What needs to be said is that these mass murders are the responsibility of the REPUBLICAN PARTY. The blood is on their hands. They absolutely refuse any gun laws no matter how small. They constantly preach gun rights and IGNORE the rights of the victims. As a result we have laws like Open Carry on our streets. We have 18.66 million concealed carry permits in the USA. We have more guns then we have citizens. The next mass murder is SOON! Right now, only the Republicans can stop it. What are the rights of the future victims?



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Mmmm... just noticed that all the dates for these posts are dated March 24-25. Haha, guess I've been communing with the ghosts of the past. Oh well, time is relative, right? The past, present, and future are all contained within the moment we structure the thought.

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So, I walked into a pizza joint in Montana a few years ago, a small room with a half dozen customers waiting for their orders. Off to one side with everyone giving him a wide berth was a fleshy ex-cop/military-looking asshole in camo proudly displaying a big hog leg strapped under his ample beer belly and an Oath Keeper patch on his shoulder, checking off all the boxes.

Fck that! In a pizza parlor?

Feeling ornery after a bad day, some would say suicidal, I got up in his grill and asked if he was a good guy or a bad guy? The room fell silent. As expected, he told me to back off, so I asked in an even louder voice, "Whaddaya gonna do, shoot me?"

With a flash of panic in his eyes, not expecting pushback (Most of these looney tunes are over-compensating chickenshits when out of their element.), he stuttered something about being a veteran and had a right to bear arms. I replied that, yeah, I'm a veteran and carry sometimes too ...but not in a gawddamn restaurant! Armed to the teeth, you are intimidating innocent people just trying to get something to eat, which makes you a terrorist, which makes you a bad guy. ...And so went the, ah, "conversation."

Meanwhile, the manager had called the real cops, who came in a few minutes later, ascertained the situation, and asked me politely to exist the premise. Which I did, but not before telling the manager he ought to put a sign out front that said "no firearms" if he expects to attract more customers who aren't terrorists.

Right, I should be thankful not to have been charged with accosting another customer and creating a disturbance -- or not shot dead! Did this incident have any positive effect? Hell no; this is Montana! But, damn, it sure felt good, even if in the end, I was the bad guy and didn't get a pizza. Oh, the injustice!

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Now we start the copy cat phase. Heavily armed man arrested in Atlanta entering a grocery store. Crazy part is, Colorado is an open carry state. This crazy shot a guy in the parking lot 3 times before entering the store. He had not committed a crime until he pulled the trigger. This is perfectly acceptable, to the law. to walk around the parking lot of a grocery store with an assault rifle, Semi auto pistol and tactical gear. By the law you can go into the store, unless there is a sign that says no firearms. This is the world that Republicans want you to live in.

Even more ridiculous the crazy had a AR-556. Which is classified as a handgun (he also had a 9mm handgun). You ad a stock to make it more like a rifle but with a short barrel. You could not legally use this weapon for hunting in Colorado. Just hunting humans.

The bullets are 5.56 mm in diameter. About $0.85 each. Easily purchased online or instore.





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Everything I have read about this shooter indicates schizophrenia, and it's likely undiagnosed and untreated. How many lives could have been saved if we had universal health care with docs that know how to help these unhappy, lost men? Shouldn't we be teaching everyone how important their brain is and that mental health is a priority for everyone? We have to remove the stigma. Many Millennials and Gen Z'ers know about "self care", and all it gets them from some older people is ridicule. They need mental support and health care instead.

The violent images that shocked in the past might not have the same effect these days. What I think works is a video of the victims alive. Seeing their charm and mannerisms and also knowing their story makes me realize someone's future was stolen and society has lost their potential.

Sensible gun laws will be passed when we elect people with a brain, heart, and courage. Just like in OZ, "You've always had the power, My Dear!". Voter's Rights--Congressional Seats--Eliminate the Filibuster

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The recent Boulder CO murderer had known Anger Management issues and was able to purchases 2 guns that are meant to murder people.



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