The anti-vaxer/masker Trumpees are adopting ridiculous secular postures indistinguishable from their ridiculous sectarian attitudes. Part and parcel of the total package, radicalized politics has become radicalized religion and vice versa. So how does one persuade a religious wacko to question an ingrained belief system destructive to society (and to themselves) in ways both hidden and obvious?

You can’t; bare words are inadequate. For any hope of advancement, a fool has to experience firsthand the real-world consequences of strong convictions coupled with skewed perceptions. But fundamental change, that moment of truth and awareness, is rare. True believers will go to the grave clinging to their gospel of lies. It’s too bad they take so many innocent people with them, an ultimate act of selfishness.

Wasting effort on the irredeemable has no value. The rest of the population must learn to discount, ignore, and marginalize them at every turn. Time is short, stakes are high. Indulging those who don’t recognize objective reality drains energy from workable solutions. Alas, the era of Trumpism is still ascending, demonstrating how difficult that task is.

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In view of the truths out there happening, as you so deftly explain here, it has occurred to me that maybe Covid is a doorway for a greater presence of Truth to land on the planet.

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Nice information, thank you.

Can't or shouldn't the GOP be sued for this? The data speaks volumes. While minority leadership may have said once or twice folks should get vaccinated, their overall vaccine-adverse messaging clearly aligns with death rate.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that this segment from Thom is making the rounds on Twitter:


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Pfizer just announced they estimate the pandemic will last until 2024; on that awful note, Happy Holidays! If they are right, I'm not sure what that means for any of us. I live in one of those red counties with a lousy vaccination rate. It's not the worst in the state, because the prize goes to areas that are much more rural.

The unvaccinated are not a monolith, but the vast majority are likely suffering some kind of disconnect. It probably was true before the pandemic. So statistics and graphs be damned, they weren't listening before and don't expect them to in the next two years.

I have tried to remind people it is a COMBINATION of three things that will lessen the tsunami we are about to receive: masks, distance, and vaccines. Keep your pod close, but your conversations short when you are out and about. It's hard to see the rest of the world in 2 dimensions. It breaks my heart not to be able to smile at a little kid in the store. But, it all seems trivial compared to being sick, damaged, infectious, or dead. I hope to direct all the kindness and appreciation I can to the medical and essential workers.

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I haven't kept up on the booster issue, so yes, thanks for this.

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