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Well, any normal person who kept getting such criticism and reactions as he does would ask if there was maybe something wrong with themselves. But his ego will always insist everybody else is out of step.

He has betrayed everyone who ever trusted him, his wives, his contractors, his investors, his political allies, etc., and yet people still keep coming back. "Lucy holding the football" might be a popular analogy...though the way McConnell and company built him up, Frankenstein's monster could be a better picture.

The New Yorker got it right when they said the only way he could feel big was to make others look small. Contrast that with Gandhi, who wrote that the way to tell a good leader was by how many other leaders they made.

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"There are conditions of blindness so voluntary that they become complicity."

- Paul Bourget, novelist (2 Sep 1852-1935)

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I am glad that you, Thom are now openly proposing to "incarcerate him as quickly as possible to minimize the damage he can do".

This Mar a Lago document fiasco is the last straw!

The Jan 6 and attempt to stay in power stuff has to be drawn out and done carefully, because he was still Pres when those crimes happened. But the Mar a Lago nonsense that started the day he left the White House has been continuing just this summer, and is surely still happening, maybe even with stuff being peddled by him to foreign spies even at this moment.

I don't know much about law and arresting people, but if this was anybody else, wouldn't they already be charged, arrested, put in jail, and awaiting trial for doing this to classified documents? Am I missing something? And set the damn bail super high so he stays in jail until trial.

Let the other narcissists riot! They are gonna do it anyway. Get it over with now.

I try to really study some issues and have detailed ideas. But even though I am ignorant about this document stuff, that doesn't mean my "no-brainer" view of it is wrong.

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Is not white supremacy, and other supremacy ideologies, a form of narcissism masking a deep seated sense of inferiority? Is it just coincidence that the majority of Trumpists are white nationalists who fear a multicultural United States and see it as a threat to a "true" America, instead of its essence?

Trump has been embraced by the MAGA crowd because he affirms, and promotes the festering wound of racial superiority which is America's "original sin". His political demise threatens their sense of validation, and thus their narcissistic collapse.

As MLK said "We must learn to live together as brothers (and sisters), or perish together as fools."

Which it will be is still an open question.

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I wish Trump would fade out with a whimper. But I know he won’t. His brain could do us all a bit of a favor by developing full blown dementia. But I know he’s demented already in other ways. And not much hope he’ll be locked up soon. Sitting and watching the show from the Rockies. Hope that’s far enough.

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And yet, your description of his childhood, especially his cruel rejection by his mother, leaves me feeling twinges of grief and sympathy for him. Of course, as I saw in a Facebook meme, "Your shitty childhood doesn't give you the right to be a shitty human being." That is a truth, in my mind. No matter what I have experienced, I must still be accountable and have a responsibility to overcome the effects that have created obstacles in my life. But, to draw on another cultural cliche, this one from the 12 Steps: "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

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I recently saw an article starting that the majority of the January 6 insurrection mob arrested were folks who had financial challenges (was this you, Thom) ;evictions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, loan defaults, etc. , etc. Folks who did not learn to be responsible for themselves , they wanted someone to blame for their money woes. Trump fits right in with this bunch

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This, is really deeply troubling because it is like the rat being cornered with no way out. History will teach us nothing if we don’t pay attention to all the danger signs and it really is dangerous too. Thom great photo of you and your colleagues as well. Thanks for writing this.

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Understanding this is cover for Biden's superfluous campaign speech last night, and acknowledging Trump's narcissism knows no bounds, that narcissism could never be the contagion that it has become without the help of Biden, Obama and the Clintons. Their terrible judgment and unwillingness to stand up to lobbyists, corporate America and militarism have led directly to this moment. Obsessing about Trump and acting as if he were the cause is like giving pain killers for a heart attack without addressing the clogged arteries. I talk with Trump supporters on a daily basis in my profession, and every one of them agrees that the problem is that corporations are running our government (particularly in the context of the health care system which is largely what I am focused on). Most of them like Bernie Sanders for his integrity but are afraid of the "socialism" that Democrats/Biden propagandize about ("I'm not a socialist, I'm a capitalist!"). Democrats believe that tweaking our current systems is enough, but they are sadly mistaken. Their "incremental change" has led is in the wrong direction, and their perpetual campaigning and feckless public policy will not stop the downward spiral even if Trump gets life in prison.

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The TV people, are they helping us to deal with this crisis? I don't like to make a general statement. But every 10 seconds they will put up another blown up picture of the sick and getting sicker SOB. I'm tired of them keeping the commercials of big pharma and advantage programs and so on rolling. Today, on MSNBC, they left Biden right when he was talkking about this new program to help get new regional jobs. We switched to C-SPAN and continued watching him. God Bless C-SPAN, and the Thom Hartman community. Thanks! This future is scary. I hope we can stop them before it gets really really bad.

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Our saving grace is the integrity of our military which will not join trumps putsch. I just saw the documentary about Bolsonaro who faces an election next month. He’s already announced he won’t go & sadly the Brazilian military & his newly rearmed base will probably support him. Robin

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It’s a frighteningly real ending to a story that has mesmerized some people into wanting to be him and the rest of us cringing in horror at what this poisoned man is and what he brings with him.

Addicted to what they see as his strength and flavor of rebellious heroics, turns out their hero is a very sick and flawed man.

A classic occasion for reference back to early days and why his behavior should have been nipped in the bud. The MAGA squad identified with his

down and out victimhood and became more and more afraid of him, and kept him close.

The more wild eyed he became the greater the fear that they buried became an investment in his illness and theirs .

Look at Lindsey Graham in 2015 and 2016 . He thought and pronounced out loud that this guy Trump was crazy , a kook .

Now he’s telling us not to upset him or there ‘will be riots in the streets’ . Growing fear.

Trumps evil expectations

have been picked up by his followers even those that weren’t eager to join his team.

The only antidote to this evil is the truth.

Biden did our Nation a huge favor by telling the out loud truth . No whispers , end the ‘ you know who’s’ of this crazy,

By telling the Simple Truth .

Trump is wrong and he’s holding people hostage.

People w Trumps malady cannot have relationships , the take hostages. The Republicans who are mangled by Maga. Hostages. Followers of Donald Trump’s and Newt Gingrich’s attempted coup: hostages.

We’re right back to :

‘The truth will set you free

But , first it’ll make you miserable.’

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I LOVED President Biden's speech. In essence, he said we will not surrender our democracy and rights. He also said they have the right to be outrageous. Great plain-talking speech and delivery; Joe Biden and America at their best and at Independence Hall!

The only thing the President divided was crazy from sane. Thanks, Thom, for putting the pieces together along with the term and doing the same.

I have tried to keep in touch with my local circumstances regarding the outrageous and crazy. It's not been hard to do---they like to run for office, put signs and flags on their cars, and lie. With the crazy shooters we are already dealing with, this is one more threat that ramps up the intensity. Keep your wits about you and watch your ass. Know where exits are at work, church, and the stores you shop in.

Remember Donald Surrett Jr., hero of the Safeway shooting in Bend, OR. He was a veteran who worked for the disabled. Remember Barbara Ehrenreich, author and champion for the working poor.

A good deed or kind word costs nothing and is so valuable---something Trump and his ilk literally cannot comprehend.

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The bigger question is why? Why is close to half of the country on board with this narcissist in the first place?

Hitler did not take over from a Germany while the people were feeling like they had been treated fair and square. The Germans then like Trump supporters today have very legitimate grievances with what their government and society has done with them.

This country is filled with Narcissists. Trump is not the only one. The question we should focus on is not Trump by what we have done to the 30% to 40% of or fellow Americans that listen to this guy and like what they hear. That is the problems. Put Trump in prison another Trump will pop up right behind him.

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well that was a full on hair raiser... oy... I pray every day that he's indicted as quickly as it's possible to prove his vile guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Had not heard of Narcissistic Collapse! what a great visual that summons: a giant orange balloon slowly collapsing in on itself, into a flabby flatness.

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I think the idea of "grudge revenge", is right on target,

However, I don't think it's something that COULD happen; it HAS happened.

I think it started at least as far back as 2015.

Frustrated child with lots of intelligence and talent but unable to succeed because of LEARNING DISABILITIES and parents who barely, and rarely, noticed he existed.

Anyone would feel they got dealt a lousy hand. Children raised in selfishness based cultures respond totally differently than children raised in love based cultures.

To me, the culprit is the culture that this child grew up in. His culture guided him, as it guides all members, to become the worst achievable version of himself.

One of the reasons certain countries have a 99% inheritance tax is to protect children by minimizing the creation of a selfishness based multi-generational culture.


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