Trump is the Grand Drag On the GOP!

Those statistics are alarming. If you need a real eye-opener listen to the Republican call-in line on Washington Journal. Just don't be drinking your coffee unless you are positioned over the sink. You will spit, and it might exit your nose as well. What some of them say out loud is THAT bad.

Well hell, if these particular white folks feel this angry and threatened now, what's going to happen when the demographics actually flip and they become a minority? Hopefully many will have passed-on and taken their poison with them. Gen Z---Tag you're it!

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You could say that racism is America's original wedge issue, and exploiting it will continue to be a powerful tactic to lock in votes from our nation's easily bamboozled white guys. Moreover, it's not going to change until we stop the big factions from being able to leverage cultic stupidity that is seriously degrading our citizens' general welfare.

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