,to strict scrutiny, to dahlia lithwick's amicus with really qualified top level, legal and government investigations experts, and they just uniformly show how wrong this view is of garland and how it can only be based on a complete ignorance of what's really involved with these prosecutions.

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Jul 19, 2023·edited Jul 19, 2023

And just as is the case with regard to all of the specifics that Thom's piece covers today, we have to understand that it's obvious that those Republicans per their doner/owners don't want you to like ANY of these people - so they are fine if everyone hates them more - they don't want you to vote at all - and if they can just give you enough reasons to stay home and not like anybody...... They are perfectly happy to do that and willspend a lot of money to do that. Neoliberalism says the market not the politicians will deal with all this, which corrupts and deflates the government's capabilities.

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The market is a fiction. If not protected by the government regulation AND enforcement, it leads to exploitation,monopoly, oligarchy and authoritarianism.

Neo Liberalism has created the world wide immigration problem, global warming and Russia are making it worse.

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Garland(not Garlin.. what country do you post from), is the second worse, Barr was the worst. Garland is a right wing extremist, Vetted to Obama by the arch right wing senator Orrin Hatch R-UT, and a moderator for the Federalist Society. He sat on the investigate of the J6 committee for over a year, and only pressed forth with the hiring of Jack Smith, until embarrassed by the J6 committee and his peers.

And his Trump humping DOJ has only prosecuted the foot soldiers, given most a slap on the wrists, and the most obvious seditionists prosecuted for and given longer terms, not the life imprisonment that you would get for sedition.

And he hasn't yet indicted or charged, and neither will he, the seditionists in Congress and the Trump Administration, rather than being subpoenaed, are sent letters ASKING them to appear, just like the latest ask of Trump, sent an invitation letter to appear for a grand jury, he basically said, that he will not appear.

And DOJ sought Aileen Cannon to be the magistrate for Trump's indictment, because the DOJ, as well as DHS, NSA, FBI and Secret Service are still Trump humpers and Biden has done nothing about it, except cripple himself by reversing Trumps EO 14075, which created Schedule F employees out of political appointments and then change the status of protected civil servants to at will, and then used his appointees to replace them. This was not given the coverage it deserved in the media.

If relected he will issue another EO to reinstate Schedule Fa and one greater, giving him the authority to fire federal Employees, and if he is re elected you can blame Joe for revoking EO 13975, with EO 14003, when he could have used to drain the swamp of Trump humpers. And also appointing Garland as AG.

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Ah thx now I'm starting to realize that there is some kind of talking point repeated that the DOJ picked Judge cannon because they picked Florida as the venue. This is hilariously stupid to a first year law student, let alone a former federal investigator. Again seems like some arrogant lefties think they know more than they do, and repeating right wing talking points designed to undermine the DOJ.

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Marc I asked you a question: Clarify please who your are, not your curriculum vitae. I asked you that on Jul 19, and you come back at me in a subsequent article, with a string of ad hominems impugning my intelligence, education and knowledge. Not an answer. Now that I am on to you, I will continue to respond to your comments by asking the same question over and over.

Your failure to answer forces me to assume bad faith, and I would like to assume good faith.

By the way I am immune to personal opinions, cause I really don't give a sh**. my opinion of self is all that matters. I have to be true to myself.

I've laid myself bare, who I am, what my opinions are, my world view, who I favor, who disappoints and why, and who I consider the enemy not only of Democracy, but the world, and why I hold those opinions. You not,just a bunch of allegations and false facts, like a "powerful progressive media"

So tell us who you really are, or I will be forced to assume that you are a Russian troll or a Trump humper

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It will take more than citizens voting to stop the brutality and dehumanization. I believe it was in the mid-1970's when Gov. Mike O'Callahan of NV decided to cut a lot of people off from welfare and Medicaid, which were already bare bones programs. Attorneys Jack Anderson and B. Mahlon Brown of the Legal Services office in Las Vegas recruited many legal students and organizers from around the country to come organize locals and march on the Las Vegas Strip, led by my friend Ruby Duncan the leader of the local Welfare Mothers group. My signature was on the petition originally as a non-legal representative and I joined the march. O'Callahan was humiliated and was forced to reinstate all of the people who had been cut off. Will the people in TX, FL., and those other states take to the streets? If not, this will continue. There is a disconnect now and people do not see the threat coming their way.

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That we live in Two Americas is becoming more evident weekly. I've grown weary of expecting the GOP to act in bad faith. Follow the money.

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When the uninsured go to the emergency room, the cost of their health care gets passed on to the other patients. Cruelty and sadism is why the right wingers are doing this. Happy poor people is a right wingers worst nightmare. Because even with money the Rich right wingers aren't happy. Many of the right wingers were spoiled rotten, and yet feel like they were abused? Parents who don't like themselves, can't like others. The cycle of life is to play learn and teach. If your parent doesn't like to play, learn or teach, the children could end up in mental institutions and many would if they weren't already closed down. The cycle of abuse is easier to keep going than to end. Only raising all the children in government communes where all the children's needs are met can we end sadism, racism, religious hatred, crime, all child abuse and most mental illness. The family unit has stopped the evolution of the human race. So till then, better hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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Bob I made a comment on Jul 19, it was not to you, but somehow that it is where it ended up in the comments. The comment was to Marc S. apparently a hostile who bloviates on his credentials, as though they made him an expert. I even doubt his credentials.

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Interesting how you always go to the "leftie", obviously you are hostile to the left. Why would that be.

How a bout telling us who you are, so we don't have to consider you a right wing troll.

Honestly describe yourself. Because all you to is ridicule and attack the left, which leads to the impression. that you are a right wing troll, or part of a Russian troll farm.

And Cannon was specfically selected, the excuse rendered by the DOJ, is that there is a "wheel", like Jeopardy , and she happened to come up, btw there are many Judges in Florida, but Trump appointed judges are in the minority.

So you are trying to get ahead of the suspicion and e vidence that it is Trumps DOJ, and that Garland is a right wing extremist, who, for instance, delayed the investigation and indictment of Trump,until he was embarrass.

And then you try to intimidate me and others with crap like "this is hilariously stupid.

Big fail, because I don't give a f*() what you think, and I see through you, as do many other commenters, based on the upvotes I get from my responses to you..

Stop the con and tell us who you are. If you don't I will continue to nag you.

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One of the baffling parts of the manifesto is the loss of air traffic controlers for people who fly around in private jets you would think they would want to make the skies safer for themselves, or are they suicidally wanting to crash into other planes. Is this more rich man magical thinking? I am the man because I am rich, and therefore nothing bad is going to happen to me in a private plane, or in a fast car because I am invincible. I am really thinking we should be blanket sending every person who is on medicare and point blank say, if the Republicans win you will get no more medicare or SSI, and you will be homeless and die in the streets. The youth can be told that if the Republicans win, there will be no more birth control, no more abortion, and no debt relief from college, and their futures will not look too bright because they will be leaving in organ failing heat, storms, fires and floods can wash away their homes and there will be no insurance and no FEMA to help them out. They will live short miserable lives because the air is bad and so is the water, so what are you going to do? Succumb to the poisons or vote more responsible and responsive people into power.

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This is not just a wish list for the GOP and Libertarians, it's a recipe for the Roman world they want. If the workforce is in survival mode with no money and time to fight off the ravages of their agenda, they are "free"---free to be entertained by gladiators, served by the slaves, and carried literally and figuratively wherever they choose to go.

They have always been with us, despite the fact that some of us keep evolving.

Your outline of their American agenda always makes it crystal clear what our world IS and will be like if we do nothing to stop them. The GOP has let a psychopath take charge, and dear reader, if you are still determined to argue with them, that's all you should need to say. Case closed.

Further indictments of Trump are near; the insurrectionist are still being found, prosecuted, and sentenced. I'm going to try to not be a Roman spectator. Something very bad happened with Trump's ah-brain in utero or childhood. His cult members and the governors........

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Yes, they are.

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I could not agree more with your scenario and will do my level best to spoil their party just like I did in my sim soc game in college.

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