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I, think what Americans will embrace is fairness integrity and civility. I don’t think all the hate and the making people not trust others that don’t look like them will work. I know this is something they want to continue to tear the country down with but the younger generation of today have a voice and they are going to be it. All of the things the Republicans want to take away is on the ballot box as well and I know they will be showing up to show their outrage about all this. Democracy never stops or sleeps my proven Revolutionary and in the future a new generation of knowing this will prove how they really are exactly that it! We have it in our power to begin the world over again caped crusader and I do see the possibility of just that happening too. Hamilton Paine Hartmann great mind’s for these complicated times. Love Peace Freedom Justice ask me again I’ll tell you the same. Justice Demo’s No Nukes!

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