It is plainly obvious that the Jan. 6 insurrection (DC courts have designated it as such) was only part of a coordinated and extensive plot to overturn the election and retain Trump in office, allowing the Republican Party and its careful owners to rig the future elections in such a way as to retain minority power indefinitely. I don't know how many people should be removed from positions of power and authority for participating in this plot, but it certainly must run into the hundreds if not thousands.....all the Defense Department officials and Secret Service members who wiped their phones in violation of government rules and orders, all the members of Congress who aided the rioters, and who voted to reject the legitimate electoral votes from the states. I know the Democrats do not have the stomach to conduct such an investigation and apply the necessary punishments, so the answer to your question is likely "YES", the truth, the full truth of Jan. 6, will go unknown in the future.....

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I think part of our problem with Americans’ short term memory of the tRump s*hit show is the culpability of the MSM in their failure to present the danger to democracy from the trumpet/ MAGAT base. So much reported on the corporate owned networks were click bait entertainment focused segments that rarely delved into anything substantive regarding tRump’s criminal acts in plain sight. Even documenting tRump’s 30,000+ lies was pointless to many because the majority of Americans don’t pay attention to anything substantial. From tRumps first appearances in 2015 starting his campaign, red lights were flashing but the gutless Republicans, the MSM and HRC detractors willfully ignored his unfitness for office. It’s all been treated as a televised wrestling contest with tRump as the pre-ordained winner. So we have a massive public numbness to the real threat by fascist -leaning legislators actively destroying public trust in government and setting up their corporate owned crowned leaders to rule the rest of us for life. I hope the upcoming trials are televised and on prime time for the rest of 2024 and beyond because Americans need to see for once the reality of how badly this criminal rapist conman has conned American voters.

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What a, literally, chilling letter this morning and what a gut-punch the 'punchline' packs!! This is the newsletter I have been hoping to have for all this time, wondering where was the outrage and subsequent accountability? Yes, we are still wondering, but the outline needs to be in front of us - thank you Thom!

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Garland needs to be removed from office immediately before the statute of limitations runs out for sedition in just 5 years.

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Alarming is right and shows what a lawless/freckless nation we are to allow this insurrection/treason activity not to be addressed immediately but has taken 2-l/2 years and the leaders in our government have not been jailed only their dutiful followers. All those names should be convicted and in jail awaiting trial but no even the convicted don't go to jail where you and I would be if we had done such a treasonous act.

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Thanks for bringing out that Tuberville is definitely a Jan6 plotter - it's obvious what he is doing now - and I think something needs to be passed to enable the Pres to remove this powers or some other committee do that - there HAS to be a way around his control of the situation !!! This is dangerous territory - these Repubs are hell bent on taking over !

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You have ask extremely important questions.

Why didn’t our federal police, investigative, and military agencies do anything when they knew full well in advance that an armed mob was coming to the Capitol to try to overthrow our government, and that many within the mob were armed and willing to kill (and did) to try to accomplish their goal?

Why, afterward, did the Secret Service and the Department of Defense wipe their phones so the data could never be retrieved?

Why has there never been a public examination of most of this? What did then-and-now FBI Director Christopher Wray know, and when did he know it?

Why are so few people openly speculating that corrupt individuals — possibly only a handful — within the FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Defense may have participated in a plot led by Donald Trump to overthrow our government? And how many of Trump’s stooges are still in our government, perhaps waiting for his return?

Why isn’t our media pursuing these questions?

Is it simply because treason is such an unimaginably heinous act? Does journalistic integrity require them to await “smoking gun” evidence that, at the very least, some people within these organizations were knowing or unknowing participants in Trump’s plot to become America’s last president? Is it fear of losing sources in these agencies?

These are all questions we must demand answers to. We deserve to know the truth.

I have another question or two.

Why is it that these justices are allowing all these stall tactics to keep pushing off the trial dates of Trump and his co-conspirators?

Has our justice system gone completely to hell just because there’s someone that’s actually screwed up and been charged, inducted, arrested, and booked not once, but 4 damn times, and just because he’s who he is, the justice system just quits working?

If I go out here and commit treason am I going to get treated this same way?

Am I going to be indicted, arrested, booked, released so I can threaten every judicial person working in my case, influence the jury pool on social media and all the television networks, and commit a crime every time I open my mouth?

Am I going to be able to do all this and stall my court proceedings until forever, or until I die, so I never have to go to trial for my crimes I’m accused of?

This is all a crock of bull💩💩💩💩!

If this was you, or I, that’s committed these 91 felony counts, facing over 500 years in prison, we wouldn’t see the light of day until after trial, and then it world only be the light of day we saw as they took us from the jail to the van transporting us to the federal penitentiary!

As for the happenings up to and including January 6th, that was a farce frim the get-go. That was so screwed up that it hurt to watch it. Those officers at the Capital were set up. By whom? That’s yet to be determined, acknowledged, learned, disclosed, or whatever you want to call it.

Thus is strictly my opinion on how this went down.

President Frumpy had his “people” ( actually I call them his 🐑🐑🐑🐑) in place as the head of the FBI, Secret Service, and in the Pentagon. As the ‘chatter’ came in, some of the wrong Senators learned of it and called in their Senate leaders to let them know and to get something done to protect themselves and everyone else. Nothing was done, because nothing was supposed to be done.

If we recall, at that time, Moscow Mitch was in Frumpy’s hip pocket. He was one of his ‘doers’. If Frumpy said “jump” they’d want to know “how high!”.

So, Moscow Mitch was warned, but that warning stopped there. He was well aware of what was fixing to happen on the 6th, just like Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and two dozen others in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Every one of them knew that Frumpy had armed extremist coming to assault the Capital on January 6th. Every one of them knew that the building was going ti be destroyed. Some of them gave “tours” to the extremist groups prior to that date so they could familiarize themselves with the layout of the entire building. These “tours” were even conducted in parts of the building where tourist are not allowed! All this was on security tapes, revealed by the January 6th Commission.

Torte wasn’t going to be any law enforcement ‘backup’ for the Capital Police officers on the scene. They weren’t supposed to get riot gear, arm themselves with nothing more than their regular sidearms. And, they were given the order not to engage the attacking crowd.

All this was the mistake of the Capital Chief of Police.

What he should have done was notified his supporting agencies that the Capital was under siege, and needed all immediate assistance, then got on the radio and gave his officers the order to engage with deadly force if necessary to hold them off as long as possible. Assistance had been called.

I orimuse you, if a dozen or so of the rioters had been shot attacking the Capital that day, then the rest, except maybe the extremist, would have scattered like flies!

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What if in your hypothetical scenario, the small-town police force (white) knew that the gang of bank robbers (also white) was planning to use the loot to fund the (white) police benevolent association?

So many of the supposedly inexplicables become clear, or at least clearer, if one takes racism into account. For instance, the D.C. National Guard and the Capitol Police have a significant Black membership (and may be majority Black -- I don't know), so of course the white insurrectionists and their allies want to restrict their resources and their mobility. Look at the looniest members of the loony Freedom Caucus, the ones who clearly engaged in suspicious activities in the run-up to 1/6: these people are not now and never have been supporters of civil rights or economic justice for non-white people.

It's no secret either that there are hotbeds of white supremacy in the military, and the FBI has been dominated by white Republicans top to bottom since the very old days. Take a look at where the GOP is now, and it's easy to imagine that some of that extremism is currently festering in its ranks. It's misleading to think of these people as "corrupt" if "corrupt" suggests pursuing their own individual interests. I suspect many of them think they're saving the country from multiracial barbarism.

As to why the MSM isn't investigating more thoroughly -- well, they seem to think that calling out racism, even extreme white-supremacist racism, is being "divisive," and of course we can't have that unless we can both-sides it and point to extreme Black nationalism to balance the scales (which it doesn't, and can't -- nowhere close). If that's not enough, there are plenty of people in influential places who have the power to limit investigations and keep disagreeable findings under wraps.

I like to believe that we eventually will have a complete picture of what went down in the run-up to 1/6 and afterward. About the JFK assassination -- I doubt it, and truth to tell, I don't care all that much. The CIA was involved in so many despicable projects in that period that it wouldn't surprise me to learn that they, or the FBI, or some military entity, had a hand in it. If the goal was to head off civil rights legislation, they failed, and had to come up with more innovative ways to undermine that, e.g., the Reagan administration and the eventual packing of the Supreme Court with "originalists."

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Good grief, how many shit-shows can an American keep track of?!

I do like this Report despite the headache. Many people involved with the BIG idea of keeping Trump in power lost track of the actual crimes they were committing. The savvy ones at least figured-out they needed a pardon. The rest just kept destroying evidence and lying.

My question is ---How far reaching is the dragnet that Jack Smith will finish pulling into his prosecution boat? Some of these criminals are wondering too, and I hope they are not sleeping too well.

Cue the theme from Dragnet ("Dum - - - de - DUM - DUM").

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Great stuff. You put in one place all the material on Jan6 and then some that I've been trying to compile.

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George Santos - how can he stand up in Congress looking like a drag queen in a suit, to defend Speaker McCarthy? Who's running this Republican circus? Are they all reporting to Putin? including Trump? Who else wants to see American democracy and justice take such a hit? MSB perhaps? How the mighty have fallen - American money is still good, but the rest of it?

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Sep 14, 2023·edited Sep 14, 2023

Very strange piece today.

There's a special counsel with wide-ranging investigatory powers, plus similar state legal officers, who are actively investigating and uncovered so much about this topic. Although it hasn't been covered too much here, two "speaking" indictments were issued that have all kinds of juicy details about what the 40 or so coconspirators did in connection with Jan 6 - much of this was not known before. Read those indictments!

In my view, the whole point, and tone of this piece would be better suited to the Mueller report. That was a process in which many of the obstructions and obfuscations that this piece highlights actually worked. Seriously, one really important conclusion highlighted by muller was that all the obstruction, phone wiping, and other impediments, actually worked. According to Mueller, he could not adequately and fully investigate all of the issues because of the obstruction, and lack of cooperation.

When Jesse Owens entered the final stretch of the first race he won in 1936 Olympics, when he was well ahead of the pack, would it have been appropriate to say - will any American ever win such a race? Will we ever know who actually won the race?

That's today's viewpoint.

Instead you should be explaining how DIFFERENT this is than all of these non-relevant pieces of history (jfk etc). Instead, in relation to jack and fani this analysis should draw an analogy not to jfk assassination but to jesse owens:

He achieved international fame at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, by winning four gold medals: 100 meters, long jump, 200 meters, and 4 × 100-meter relay. He was the most successful athlete at the Games and, as a black American man, was credited with "single-handedly crushing Hitler's myth of Aryan supremacy".

The more-specific point is that what should be viewed as "the real story of Jan 6" had formerly been a bunch of insurrectionists we saw at the capitol on TV, but is now is something laid out in a Chesebro email on December 13. And Chesebro was at the capitol as well as whoever else they showed on TV.

We all saw Giuliani and Powell operating in 2020 and doing what they were doing, with the close help of Fox, Twitter, etc. but nobody understood just how illegal it was, or whether they would ever be prosecuted for crimes. And until this summer most of us didnt think of all that as being a critical component part of what we refer to as "Jan 6." Unfortunately most of the commenters here still don't, in part based on the lack of coverage here.

After reading comments here its clear that Hartman Report readers think that "Jan 6" means some stuff they saw on TV with rioters breaking into the capitol - whereas people in the legal world or who have any understanding of the legal developments over the last couple of months think of "Jan 6" as a documented scheme and elaborate efforts undertaken by over 40 people, to deprive American voters of the results of their votes, all as contemplated by Chesbro's Dec 13 email.

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Sep 14, 2023·edited Sep 14, 2023

We are not unlike a person with version 1.0 of COVID. A sucker who refused to get the jab, to isolate, or to mask-up b/c Trump told him to shove a light bulb up there, and/or to scarf down a tube of horse de-wormer.

Today? . . . That person's pushing up daisies.

Feckless Dems have brought only a napkin to a knife fight. For what? To stop their bleeding?

The GOP are corrupt, vote-whores. And Trump is their main John; a vote-millionaire.

We'll know the truth about JFK, when we find out who murdered Marilyn Monroe.

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The kill shot came from the vicinity , but not, the grassy knoll. It is clear from the video, that the kill shot was from in front, not behind, with Jackie scrambling over the trunk (boot) of the car to retrieve a part of his skull blown out by the bullet., that bullet has never been found, to my knowledge, because no one looked.

There was a storm drain in front of the presidential limousine from which the bullet was fired, and the storm drain was connected to a culvert large enough for a man to walk through, upright.

I agree that it was the mafia that pulled the trigger, but it was recruited out of Marseille, France.

Why I do not believe that it was the American mafia behind the hit, is because the Warren Report was chock full of lies and misdirection, since proven, thus it was a coverup, and who in America has the power and money, to front a cover up?

And it wasn't silver certificates that alarmed the money powers, it was the Treasury Notes that JFK had issued. These notes were issued in $@ and $5 denominations and plans were to issue $0 and$20 denominations.

And why was this issued of Treasury notes so dangerous, because once congress authorizes spending, the Treasury then prints bonds and bills, which are then sold to the Association of Primary Dealers in Government Securities (google Dealers in Government Securities), you will find about 25 national and international investment bankers who possess a monopoly privilege of buying government securities, and reselling them to the Federal Reserve, which then uses them as the reserve base, as well as to sovereign funds, like Saudi Arabia and China. The institutions range from Goldman Sachs to Barclays Capitol, (click on Primary Dealers https://www.newyorkfed.org/markets/primarydealers)

A portion of the debt is held back for sale to the public in $5,000 lots, by public I mean Universities, Money Market and Pension funds, perhaps a few billionaires.

Printing Treasure notes, means that Federal Debt is not sold to the APDGS,and thus the Federal Reserve cannot control the economy via interest rates, nor is our debt sold to sovereign funds and foreign investment bankers.

That Silver certificate claim, bandied about, falls in the same category (misdirection), as the reprimand letter for George W. Bush, which was written on a computer, by Bush's staff, to embarrass the Democrats, because it was easy to prove that computer produced documents are spaced, differently than typewriter documents, and the letter was written ante MS Word.

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Here's the thing: The Republicans are no longer a Party.

They are off-site employees, 100% owned by "Dark Money" ever since Clarence and the Supremes said money is free speech.- Which makes NO sense.- That's like saying an Almond Joy is a football game. So, what we have here is the utter failure of 2-party democracy.

The GOP is jointly "owned" by billionaires who want to pay 0% in taxes, they now pay 3.4%. And it is also owned by corporations, who want no regulations or taxes.

These jackholes want to set up strongman rule, which FOX aided with Putin's & Zuckerberg's assistance.

Then they will run a South African style, apartheid, police state.

One where Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, and lower and middle-class Whites work cheap and buy unnecessary crap till death. Their kids will do the same, having been indoctrinated in school on myths and counterfactuals.

Every Congress person who voted for that pathetic buffoon's re-installation, should be rotting in SIng Sing. For LIFE!!! Esp. the traitor Tuberville.

And only a handful of Dems on the Hill, seem to get the stakes.

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Thom, I think these questions should be asked and answered. I am wondering whether it is the big fish being tried first, and then getting to the other ones. The more convictions, the more people are going to turn evidence. So, it is a slow trickle. On the other hand, there may just be too many crooks. The entire Republican party as far as I am concerned, with the ones you have named being some of the most obvious ones. However, as someone who wrote to the NYT in the spring before the election that I was worried that Trump was going to stage a military coup, because he was pretty much telling us that he was going to stage a coup, and they did not publish my concern, which all of my friends at home and work had to hear, as well as family, but particularly my dog walking morning friend because I was so concerned. Then slowly, I started seeing the press reporting that others were concerned. If it has to come from an expert, or a think tank, when what I was saying was obvious, particularly because I knew the statistics of people in the military who said that they knew of White Supremacists in the military was something like 30%, I was very untrusting of the military. So, when the questions were raised about members of the CIA, Secret Service and military, I was not surprised at all. In fact, I had also written my governor months before that that he should be getting rid of the White Supremacists in the State Police and National Guard. Then, when it turns out members of police in our state were in the insurrection I thought about how I wrote this, and if there had been some action these people might have thought twice about their activities. Of course, Trump is the leader of the Bad Boys, so who knows. Do you think the Justice Department will get to these questions? I don't know.

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