"America is in chaos, and it’s largely because neither Schumer in the Senate nor Garland at DOJ saw fit to investigate and prosecute Trump’s and Putin’s congressional allies who were also involved in January 6th."

Thom, you've absolutely nailed it.

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I want the government to go after the members of Congress, Senate and other participants in organizing the insurrection (e.g. Ginni Thomas and Charlie Kirk,) but I’m doubtful that the DOJ will ever hold them accountable.

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Oct 4, 2023·edited Oct 11, 2023

I’ve been wondering why they weren’t investigated/charged since the beginning. Now you say the statute of limitations has passed?????????? Did Jack Smith charge TFG just in time? I was hoping he’d go after the others “next”.

This is so maddening & depressing. And I’m back to being furious with Merrick Garland.

Once again I thank god I’m old with no children. I don’t see the U.S. recovering from this (nor Ukraine, nor the planet from climate change.)

I finally got around to listening to Rachel Maddow’s podcast series “Ultra” about the Nazi plan to overturn the US government. (I’m up to episode 5 out of ?) It seems Repubs have dusted off that playbook, but this time it seems to be working.

My only hope is that Americans wake up.

Biden and Dems across the board are our last hope.

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You might say that the Non-Accountability for the Crimes of January 6th is at the Root of Chaos in Congress, but perhaps more accurately, I believe (and Thom has proven time and again) that the root of chaos in Congress can be found in the powers of corporate personhood wielded by morbidly rich sociopaths. Otherwise, the incompetent and corrupt grifters that currently hold office would never have been elected in the first place. Until those SCOTUS-spawned powers of “legal” BS are nullified, the plutocrats will continue to do things adverse to our rights and our communities’ interests because they can, and they will continue to employ Putin-like sociopaths to make it happen. We either Move To Amend or every battle to promote our general welfare will continue to be ugly and usually futile.

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Again, Thom, this is the response that we've been needing to at least read in our newsletters for all this time and finally are seeing here, thank you. I don't (sadly) agree with you that daylight will sanitize this situation since, within our country there are so many bigoted racists that cannot, it seems, reconcile within themselves that we have a multicultural country.

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Given their serious concerns about child safety, I am sure that QAnnon will call for Mat Gaetz to be prosecuted any day now. [/Sarcasm]

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Non-Accountability is the brightest of green lights to continue "business as usual". Wrongdoings are not curbed by sweeping them under the rug, they are simply emboldened. The worst elements of human history have been conceived in, and forgotten in, places without light - places where the infection of criminal intent festered and flourished with zero meaningful recourse. It appears, at this moment, that the filthy and infested rug of January 6th lies securely taped-down on all sides - providing no light for justice or closure, and a perfect breeding environment for worse events yet to be hatched.

January 6th must be dealt with - not only by confronting the most obnoxious barnyard clown in view - but perhaps more importantly, by aggressively and openly investigating the top individuals and supporters who designed and waged this attack on the United States. Without doing so, the Putin Caucus of the GOP will almost certainly become the near-future rulers of America.

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As regards Ukraine and the budget

Title 50 USC Ch 34 authorizes the President to declare a nation emergency, All presidents of late have used, like Trump declaring one to use military funds to build his wall.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 1: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United

Article I, Section 9, Clause 7: No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.

But it does not specify which chamber of congress, the house or the Senate.

In fact it the constitution says nothing about approving a budget See above Art 1, Section 9

Money is withdrawn from the budget, when the Dept of the Treasury, pays interest on and redeems, the debt of the US, and the Article says nothing about Congress

President Biden, if used the power granted him by the Constitution and enabling legislation, could declare a National Emergency, and fund Ukraine. He also does need the House to approve a budget

I also fault Chuck Schumer, because he lacks the fortitude to discipline recalcitrant Senators in his own party and change the rules which allow Tuberville to downgrade national security by holding up appointments of Generals.

Just as McArthy is the architect of his own downfall, so is the Democratic party the architect of America's downfall, because it is spineless, antiquated, lives in the mythical past. Schumer hides in his shell, and Biden has shown courage as of late, by standing up, but not enough to use his constitutional powers to override or ignore the House of Representatives, and as leader of the party to discipline assholes like Menendez and Manchin.

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As an incurable optimist, I prefer to believe that Garland made a strategic decision to start with the low-level terrorists who could be found and prosecuted and then go for the most conspicuous conspirators at the top whose culpability was public, and to avoid the many allegations of a political purge by waiting until after Trump was cut off at the knees (figuratively speaking). The loudmouth freaks such as Bobert and MTG would have created so much of a stir and made so much of a show of their persecution that it would have given Trump cover or allowed him to play up the "witch hunt" diversion for public consumption. I'm betting that the case against the people identified here in Congress is being quietly buttressed using the info gained from the people who have turned states evidence and with Trump off the stage they will be prosecuted before the statute of limitations runs out (if there is one for sedition). One can only hope.

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Oct 4, 2023·edited Oct 4, 2023

There are over 150 Congresspeople and Senators who knowingly and deliberately participated in the attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Justice demands that they be held accountable - if no one has the guts to prosecute them, then release the names of all that did the dirty deeds and let them stew in the light of public disclosure..... Those in the House who voted to object to Biden's electors from the swing states did so knowing the objections were bogus, and the election was fair and honest. They were acting out their parts in a play written by mad men, but very determined mad men with a goal of ending our democratic experiment and replacing it with something more to their liking.....fascism.

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These are merely the latest and worst manifestations of the scorched earth style of legislating put into place by arch-villain Newt Gingrich.

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As one who listens attentively, and takes in a wide sweep of events, my conclusion is more distilled, or more simple, than what you put forth. Bottom line, Trump had and still has a hold on power beyond what he ever imagined possible. Along with his access to power, in his "ungoverned" and unrestrained approach to using this power, he has overstepped many legal and moral lines. His ability to attract minions, and intimidate by threatening them with various forms of destruction maintains and often increases this power. So, no matter what other Senators and Representatives did (and are still doing) to support Trump's attempt to steal this past election, Trump is the First Cause. Liz Cheney discerned wisely that any diversion away from evidence that Trump pulled all the strings (and is still pulling--Matt Gaetz revealed that he speaks regularly with Trump).

Rather than speak up and speak out, those in Congress want to avoid harassment or even physical harm to them and their families, so no "moral courage" or appreciation for Founding Fathers brilliant work to form this government.

Trump used Putin, and Putin knew and knows how to manipulate Trump. MBS also knew and knows how to play with Trump's ego for his benefit.

I would be very pleased if all of the Congressional culprits were indicted on good evidence [Cruz reeks of complicit guilt and wears it well; Mike Lee was worried that the committee would have access to cell phone records], but Trump would love for the heat to be taken off him, and thank goodness, now 4 trials are scheduled to hold him accountable.

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Hi Lee - I didn't see your message until the end of the call today. The Ask Thom session is a paid subscriber benefit and an email goes out about 24 hours before the event with the log-in details.

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This is what has baffled and infuriated me for years. Merrick Garland would have done NOTHING of consequence were it not for the Jan 6th commission shedding light on the planned, violent attempt to overthrow the government. Schumer is a wimp. Biden has consistently tried to steer the National conversation to normalcy, and bipartisanship. Which is laughable and infuriates me because NONE of this is normal. His tepid speeches, and yes he even his accomplishments are too little and far too late.

I’m still left every single day with a furious desire to do something that will make an actual impact. I read, I join, I sign up, I vote... the lunatics are still storming the capitol. The brat billionaires are still controlling and buying up social media and legacy media. The Christo-fascists still preach to their cults and recruit new zombie members while remaining tax exempt. We don’t have our own army or organization to thwart this so far rather successful dismantling of everything we hold dear as a democracy. Lawsuits? citizen’s arrests? The scenario all but begs for vigilantism, which I’ve always been taught was wrong. I don’t even know what to desperately dream for- (Nightmare for) And my rage and frustration leave me with helpless fantasies of ruthless retribution.


I hate these sadistic, destructive, sociopathic assholes. All the more so because I’m afraid they’re winning.

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Enough of this crippling empathy or pity on these Republican law breakers.

Its time to clean up Congress and strip back the overgrowth of rot, that has become the Republican members of Congress.

No wonder we are in such a lawless time.

Gun toting crazies are shooting up the country at will. The Trump trashy affect on everywhere he opens his mouth , needs to be eliminated. The Judge s need to do their jobs and go by the Constitution as it applies today . Stop the Chaotic Conduit of Putins overseeing our government. Shut Trump-up, he is destroying everything good in this country . He still is being allowed to peddle his gruesome lies. It needs to stop . Shut down a few of his big mouth pieces who also lie constantly. Do not let Jim Jordan anywhere near the powers of the Speaker.

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I agree to some extent, but I believe the lack of accountability that led us to this point dates back to Barack Obama excusing away Bush, Cheney, Yoo and the rest of the Iraq War cabal with his statement about not looking back but looking forwards. This was the turning point in that if nobody is held accountable for the mass murder of half a million Iraqis and the war crimes and torture that ensued, all of which was based on lies and the political expediency of both parties, what will anyone ever be held accountable for? This lack of accountability also fed the misinformation phenomena in that it validated the beliefs of those who thought the war was somehow justified by taking it completely out of public view.

I do think your obsession with the leaders of Russia, China and North Korea is bizarre as they are not the problem. And the continued China bashing feeds the xenophobia that leads to hate crimes here in the US.

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