Remember how Mueller muddled through his report when testifying before Congress? I think he did it on purpose because the information his team uncovered was so damning, it would start WW III. I just hope that the FBI and CIA et al. have Trump in a stranglehold (for once, a white male gets his due). As far as Trump and Russia goes? Everyone, I mean EVERYONE in the NYC financial community in the 1990's knew Trump was a joke and that no one, not the UK, not China, no one would land to him after he burned through $500 M of Daddy's money and bankrupted one casino after another. So, he went to Russia. Done. And again, everyone knows it. Worst kept secret in NYC financial community. Go back and read some WSJ stories from the '90's on Trump - it's all there.

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Truth in journalism is important, facts matter. Keep going Mr. Hartmann.

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This is information that deserves to be spread far and wide .

Especially, to the people who can’t believe our Democracy is threatened

by DJT , Rand Paul, et al

Republican misfits.

Who all ‘spent the Fourth of July in Russia. ‘ what was that about?

I wonder.

Thom , you are doing a excellent job with reality

‘The truth will set you free.

But first it will make you miserable.’

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Mueller should have hired you to connect the Donald dots back to his Manchurian candidate training! Durham a useless tool!

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Donald John Drumpf (aka Trump) . . . A name which (not unlike Dec. 7th) will live in infamy.

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Putin is just part of the problem. China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, India, Rich Americans, Rich Europeans, Rich Hispanics. They all want cheap labor and more money and will destroy the environment and enslave as many people as it takes. I don't even trust Biden, Garland, the FBI, the supreme Court. I think the Democratic party became the Republican party and the 1980s and the Republican party became the Nazi party then. Not the socialist Nazi party but the capitalist Nazi party which is even more inhumane than Hitler's party. I suggest all liberals better be prepared to defend their stuff and live together, get a plan.

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The National Socialist German Workers' Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP) was never socialist. Socialist was in it's name, as a tactic to fool the people. Ernst Röhm and the Brown shirts he led, were socialist and were plotting a coup to overthrow Hitler who was not.

The funding of Hitler and his NSDAP came from industrialist, especially Krupp, Meschersmidt, Heinkel, Bayer et all who saw profits in rearming Germany, and they though that they colud control Hitler.

Recommend https://www.amazon.com/Crime-Punishment-I-G-Farben/dp/0029046300

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I totally agree. Like China calling themselves communists. With over 50 billionaires. It is tantamount to a serial killer calling themselves a Christian. Liars can call themselves anything they want, but what they are is what really matters. I always wondered why the Nazis called themselves socialist cuz they didn't seem to socialist. I thought maybe they had socialized medicine or food for the poor or housing for the poor? Probably not, they locked empathy for the poor and everyone else they didn't like. I don't think the maga supporters will ever call the Chinese "capitalists", they only believe what they want to believe generally. They want to believe the left wing was responsible for all those one child family abortions and all the organ harvesting and all the other evils of the rich greedy capitalist Chinese.

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Capitalism and communism are economic ideas as to how to organize the resources of society, After all Lenin, said of the USSR that is was state capitalism.

Both operate within a fascist (authoritarian) regime and within a democratic regime

In other words Capitalism and communism operate with political regimes, authoritarian, democratic or libertarian.

The biggest lie fostered on the public is the lies of von Mises and his ilk, that defines capitalism and communism as opposing forms, when that is bullshit.

You are correct in your assessment that you will never get the right to understand that, and I feel that there are ideological tards on the left that don't and can't understand that.

I gave up on the likes of Noah Chomsky, the Nation, Democracy Now, Christopher Hitches when I learned that they were "peace at any price" Pukinisky's. By default that means Putin invades, levels, and takes over Ukraine, because the extreme left is dominated by Putin fans, and in that the extreme left handshakes and lays in bed with the extreme right.

I am being generous when I call them Tankie's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tankie

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An who amongst the executives of those war machine producing companies stood trial in Nuremberg? Draws Mercedes Benz purposely left off your list of company collaborators?

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Too many to list. There were other trials than Nuremberg, Nuremberg was for the leadership of the NAZI's. Their top boss, Albert Speer, the Nazi minister of armaments, was sentenced to 20 years as a major war criminal at the Nuremberg trials.

Suggestion read Crime and Punishment of IG Farben.

After D Day, there were conferences between executive of American corporations and executives of German corporations. Held in Switzerland the objective was how to save German corporations from dissolution, so that American companies could retain their pre war interest

These trials tried executives from Krupp, the leading steel and weapons producer under the Third Reich; from Flick, a mining, steel and weapons company; and from IG Farben, a large chemical conglomerate that also supported the Nazi war effort.

Shortly before the opening of the international Nuremberg Trials, the main leader of the Krupp company, Gustav Krupp Von Bohlen und Halbach, was declared unfit to appear due to his advanced age [76 years], although the Allies wanted to try him. In the tenth of the so-called "successor trials", the Americans organized a trial against the managers of the Krupp company in Nuremberg and this time it was his son, Alfred Krupp, who was tried along with eleven other managers of the family company. Krupp was sentenced to twelve years in jail for crimes against humanity, with all his assets seized.

Then there is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BASF#:~:text=It%20extensively%20employed%20forced%20and,chemical%20used%20in%20The%20Holocaust.

Under the leadership of Carl Bosch, BASF founded IG Farben with Hoechst, Bayer, and three other companies, thus losing its independence.

Bayer, complicit in production of Zyklon B amongst other things, is still operative . Under the leadership of Carl Bosch, BASF founded IG Farben with Hoechst, Bayer, and three other companies, thus losing its independence.

After the war, the Allied Control Council seized IG Farben for "knowingly and prominently ... building up and maintaining German war potential".[a][5] It was split into its six constituent companies in 1951, then split again into three: BASF, Bayer and Hoechst.[45][46] Bayer was at that point known as Farbenfabriken Bayer AG; it changed its name to Bayer AG in 1972.[7] After the war, some employees of Bayer appeared in the IG Farben Trial, one of the Nuremberg Subsequent Tribunals under US jurisdiction. Among them was Fritz ter Meer, who helped to plan the Monowitz camp (Auschwitz III) and IG Farben's Buna Werke factory at Auschwitz, where medical experimentation had been conducted and where 25,000 forced laborers were deployed. Ter Meer was sentenced to seven years, but was released in 1950 for good behavior. [47] He was elected to Bayer AG's supervisory board in 1956, a position he retained until 1964.[48]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayer

Google's AI is your friend, it will find answers to most of your questions.

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What could one possibly ever expect from the grandson of a goldrush era, Whitehorse, Yukon pimp?

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May 16, 2023·edited May 16, 2023

All of this is public knowledge and if the Democrats don't use in campaign ads, then there is evidence of malfeasance. I want to say misfeasance, but the Democratic party and Joe are apparently too steeped in cowardice and complicity. For instance Biden can use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling, but is dragging his heels so he can capitulate to the Republicans.. Why? Whatagenda does Biden really have, that will have him privatize social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Education.

Billionaire donors like Pete Petersen and Goldman Sachs want to privatize Medicare so they can use the trust fund and FICA to gamble on stocks And there whores in the media are bombarding is with false claims that Social Security will go bust by 2040, The Association of Health Insurance Providers (AHIP) a powerful lobby that pours millions into the Democratic party candidate, wants to privatize Medicare and Medicaid, to increase their profitability, get rid of regulations, and cut costs by increasing the mortality rate of "beneficiaries"

Sen Markey is introducing the idea of expanding SCOTUS by four. Biden has already nixed that idea (Why?) He appointed a right winger, Merrick Garland) to AG.. Why?

He passed over an experienced advocate for small farmers (Marcia Fudge) and put her in a token position reserved for blacks (HUD), and instead put a lobbyist for corporate agriculture as Sec of Agriculture (Tom Vilsack). Why?

First suspicion are the billionaire and corporate donors whom the two parties so heavily rely on.

Talk about selling your soul to the devil.

Yet again I will hold my nose and vote Democratic, and I am so tired of having to do that.

The Bulwark said, just today, the Democratic party has become the Republican party, and the Republican Party has become the fascist party, and it certainly looks that way.

In the same time frame that the Democrats passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which Biden signed.

The could have passed a Respect for Choice act, but didn't. Why? The law also protected interracial marriage, thus taking Clarence and Ginni out of the equation, for a charge of hypocrisy.

In my opinion. Gay Marriage was no longer a hot button issue, but abortion was and they did not want to even more weaponize the issue among the insecure males, and they are legion even in the Democratic party and among independents, they and their camp following women.

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The absence of evidence is not evidence. Of course Putin covered his tracks---he's an expert. His mission was successful, and Durham's crap report reinforced his reputation. He will be encouraged to use the same formula for 2024.

And, that's exactly what Trump has also started to do, fall into the same old patterns which will no doubt include Russian assistance and money wherever and whenever he can get it. Going on four decades, how could anyone miss the history you laid-out, Thom.

Elements of the FBI and CIA know what Trump has done, that's why he attacked both agencies. Now Durham has helped him hurt the FBI. Trump will further ruin the safety and security of this country by doing it all again. No one matters to that psychopath. The only thing he wants for America is to OWN it, and that's exactly what he and Putin have in common!

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I wish I could give 500 “likes” to this piece. The connections are too many and too obvious to permit any doubt that Hizzoner Drumpf is a Russian asset, and represents one of the outstanding triumphs of the KGB.

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No, even Putin had it with Trump when he figured out Trump was too ignorant and belligerent to prove to b e any tangible benefit to his advantage over the US. Not sure why this thread is so appealing to Biden liberals, apart from MSNBC's propagandizing of it and the narrative that Russia stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

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As one Biden Liberal here, this "thread" is so appealing to me because it gathers so much subterfuge into one quick read about this mendacious man-child that our country has been fighting like a cancer for over a decade. Mr. Hartmann has created here a smoking laser gun of facts to enable thinking citizens of America and of the world in combatting this scourge. I just upgraded my subscription to Paid after following The Hartmann Report for a few months and on the strength of this latest Daily Take. I feel that great journalism must be rewarded; now more than ever.

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Thank you! :)

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Thanks for your wise words Lenny - I did the same thing, for the same reasons, just over a year ago. Great journalism needs to be rewarded, now more than ever. Cheers.

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Seriously? Trump destabilized NATO Putin check mark! Trump trusted Putin over US intelligence sources …Putin check mark! Campaign manager…Putin asset…check mark!

Ah Barry!

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