Amazing and chilling summary of what traitor tRump really is and how America arrived at this point in history Thom. I can’t understand why so many Americans don’t have a clue and/or willfully ignore his history of criminal behavior. I remember the tabloids back in the seventies and eighties that covered all his infidelities and business shenanigans and it didn’t take much to recognized an amoral conman then. I argued and begged people not to vote for him and explained that the Republicans (and tRump) had no platform to help the average American. Of course people I talked to went into the anti Hillary BS propaganda that was spit out there on MSM networks and I tried to explain point by point that if Bernie Sanders didn’t win the nomination then Hillary was extremely qualified also. But they truly wouldn’t acknowledge that most of the stuff about her was exaggerated and total BS. My family did come around to acknowledge that

they didn’t vote for tRump and voted for President Biden in 2020 but they didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016. So that shows the power of lies out in the news and right wing media. I live in a “red” district in S. California so I have friends and neighbors who I’m sure are tRump supporters.

The fact that so many Americans voted him in and believed his BS just flabbergasted me. Really?. I am still disgusted by the stupidity and gullibility of voters and the belief that he would make American lives better in any way. I am patiently awaiting the indictment announcements coming at some point. I have a bottle of champagne set aside to celebrate any indictment- I’ll take anything that makes his life miserable! Petty of me I realize but his criminality must be stopped at all cost and Americans need a reckoning on the reality of electing incompetent amoral scam artists like him.

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It should also be noted that Melania’s parents were members of the Slovenian Communist Party

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Wow Thom! This is a really great succinct summary of what's going on! I appreciate being enlightened on this. It makes sense that Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China are trying to take down American democracy. And trying to do it through people like Trump and Michael Flynn. It makes me disheartened that they're both walking free.

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Didn't the Steele report reveal that Trump was under the control of Putin and totally compromised? Wasn't the problem that the denial machine and the inability of the American public to deal with facts, truth, reality, history, common sense, etc., caused the information to be discounted, ignored, and deep-sixed? Has anything really changed? I agree that it is foolish to call the American people stupid,. However, their density and ignorance is unequalled in the modern era, and as I have said here many times, is a direct result of bad schools cramming minds with lessons of false patriotism and the virtue of blind obedience to authority and failing to enable authentic education and autonomy or intellectual development in 12 years of indoctrination. It's a little late to start educating people after decades of Pablum and propaganda.

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The die-hard MAGA people won't change their views no matter what is revealed about Trump, because "fake news" is so deeply ingrained in their psyches that even Jesus Christ appearing from heaven and proclaiming the truth would not convince them. They'd see him as part of the "Libtard" conspiracy. Our hope lies in getting as many Americans out to vote in EVERY election as possible. because the MAGATs really are a minority in America, despite the over-blown press coverage they're getting.

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Amorphous---that's the adjective that best describes the spy world. Therein lies the problem of expecting people to understand or accept Trump's connections over the years. Many would think, just because one does things out in the open, that it's not part of a bigger plan connected to the covert operations.

Compartmentalization, everything on a need to know basis, witnesses with only a piece of the puzzle are intentional barriers to get to the truth. We are always being groomed for the "plausible deniability" angle of their actions. 

Thom, great job on the history, and many of us do accept what the facts show. It's disgusting to think of what Trump and his confederates have done to this nation that we cannot trace. Treasonous bastards!

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Thanks Thom for yet another enlightening look at tRump and his history as a Con and traitor. As for your question will America learn, I really doubt you can sway the maggots belief to anything factual at this point. They have been raised in a swamp of low education, and mid-information and fed this Repugnicon fake news for so long that their brains have putrified and petrified. They have been subjected to the warping influence of , Madison Avenue, organized religion, and the oligarchs have lied, stolen, pushed their subjugation plan for so many years that there is little hope of enlightenment. The damage is done and cemented by a mentally ill tRump and his conspirators. The old adage that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink seems to be where we are.

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You're absolutely right in saying it's hard to underestimate the damage done. The toxicity of this virus that he's been promulgating goes deep. He's corrupted your judicial system, as you've reported, so that he even has federal judges who'll give him favorable judgments. He has his pincers into the prison system; it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that he had something to do with Epstein's so-called suicide. And he's been grooming son-in-law Kushner to take over the reins of corruption. Strange how those two New York prosecutors suddenly resigned, isn't it?

As you mentioned, we have no idea of the billions the family has stashed away in tax havens - they don't appear to be too worried when it comes to finances. And we shouldn't expect to see the criminal ex-prez held to account too soon. So thankful that people like yourself keep hammering away at the cover-ups, and keep educating us on what should be transparent, considering politics should be transparent to all. That's one of the damages that's been done - people like myself no longer trust anything we hear - we're always asking ourselves what's being covered up?

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...hard to OVERestimate...

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I can’t figure out if it is the sheer power of Russian Intel/International Crime Syndicates/Criminal Banking Cartels/Arab Oil/ in part(s) or in whole, but there is so much in the public domain with Trump as a major component as to be ludicrous.

Dating back to 2016 I began putting together “mind maps” showing the linkages between Putin/Russian Intelligence, Russian Oligarchs/Mobsters, Trump buildings and Russian gangsters and money laundering. Then the Casino and mobsters and money laundering there.

The list of Russian mobsters (domestic and foreign), oligarchs, authoritarians, politicians, banks and all the schemes to acquire billions upon billions in offshore/secret accounts from the Caymans to Oklahoma (not kidding).

So effective has the Russian (and allied agents like the Saudis) propaganda been that about 35% of the electorate thinks that all this global criminality is just being a “smart businessman.”

I could actually understand that admiration by Trump’s minions if these death of despair scummers actually were in on the take, but they are part of the legions of rubes!

I’d love to see someone, somewhere really attack this monstrous global crime family, but I don’t see it happening in my life time.

The party is over and the world is indeed entering the realm of existential crisis. The funny thing is I’m not a conspiratorial Jewish Laser, QAnon, Illuminati type in the least.

It is amazing how we normal awoken by real events right in front of us get branded as kooks, but that too is a function of the far right Fascist to Feudal world of the 2030-2050s coming at us like the train head-lamp in the proverbial tunnel.

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We have the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Defense Intelligence ( I know what I wrote ). We have the IRS, the SEC, the Treasury, State, the Fed. And more.

It’s hard to believe that there are not only a few, but many, many US officials and staff who know where Don T's money comes from, where it is, and where it is going.

If not, why do we pay them?

Yet whoever knows, has not clearly shown us.

It’s prima fascist obvious, and the cited sources are clear and valuable, but we deserve some patriotic exposés.

best luck to US, b.rad

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Many thanks Thom for all you do to help

people like me process the intricacies

of living history.

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“EU lawmakers declare that Hungary is no longer a democracy.”


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No, white rePUGliCON butt lickers like the lawlessness! The idea that they can kill, steal, destroy property with no repercussions, hey hey hey they are the best, everything is there’s, why should they follow someone who has morales and loves democracy...”We the People”. Luckily there are some who are going to jail...the brown shirts too stupid to realize they are being lied to over and over, decade after decade. Shithole america one ignorant rePUGliCON at a time!

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Doesn't the death penalty apply?

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Love it

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