This is a list of some of the most important topics in our country, right now.

Thanks Thom , once again for seeking the truth and reporting it without spin.

What the Republican party has done over the years to ordinary citizens and their ability to thrive in the economy is truly evil.

It is as self serving and hateful as man has ever seen.

This is not how we should have to live. Yet they are manipulating and trashing our free elections so deviously , its beyond frightening .

Democrats need to get out in numbers never seen before to offset this evil.

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Back in 2006-9, I worked for a tier two auto manufacturer. We made parts for many major auto manufacturers. We couldn't get work at that Canadian Toyota plant with our US companies; only our Canadian Tool and Die company had the skilled workers necessary to meet Toyota's precision parts demands. Healthcare costs may have been a consideration for Toyota to stay out of the US but there was more to it. Toyota used to be very precise. The US didn't have the talent to make their parts because....US Union shop corrosion. We Union busted or built where Unions were weak, hired unskilled labor at 1/3 the Union hourly rate and 'trained' them to run sophisticated CNC and other parts manufacturing machines. The Regan Union busting destroyed a lot of our skilled labor pool.

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May 1, 2023·edited May 1, 2023

Just as a person on a diet is living off the accumulated fat of years, America is also living off the accumulated fat of years, and is bound to starve itself into a 3rd world nation.

The irony is that the ultimate victim of this folly, will be the “libertarian”, fascist inclined, billionaires who wanted government out of their way to maintain the power that their ill gotten money has provided. When our society collapses, so will theirs The first victims will be the very people who danced to their pied piper: the patriarchal, misogynistic, racist, homo-transphobic, fascists.

Confronting the roots of fascism, https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/185548

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Nails on a chalkboard come to mind when I hear someone say that our country should be run by a business person or like a business. The single most over-represented thing in the US is the business world. It is extreme within local governments. The undue influence they wield is outrageous there.

Your point is well taken, though. Also, Republican policies or lack of regulation pick the winners and losers. Business owners are set-up to fail when local, state, and national politicians are allowed to take money from anywhere and everyone.

The issues of unions and decent education opportunities have really hit home with American youth. They are also savvy about the fact that business wants their loyalty knowing damn well they will get none in return---that tracks with ethically challenged Republicans.

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The business of America USED to be business. The Reagan policies changed our economy to a financial model. That’s when Wall St became the major player in our economy

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The Powell memo provided a blueprint for the corporations to attack and eliminate the unions from the political scene. Easiest way to put unions out of business was to ship formerly union jobs to the red states and then to Mexico and later to Asia. It has been very effective in having Democratic Party candidates lining up along with their Republican chorts at the banks and Wal Street and oil companies for "donations" that are legal bribes.

It should be noted that Hitler needed the backing of the German industrialists and he only needed to promise to ban worker unions. Collective bargaining by workers is the last thing that capitalists want as they would have to share the fruits of the workers' labors - heaven forbid.

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May 1, 2023·edited May 1, 2023

We need more state and local coverage. Nys is ground zero of democratic failure. A very important case is being brought upstate concerning the most devasting limo crash ever, and it's barely covered in nyc or mainstream media because it lacks words like trump or desantis.

John heilemann was quick to turn an msnbc conversation this morning into a small-minded thing about Biden's prospects being at risk if a recession. Meanwhile all market commentators say that recession risk is more this year than next, with next year more likely on the upswing by the main part of the campaign. I Switched over the channels and at fox I saw heilemann's statement (not attributed to him, just as a separate statement) being made the same way - as a prominent caption on the screen.

So both Heilemann (msnbc) and fox, at exactly the same time on the same day are putting out the same message, which is not "oh look - Jerome Powell is causing a recession." No it's just this: "Biden's chances are dependent on risk of recession." If there's a recession let's connect that to biden.

Not democracy, not Supreme Court not common decency, not rule of law, no, none of tgat us very important to John Heilemann , just ..... the risk of a recession.... same as on Fox News.

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Maybe the US should do away with all political parties and elect people on their platforms, what they propose to do to help the most Americans. The party systems promote adversity, and we need to all row together or this boat's going to sink. I am a registered Democrat because their focus is closer aligned with mine, but they too have problem people. If we all focused more on the issues instead of the Parties, we could be better off. What if we voted for the candidate and not their affiliations? After overturning Citizen's United, of course. because as long as the corporations can continue to buy the congress, we aren't going to change much.

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Our problem is finally coming into focus. Thom Hartmann and who knows how many other intelligent people honestly believe that there can be a “common core” curriculum which can entail and impose “new high(er) standards for high school graduation and that criticizing the rotten-to-the-core common curriculum, is attacking “public education”. My God, where have you been for the last 100 years? Public education? “AAA + public education”. You cannot be serious!

Please ask yourself why you find it so necessary to casually dismiss totally the phenomenal body of literature that has arisen primarily out of the school community itself, which points to a bevy of monumental conflicts and failures going back generations. I have offered many times to provide all the research data and empirical evidence you could ask for showing profound deficiencies and harms to millions of students. I have a document of over thirty pages that was sent months ago but apparently ignored. I have recommended innumerable articles and books in the last several years. They call that willful ignorance in some quarters.

Authoritarianism is not the opposite side of a two-sided coin. Authoritarianism is the means by which the coins of decency, equality, democracy, justice, and brotherhood are melted down into a hazardous hot liquid.

We cannot manage authoritarianism as guardians and influencers. We cannot dilute or neutralize arbitrary authority into a safe and innocuous form that can be utilized routinely in schools to train and condition our children without having it morph inexorably and unobtrusively into its mature and inimical end-product. Arbitrary authority begets authoritarianism. Denial or ignorance of that fact signals the end of democratic governance. Students learn what they live, and they believe to their core what is repetitiously presented to them as right and good and essential.

If strict obedience is the first rule, critical thinking is the exception to the rule. If the curriculum is a given, discovery has been arbitrarily removed and cannot be improvised and fabricated. If officials have power, students, teachers, and parents are deprived of power in equal and opposite measure. If there are to be winners, there are to be losers. If experience is lived as a part of the mass, the school experience is something demonstrably different from education. Tell it like it is. Tell the world. The world needs to know. Now.

“Hyperactivity is an iatrogenic disease created by schools” says Cody Jones. Jones notes that a “hyperactive” kid has no problem paying attention when playing video games for hours. That is so true. And, a quote from the “Existential Knowledge Foundation” website on 4/19/23 is revealing as well. They say,

“Learn the world, not just the word. BECOME CREATORS OF KNOWLEDGE, not analyzers of information”.

Common core is the ludicrous and futile attempt to create formulae and codify a specific minimal set of facts and data sets that can somehow be imposed and superimposed on the minds of students so they won’t be completely ignorant. The idea is absurd on its face and all the neuroscience, educational theory, and historical literature in existence proves that. I am astounded that this stuff keeps repeating and undermining authentic educational endeavors, few of which are permitted in a traditional school. Shame on anyone who is in denial. Those who insist on believing the mythology and refusing to face the hard truth are no less guilty of destroying education in the US as well as public schooling. Shame on you.

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