As Thom lists the corruption and effective gaslighting by billy Barr (that has fooled Americans for decades), it’s obvious there is a “deep state”. At its core is the reality of the danger from within- positions of unchecked power by Christian- fascist ideologues who have manipulated situations to the detriment of our society and national policy as well as national security risks. All for personal gain, self-aggrandizement or genuine radical and destructive ideology. Democracy is a threat to these people in power and they have taken steps to ensure democracy fails. I feel our MSM investigative reporting has become so endangered by the right wing majority- owned networks that most Americans are in ignorance and willful denial of the true danger of lack of bringing the corruption out in the open. The whole billy Barr-Durham - McGonigal escapade is an example of the insidious corruption of our DOJ and the lengths taken to protect a useful idiot like tRump as well as the involvement of foreign entities and their billions to keep the corrupted scum doing their bidding. (Marcy Wheeler at Empty Wheel has excellent articles on Barr, Durham and McGonigal). Hopefully some investigations have been started to find out what the Italians actually disclosed to Barr- Durham regarding financial corruption by tRump disclosed by the NYT piece recently. So much corruption by the tRump cabal- it’s almost like a crime syndicate. Oh wait! It IS a crime syndicate! Just on a global scale. We need to call these people out for what they are- self serving, self- dealing traitorous criminals.

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There is so much complicity of all the politicians for the last 40/50 years that they stay quiet as not to be outed themselves.

Why hasn't Mueller spoken out in the last few years to defend his report and set the record straight? Comey?

The rot is so big and the US is so lawless, how do we fix this?

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So much slime in U.S. politics that needs to be uncovered - how does Barr sleep at night? then there's Roger Stone, Ginnie Thomas, and of course Trump and everyone who supports him. So thankful for your journalistic mind and gifts, Thom - I don't have the ability to keep track of it all as you have here. You've certainly found your niche. Thanks for a great article.

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Thom, is there any credibility or truth that the GOP, namely that Reagan, intentionally stirred up a hornet's nest in Central America and Mexico in order to create a bunch of refugees in the future that would migrate to America and bust the unions?

Also, when Russia tore down the wall, was that when Russia went from being a Communist dictatorship to being a capitalist dictatorship and part of the new world order plans of autocrats ruling Nations? That was treason also in my opinion.

Also, when Nixon normalized relations with a Communist dictatorship, China for cheaper union busting labor, is that not also treason?

The Reagan democrats don't want to look into these matters, are they also traitors?

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Much like ignoring the small leak in the bottom of a boat we are now frantically bailing buckets over the gunnels in a losing battle to stay afloat.

Thom, it’s all about the confluence of Fascist/Racist/Capitalist ideology that swims in a sea of corruption (sorry for all the lost at sea analogies).

Today’s worker from Amazon Warehouses to McDonald’s is our generation’s steel, auto, mine worker. Capitalists as far back as the 60’s and certainly by the Reagan era had devised the means (right to work, weakening the Labor Dept. and out and out union busting) as the cornerstone of establishing rampant Capitalism, that just a Marx stated “alienated” workers, leaving them to the crumbs offered as wages for over 40 years.

Republicans and Corporatist Dems joyously united in the off-shoring of of millions of workers with entire plants packed up and shipped to China and Mexico where workers happy to make 87 cents and hour as opposed to union workers making $14.00 per hour.

Hand maidens like Barr were embedded in our government to hobble and even destroy it. He holds the distinction of mucking things up for generations, but the list literally is in the hundreds of ideology driven minions.

Vote? Sure why not. Only 63% of eligible voters can get their asses to the polls while 95% of Uruguayans somehow manage to do so.

It literally hurts to predict that by 2035 the United States will be a complete Oligarchy with Fascist/Theocratic underpinnings. By 2050 we will have morphed into (I’m not engaging in hyperbole) NeoFeudal world.

My thoughts on the demise of the Separation of Church and State:


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Another superbly documented piece, Thom ! You highlight my conclusion after listening to Rachel Maddow's ULTRA--at how inept & politically skitterish the AG / DOJ was during the biggest fight for democracy since our Civil War---Hitler & WWII. I'm seeing you outline the AG / DOJ corruption leading up to and during Trump's four years in the White House...but I'm also watching the same abdication of responsible AG / DOJ action since President Biden took over in January 2021. AG Merrick Garlan has failed to charge Trump with any...let alone all TEN...counts that Mueller clearly laid out in his report. He also apparently slow-walked any real investigation into Trump's involvement in the whole Jan. 6 affair. And as you have repeatedly pointed out, a whole bunch of "foreign sources" were reportedly killed during the months following Trump's contacts with Putin in 2019. I would think our DOJ would make this a national security priority at all costs. But as Nicole Wallace correctly pointed out today on her MSNBC program: It seems that all the cases involving Trump are either too big or too small. Are they waiting for the Goldilocks moment? It seems we no longer have a justice system in our country...and apparently haven't for a very long time....with respect to "those in or close to power." I'm still waiting for the "shoe to drop"....somewhere....sometime....on someone....

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Dan abrams reminded little marco that his little Senate report had lots of details about "collusion" when rubio lied outright about what is in his own committee's report!


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Barr was on the Bill Maher show. His parents were Catholic and Jewish. I don't recall which was which, however he was raised Catholic. And from what I can ascertain by his behavior. He belongs to the extreme right of the Catholic faith, whether it is Pius XII, Opus Dei, Catholic Truth, I know not.

Based on his behavior Pence is also a member. Barr's affiliation with Nixon, Reagan,Trump is one of design.. They were simply vehicles which were used to obtain the end goal.

However it is obvious that a non denominational movement called Dominionism, aka Christian Reconstruction, has taken hold of at least the Republican party.

Years ago, on some now extinct forum, I had a poster inform me that when they (Christian Reconstruction) take control, they will restore (Biblical) order.

R.J. Rushdoony along with Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, Founded Christian Reconstructionism aka Dominionism, he wrote a book Institutes of Biblical law, it is Theonomy (from Greek theos "God" and nomos "law") is a hypothetical Christian form of government in which society is ruled by divine law. Theonomists hold that divine law, particularly the judicial laws of the Old Testament, should be observed by modern societies.

In particular, as epitomized by Gary North (he of the Y2K scare) it is essentially a Libertarian movement, based on Old Testament, meaning Mosaic laws.

Drawing from Deuteronomy and Leviticus, but conveniently cutting and pasting the parts of the 613 laws found in Leviticus. They advocate the death penalty for everything from adultery, to less than faithful Christians and rebellious teenagers, and gays and shades of Iran, the penalty is carried out by stoning because rocks are free.

There are no card carrying Dominionists, and it is interdenominational, includes Catholics and Evangelicals

However it is not too difficult to "suss" them out (as my grandmother would say. By their fruits they are known. Barr, Pompeo, Pence, Alito, Gorsuch, Amy Comy Barret, perhaps even Clarence Thomas and Kavanaugh. Certainly Ted Cruz. And the ideology has made deep inroads into the officer ranks of the Armed Forces, especially the Generals.

The corruption of the officer ranks started in Colorado Springs. After the AF Academy was built in the 1960's, Mega Churches moved in.

I was a military training instructor at Lackland AFB, TX, What Army and Marines call a drill instructor.

We had to select one individual from each flight to be a chapel guide. (in violation of church and state).Chapel guides got Sunday off, whereas the flight did not, except to go to church, led by the chapel guide

The AF Academy also has chapel guides, and it is through them and the mega churches, that evangelicalism has swept the Armed Forces

How pervasive is this movement I don't know, I retired over 30 years ago But I am sure that the likes of Martha McSalley, the retired A-10 Squadron commander, who ran for Senate in Arizona is one.

Having infiltrated the Air Force, the movement spread to the other service academies

For those not quite familiar with Dominionism, and the media has been remarkably silent on it, I suggest you start here https://www.sullivan-county.com/nf0/fundienazis/royal_race.htm, there is a lot of info at that website follow the links on the left.

Google Christian Reconstruction and Dominionism

But they even have their own website now and it is clearly anti semitic , Jews are of Asams Seed and Christians of Christs Seed. https://chalcedon.edu/magazine/the-royal-race-of-the-redeemed

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So who’s going to prosecute Bill Barr?

Maybe he can schmooze

Whoever in order to get the results he would like.

This whole article speaks to the criminality of the last four Republican Administrations.

Gee, and we’ve all wondered WTF has happened to the Republican party. Well of course they are corrupt and have figured out no rules apply go them .

I think it might be time for Merrick Garland to start going after the bad guys and stop this madness for a change .

Trump should have been indicted by now as well as The new stars of Congress, Jordan, McCarthy, all the GOP wannabe trumps hand holders. They can all go to jail holding hands as far as I’m concerned . Bill Barr is first .

What a pathetic excuse for an Attorney General. And he’s been pulling this crap for years.

My God they’re all crooks .

Nixon , Reagan, George HW Bush , George Bush ( another crooked arrival courtesy of the Supreme Courts , no more counting

the votes. Who knew ?

Gore won . Oh better luck next time .

This party has come to believe they are exempt from prosecution for any crime , no matter how heinous.

You know if this keeps going they may attempt a coup.

Who in Gods name will hold them accountable?

Mr. Garland: Step Up.

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I do not recall blaming god for all that is wrong. I believe that I blamed the people who use their conception of what their god demands or expects as a rationale and justification for all manner of abuse and evil. As far as predicting the future on the basis of a biblical account involving demons, devils, beasts, and the Easter Bunny, or on any other basis, I much prefer to stick with the present in view of a well-informed knowledge of the past and a clear perspective on the realities I see in front of me, including much human behavior that is explained by social conditions, experience, external influence, emotional interpretations or perceptions, and belief systems, such as those emanating from irrational fear, ignorance, and the need for certainty. Incidentally, Revelations was not originally included in the Bible and the identity of the author has never been confirmed or agreed upon by biblical scholars. In addition, mixing politics and religion is a formula for great frustration and error.

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1986 Camp Robinson an Army facility outside of Little Rock Arkansas. WW 2 ammo bunker in ,attendance Oliver North,Bill Clinton Felix Rodriguez resident CIA agent Akihide Sawahata and agency sub contractor Terry Reed.The man in charge of the meeting alias Robert Johnson AKA Robert Barr.The covert operation to re-machine off the shelf semi-automatic weapon to full auto and supply them to the Contras was being performed by Terry Reed's company under the cover of the Arkansas Economic Development & Finance Authority.Barr proceeds to dress down an indignate Clinton who has been accused of skimming excess profits from the Agency.Barr is in charge of the meeting at the bequest of William Casey.As special assistant to Casey ,Barr proceeds to inform Clinton that if he wishes to relize his political future he will play by their rules.He then goes on to explain that with their resources they can sway elections to their advantage. Excerpted from 'Compromised:Clinton,Bush&The CIA, by Terry Reed& John Cummings

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What motivates Bill Barr and how can the average citizen possibly follow all of this corruption, criminality, and intrigue?

If I am not mistaken, Barr is a “born again” believer who is doing god’s work by hastening the Second Coming. Russia is believed by the fanatics to be the black bear of the north or some such thing as depicted by drug-induced schizophrenic dream accounts in Revelations which are widely believed to forecast the events of the final days and the Second Coming.

There is almost always some Biblical or religiously derived doctrine and dogma behind everything these right-wing crackpots become involved with, and the ends always justifies the means because – god. Anything goes, and if they get rich and powerful, it is obviously (to them) because god has ordained it.

The public cannot begin to follow all of the twists and turns because they have mostly been conditioned to think the same way and to feel that they aren’t supposed to truly understand. If they are so inept and incompetent that it requires a couple of years and reading specialists just for them to learn to read as children, of course they can’t possibly understand what goes on in Washington. They are so unsure about their intelligence and capabilities after twelve years of being led around by the nose and guilted for not achieving academic excellence, that reading to learn and for the sheer joy and pleasure of it no longer interests them.

This is not an accidental outcome. As I have pointed out here before, including on Saturday, the wealthy and powerful people and the corporate masters are controlling how students spend their time, how they think (or are distracted from thinking), and what they will be exposed to in schools where the state is able to dictate content, conditions, and influence. Where is Rachel Maddow when we need her? Just as happened in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the threats from the fascists will be minimized and forgotten. They are not going away and the people in the aggregate are the only ones who can ever stop them.

But don't listen to me. I'm just the screwball who insists on getting rid of compulsory school attendance.

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Pardon ; last five Republican presidents :

All crooked.

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Additional evidence in the case against Reagan/Bush and the 1980 election can be seen at consortiumnews.com - in their Archives on "The October Surprise":

Confirmation of the Reagan/Bush efforts extends beyond just that exposed within Iran and the USA. Russia and Israel knew about it, and several countries in Europe were aware of what Reagan/Bush were doing. Here's one of several links for their reporting about the Reagan/Bush and the 1980 election interference:


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Where do old spies and special agents go? Anywhere they are paying, including the payroll of the Russian oligarchs or the GRU. By the way, Putin has control of his oligarchs and the GRU.

But, back to the lying bastard Thom is talking about in this Report. I remember people speculating why Barr came back to Washington to lick Trump's boots. What resonated for me was that some thought it was for a payday. He's very rich, and you have to wonder where it all came from.

As we have all learned from the entertainment industry, fixers are a "thing". They don't work cheaply. A fixer would always have a contingency plan as well, because after all, they know where the bodies are buried. You can bet they have a safety deposit box to be opened in case of their untimely death.

The religious aspect adds intrigue. However, it is most likely the only god being worshiped in Barr's case is M-O-N-E-Y!

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The slide to the bottom starts at the top of the mountain.

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