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HAPPY NEW YEAR, THOM & LOUISE! May 2022 be your best year yet! Thanks for all your hard work and steadfast commitment to truth, justice, democracy, and decency! You are a national treasure and a gift to humanity! Much respect & bountiful blessings to you both!

Love & Light, xoxo

Frances in Cottage Grove, WI

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To drive turnout, Democratic leadership and their spokespeople need to connect the dots from the machinations of the ultrarich and all-powerfull to low wages, high prices, lifetime debt, crime, ill health, lack of education, media disinformation, the gutting of democracy, the destruction of the the planet, and to most other regressive policies and terrible outcomes. The final dots, the biggest ones of all to connect, are what exactly the Democratic Party will do about it all and how they will help the common woman and man and their families struggling to survive in the face of such huge obstacles and pitfalls.

That's their job, and to do so IN PLAIN ENGLISH!

And the job of the Republican Party is to scatter the dots all over the table, take away everyone's pencils, and speak upside-down, inside-out Pig Latin.

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Perhaps in the spirit of our decorative "Drug-Free School Zone" signage we will find ourselves living within a "democracy" of "Democracy-Free Freedom Zone" flags. These banners of course, backed by the zealotry of violence.

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I like two things in this Report. You went back to the old-school definition of facism. That word is bandied about and used on too many people and in very complicated situations. Often it's because of the person's behavior and not because they have an ideology; they're just hateful. I get why people do it, but it is over-used like so many words these days.

The second thing I felt good about was use of examples from the AP, The Atlantic, and NPR providing forums for people to get the message out. Seriously, I think the next six months of the committee hearings will do more of this work to educate people about what trying to stop the election process with violence really meant. Hope springs eternal. That day involved bloody, bizarre, and criminal acts. Hey, that's entertainment! You can learn a lot from true-crime pieces.

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Here's a good way to spend an hour on the first day of 2022: Amy Goodman's Thursday interview with Noam Chomsky.

Words of wisdom from a 93-year-old who needs no introduction, an old man as sharp as ever in laying out the hard truths of America, the land of the fabulously rich, sucking the blood from the working poor.


Don't worry, be happy.


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Very important information about the state of our democracy however I think you meant to say “statutes instead of statues when you quoted Justice John Paul Steven ‘s dissent of infamous Citizen’s United ruling.

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