The Confederates have always been Confederates. In recent years, the trump years, they have proudly displayed their flags on their homes and automobiles. They want everyone to know exactly who and what they are.

Lying, cheating, and stealing are not only acceptable, they are encouraged by the hierarchy in the Republican Party. If you want to win, go ahead and play dirty and concoct strategies that ensure it.

The will of We The People matters little to those who care primarily about their own personal agendas, as well as the strength of their tribe. Thom just verified that.

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Thanks, Thom, for putting the gory details of the opportunistic, greedy, psychopathic, disgusting, treasonous Republican Presidents together in one place so I can share it.

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WE have a seditionist representing us in upstate NY who is a top corrupt Maga person, Stefanik. Writing her does no good on any issue from this or even major animal abuse by our BLM on our few wild horses remaining in the west. Our 2 senators are good on resisting GOP crap but useless on wildlife abuse issues as they want the votes of the energy and livestock big money coalition.

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Again this is the fault of the media.

As I have stated many times, Trump is like a broken clock.

When he said the media is the enemy of the people he was correct, because it is the media that made him 45 and the media that will make him 47, The media is normalizing Trump, they are actually making more out of Biden's age and insinuating that he has dementia, instead of ripping Trump to the ground.

The Republicans and Trump are, apparently, employing reverse psychology, best epitomized by Lenin when he said: "Oppose what you propose, propose what you oppose, and your opponent will hand you the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter".

The natural response is to defend what Trump and the Republicans attack, And that is how they use their opponent to achieve their ends.

The only reason Democracy is on the chopping block, is because of the media. They made Trump and are making him President again.

This is ominous. Wall Street is caving to Trump (again) https://plus.thebulwark.com/p/why-wall-street-is-surrendering-to

As Jamie Dimon said, they can work with and profit with whoever wins.

I am noticing a trend, even among "liberal" comedians like the Jimmy's Fallon and Kimmel, they use Biden as a punching bag, because of his age, but are actually normalizing Trump and his "gafs" (that's what the media is calling his signs of dementia).

If Biden had said any of the things that Trump has said, or done even one of the things that Trump has done, he would have been long gone.

That Trump is still the number 1 topic and if he becomes #47, which appears likely gratis the media and Wall Street., Trump will owe big thanks to the media and comedians.

Personally I sniff cowardice as critics are hedging their bets, even hosts like Ari Melber on MSNBC are toning down their discussion of Trump.

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I sent a message weeks ago to my representative. I don't have what I wrote , but it was something about funding Ukraine, border compromise, and no political games.

And I received this:

"The open border policies of the Biden Administration have put our southern border in crisis. The United States has recorded over 3.5 million illegal border crossings since President Biden took office, opening the flood gates for the cartels to smuggle fentanyl into our communities.

It’s time we reject the open border policies of the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress and focus on strengthening our border security by building a wall and giving border agents the resources necessary to secure our southern border.

With that being said, I am a proponent of a transparent and legal immigration process, especially for seasonal workers, that makes sense for the American people. As a farmer, I see firsthand the important role seasonal agricultural workers have in the agriculture community. Please rest assured, I will keep your thoughts in mind as this issue comes up on the House floor."

I was obviously not surprised. I then sent him a response basically telling him that I did not appreciate the canned response which shows him playing political games and insulting my intelligence.

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Wow! I thought I knew some of this, but I never heard of the Jonson Nixon Vietnam story. Reading all of these in one article is flabbergasting.

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Nixon was trying to create a war Oct surprise for the 1960 election that failed to happen in his term as VP. Today the Fed has been trying for years to create a recession. Biden's economic policies overwhelmed the effort by a 4.9% increase in GDP and most recent 3.3% quarter the highest since the 60's. To win we simply need a base voter strategy of 3 or 4 economic issues campaign and make everyone on the planet know what they are by repeating first thing out of their mouth at the microphone. More of the same economic policies and other important cultural issues in favor to our base voters.

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Johnson was a such a defeated and sad man at the end. He wanted out. Could not run again after being betrayed by his advisors and cabinet and realizing there was no winning the war unless by bombing VN to the Stone Age. Johnson grew his hair long and essentially exiled himself to his Texas ranch.

I wonder if Nixon was sober when he had that call to him. Anyway tricky dick got his. Reagan’s legacy is an “amiable dunce”. Gore had decent people and obviously Bill Clinton did not do all he could to make the election fair ( and really who knew W would invade based on prevarication). Trump is just in it for monetary gain, to pay back Putin for helping him out of his bankruptcies, and of course the limos, the sec serv agents—he has no idea how to wield the power of the office, that’s for Miller, Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, and Eastman. It would be nice if Garland could be replaced or just grow a pair. I don’t expect an Oct surprise. I expect trump to self destruct like he did in 2020 w his scary debates. It would be nice if he got convicted before the election —in one of the trials.

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Honestly Thom, we have a president in the White House now who is manipulating world affairs with disastrous results. Not that Trump would be better mind you, but the attempt to supplant Biden's utter amorality (which did not start with his disdain for the Palestinian people) with Red Scare paranoia is wearing thin. It also shows the white supremacy inherent in Biden liberalism, as you have directed his base to be far more concerned with the situation in Ukraine than the situation in Gaza and the West Bank. Yet Netanyahu is far worse than Putin and has been imposing torture upon the Palestinian people for nearly two decades. But of course Biden and Democrats have been complicit and we don't care nearly as much about those poor black and brown people Democrats keep bombing and droning but those Ukrainians deserve our unwavering support and bottomless financial and military support so we can play a game of chicken with Putin.

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This border surge is a DIRECT result of the constant republican refrain that “Biden has opened the border”. They know that the world is listening

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Once again the sleazy treachery of Republicans has caused us to pay a price, and continues on a daily basis with the Right wing Supreme Court Justices to keep turning out their rulings that are actually injustice.

They routinely desecrate justice. They’ve never been held accountable for their lies and chaos and Trump continues to this day to wreak havoc on our country.

The Republicans who give blind allegiance to Trump are happy to join in whatever illicit conspiracy power they can attain.

And Blind they are , their allegiance to Trump has set up their allegiance to Putin, another diabolical deal with serious perhaps fatal consequences.

Is there no Republican who cares more for righteous truth than the drivel Trump churns out .

The regrettable alliance with Putin/ Trump will deliver disaster .

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Thom, Unknown to me at the time, I published a much shorter and less complete version of this column an hour after you did. I did have one more piece of evidence regarding the 2000 election, the potential for creating targeted hanging chad as documented in the eBook "Stolen Future".

I should also point out that the people who would use violence to hold on to power--900,000 Afghanis and Iraqis dead, not to mention 7,000 Americans--seem unlikely to have hesitated in the killing of 3,000 more Americans in New York when a false flag to justify the War on Terror was staged to enrage the American public in their favor.

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Ben Franklin might have answered the apocryphal question, "A republic . . . If you can forge it." "IF"

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"Trump is trying to exacerbate a crisis on our southern border and screw Ukraine in a way that will lead to mass causalities and disrupt the international order."

Mr. Hartmann, my admiration for your intellect you are well aware of. Resultantly, I humbly submit to you that "the international order" needs to, and must, be 'disrupted.' It is that "order" that has plunged the world into chaos. Frankly, I don't really give a rat's ass who or what the catalyst for that disruption is at this point.

With all due respect and, please, pardon my forward language.

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All this talk about Poland being Putin's next target! Poland is a member of NATO. I would consider Moldova to be his follow-on target, since Moldova is NOT in NATO, has a large ethnic Russian population, AND there are already Russian troops in the country.

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Rotten to the core! Disgusting

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