Thom, I don’t know how you do it, but every day you complete another masterful essay on the American landscape that scares the bejesus out of us, while at the same time providing deep truth and powerful new knowledge.

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Scaring people is a way to make them compliant and divided, and much of the information Thom Hartmann offers is devised to protect the Democratic Party for electoral purposes.

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You are minimally correct... at least about divisive fear mongering. But there's an abyss between factual reporting motivating a healthy response (i.e. voting) which is what Thom does tirelessly here, and deliberate, political lies motivating baseless fears of "others", and verbal and physical violence.

You speak like someone from trumplandia...

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I certainly hope this comment was not directed to me: I am as far from Trumplandia as the North is from the South.

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Helicoptering in late, as always, but, no, that reply was to our tenacious friend Barry. I have trouble following the threads, too. For me, this was the most telling post ever of Thom's. If I were a billionaire, I would make 10 million copies and drop it out of helicopters all across the land. Oh, well.....

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Never fear... wasn't directed at you. Be at Peace and re-read the thread. ☮️

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Does: "If the shoe fits...." ring a bell?

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What a wonderful , terrifying collection of truth filled studies about how Republicans seem on a march to kill Americans.

This begins with the lowest income Americans.

In addition , Seniors, who in some cultures are venerated, are on the Republican chopping block. They have clearly stated their intentions are to strip Senior citizens of Social Security and Medicare.

Why,?So they can continue to pour more money in the direction of greedy corporations and their beneficiaries, Republican Oligarchy.

Take Toyota, a corporation who paid money to the criminal republicans , magas, that attempted a coup on our Democracy , they, in favor of installing

an unstable , unfit, one term president, to lead our country.

They expressed remorse when it came out in the past two years that they were one of many corporations that gave money to those miscreants. And ‘they wouldn’t do it again’.


They and several other dirty corporations thought it was good enough for 2020 .

Now it seems they’ve upped the ante for 2022.

How do you fight this corruption financed by many Corporations who’ve become accustomed to piling up billions in tax dollars? Shorting the citizens of this country gleefully and without apology. No new bridges , roads ?

No money for Medicare in the poorest states.

And the results are seen and not cared about one whit.

Its time for us to take back our power, to charge the Supreme Court with JUSTICE, as opposed to the corruption they’ve been dishing out in the name of alleged “Christianity”. Its not , and they are not Christians .

Christ taught the importance of the truth. The importance of Justice. The importance of caring for those less fortunate.

Lets hold these up to Republicans and their hostages today.

Not practicing Christianity. Not by a long shot.

It cannot be said enough. Vote . Vote with your hearts and your minds . Remember the 9 billion dollars and counting that these corporations have gifted the Republican candidates with .

Remember the truth and Vote .

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It's sort of a good news/bad news kind of thing. Clearly they must be stopped at the polls... but they do seem to be culling their own herd fairly effectively. Which should cut back on the number of votes. So, that's the good news.

The bad news is we have too many voter who are ignorant, overly-propaganzed (and even self-propagandized). They are the anti-facters (more dangerous even than anti-vaxxers).

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The Ancient Aliens didn't do a good enough job of infiltrating our DNA with rational judgment. Some say they bred us to be slaves anyhow. One would think the death numbers would be noticed by the zombies, but, 1) they are programmed to not believe the data, and 2) Condition of denial: Covid wasn't actually the cause of death, and if it was, 3) Dr. Fauci and the Commies or maybe the Jews created it to destroy America. I don't see any chink in the armor........

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Oct 29, 2022·edited Oct 29, 2022

On its face, this should be an outrageous title. Ditto for many of the statements in the comment section. Not. So. It's simply the truth.

There is a price to pay for stress, the usual kind put on people and the kind that you put on the environment. The Republicans with oppositional defiant disorder will not change course to save lives or recover our life-span losses. They think "winning" is getting their way at any cost. That's Trump, Putin, and their supporters literally dying to get their point across.

Lessen the stress if possible, and be kind. It will be hard after what happened to Mr. Pelosi and with Elon turning the ugliness loose on Twitter.

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Thanks for "oppositional defiant disorder!" Heck, I want you to see what I posted above: One would think the death numbers would be noticed by the zombies, but, 1) they are programmed to not believe the data, and 2) Condition of denial: Covid wasn't actually the cause of death, and if it was, 3) Dr. Fauci and the Commies or maybe the Jews created it to destroy America. I don't see any chink in the armor........

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Current poles indicate problems for Democrats on November 8th. However, we know that Democrats outnumber Republicans, and if the Covid death statistics are correct, the number of Republicans still alive to vote, may not be enough to out vote Democrats in spite of gerrymandering and other anti-voting laws.

Perhaps a great irony will emerge that Republicans will reap what they have sown and their very policies will have spelled their downfall.

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The numbers aren't that overwhelming, and, remember, Covid actually didn't care which belief system was held by it's victims, so you have to net out which side died more. Ugh.

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Thanks to Thom for highlighting some of the lethal consequences of the powers of corporate personhood. We either make our elected leaders rescind those powers or the life expectancy of Americans will continue to trend in parallel to the backsliding of our democracy.

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#nra #prostitutes in #Congress



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Those children and teachers knew what they signed up for. #GregAbbott #Uvalde


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Dear John: Is "...knew what they signed up for." an Abbott quote? Can't tell. Please tell us what you have to say. Madame Blavatsky could not interpret your 100 hashtags.

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A well regulated militia doesn't murder children, teachers or civilians.

#SecondAmendment #Congress #CitizensUnited #NRA #Scotus

@kim1313 @lizzjake @janieresists

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While intuitively this study makes sense, there is also an element of confirmation bias in focusing on one specific issue. If we broaden the scope a bit, various studies suggest that if we had a national health care system we could save between 75,000 and 200,000 lives (not to mention morbidity resulting from lack of access, delayed care and the stress of the system itself). Then there is the consideration that more Americans died of COVID during the same period under Biden than Trump, which suggests that while Trump's handling was completely inept, Biden's political expediency has not been helpful. In addition, the dropping of mask mandates, particularly in health care facilities, and the Trumpian declaration by Biden that the pandemic is over will only result in more death and burning of the health care system as cases rise exponentially over the next couple of months with all barriers to infection removed in favor of election season. By the time the administration rushes to put all restrictions back into place after the midterms it will not only be too late but nobody will be listening to a CDC that does not at all "follow the science." Yes Repubicans are worse than Democrats, but Democrats are still killing us as well and making our lives miserable.

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There's another interpretation leaking out: that the terrorism is succeeding, and especially Repub. politicians are acting out of fear. i.e. not just bought, but facing somebody coming after their kids at school if Trump calls them a RINO,or they are otherwise demonized as traitors to Q.

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“Curtis Yarvin wants American democracy toppled. He has some prominent Republican fans.”


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Marine Corps annual gun training and qualifying.

LifeIndiscreet @LifeIndiscreet @HopeIsMajik

This guy here. A Fellow vet said it perfectly. I couldn’t have stated it better. #guncontrol


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It’s easier to subdue unarmed people. #Uvalde

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Texas schools send parents DNA kits to identify their kids’ bodies in emergencies

nbcnews . com/news #RedditNews

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