When I was undergoing angioplasty in 1993, the cardiologist could not clear a blockage in on of my heart arteries (too many bends to get there!) He noted no problem the organ will produce new capillaries that will supply blood to that art of the heart affected by the blocked artery! 30 years later I am living proof regarding the cardiologist statement. So what Lou!? Society is composed of living organisms, ‘us guys’! Some how I recall my college biology professor explaining how processes which work in the tiniest body organisms also exist in larger entities, he had a fancy term for it! To my point, the narcissistic mega billionaires will find ways to ‘create new capillaries’ if and when Citizens United is overturned in order to distort our electoral system and undermine democracy! I am in awe of those who are constantly vigilant regarding the ways our electoral system is being corrupted!

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louis, did I create new capillaries in 2020 campaign when I paid other individuals to write checks in their names when I had reached my poor peoples' limit of

$12,500 /--do billionaires have to have compliance officers? For some candidates did not have a choice of where my donation was reserved: the runoff? The primary? I was not allowed to choose to where my excess went ? primary? Runoff?, Returned to me?

Yes there will always be a loophole – – but i 4 one am utterly thankful For the zealous watch dogs like CRP, PRO-PUBLICA, OPEN SECRETS, even the FEC.

I shop politically, and let the corporation or company know why I shop there or don't --target states they donate according to the needs of their business and their workers and guests, with their mission statement: diversity,

Giving back to the community. their "guests" are urged to vote annually on : TO WHICH NONPROFIT THEIR ANNUAL CORPORATE


And you can surely be confident I will never donate through act blue again --get a Democrat in Congress to listen to that//no way; FTC will handle it ! and that's a hats off to scamguard.com/


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Is it a mere coincidence that Sen. Tim Scott announced that he is opening an "exploratory" committee to assess a possible presidential candidacy?

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OMG! This has to end. When will the majority of American people say WE WON'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! GIVE US BACK OUR COUNTRY by voting using reason instead of emotion? Then it wouldn't matter how much money was spent trying to buy the elections. Look at what just happened in Tennessee where two young men had the temerity to speak up, were kicked out then reinstated by their electorate. We can do it if people just pay attention to what is happening.

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thou dost ask a lot of radical evangelicals--trump has replaced God for many--

He puts on a quite benevolent act of piety.

I would like to refer you to two documentaries, about a decade old now: CITIZEN KOCH, & KOCH BROTHERS

EXPOSED. & to give you a clue of what I think we're up against, OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism

be afraid be very afraid

and if you are able to walk or roll --get to colleges with your voter enrollment kit !

Station yourself in front of high schools ! see ya there

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Excellent analysis of why the Geezers Oppression Program [GOP] must be rooted out at every level in every election possible whether it's local, state, or federal 🤔 elections.

Thanks for making America 🇺🇸 aware of the dirty pool politics going on behind the scenes. All of these king 🤴 makers must be held to the fire 🔥 of accountability 🔥

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Just because the laws allow dark money, it doesn't mean a candidate can't bring it out into the light. At every turn, the Democrats need to disclose, disclose, disclose. Once they do, they can challenge everyone else to do the same.

Representative Porter was on a late night show and is running for the Senate, and she declared her position on money. She is not going to participate in the corruption, and of course the audience cheered her on.

Dems can hammer home that the REAL independents are the ones free from financial obligations to some rich bastard. We can lead by example and EXPLAIN to the voters at the same time.

Great history lesson, Thom.

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We should be looking at, and promoting, ranked choice elections at all levels, particularly under congress' authority concerning federal elections in article 1, section 4 (the "elections clause" concerning federal elections).


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I just have to wonder if there is anything at all to be done, unless we are wealthy . It doesn’t look good.

No wonder these smug republicans get bolder and refuse to make any sense at all.

Evil money does evil things.

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I took a 200 level speech communications class in college. I got a B+ because the professor said he only gave out one A and it's wasn't going to me. I argued like Otter in 'Animal House'. 'How could you! This B is going to blow my GPA and keep me out of law school! I need a 3.90 for an Ivy and I will only have a 3.85!' ' I'm not going to sit here and let you bad mouth the United States of America!' Professor said, 'You should have thought of that when you got that 'C' in Econ.' His point? No minority party is going to swing an election; it's a false argument. If only Nader hadn't gotten those votes.... Both sides are bought and paid for. It's all about the power. Why would a billionaire spend $54 million to avoid a percentage or two in corporate tax? Dude doesn't pay taxes in the first place! It's all about the power.

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RE: "The simple reality is that in our political system — winner-take-all elections, rather than a parliamentary system or ranked-choice-voting — a third-party candidate always hurts the party it’s most closely aligned with."

Third party candidates are one impact on elections. However, as you, Greg Palast and Michael More have pointed out, there are other greater impacts on election results.

Greg Palast on you 4/19 program pointed out the long-term effort of voter suppression:


As you, and Michael Moore have also reported, the Republican candidates since Eisenhower have cheated to win:

https://rumble.media/transcript-episode-286-is-it-possible-that-every-republican-president-since-ike-has-had-treason-in-their-heart/ - jump to time stamp [00:10:04]

In addition, for the 2000 race, Gore admitted defeat before the discounted ballot count was completed. Others reviewed those uncounted votes and Gore won:


In 2016, there was the manipulation of voters via social media. There was the Comey announcement about Hillary's emails days before the election. There was the billions in free coverage that DJT got: CBS Executive stated that DJT may be bad for America, but he's great for our bottomline.

Third parties are an easy scapegoat at the ballot box, but not as big a factor as other external influences that alter voter participation before getting to the ballot box.

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I do not doubt the calculations and logic Thom presents here. However, it overlooks who the real demon might actually be. Psychologically-speaking, the DNC has had a long history of shooting itself in the foot. Sanders was the latest example of force what they considered to be the safer candidate, but they saw Hillary as safer too. It is that sort of autocratic second guessing that often created fertile ground for 3rd-Party Candidates. We seem to seeing it again in DNC pushing Biden on voters again. He was elected as the Un-Trump. That will not fly again. I, and many other NPA voters, will consider a 3rd party candidate if an attractive option appears on the ballot. Few NPA voters embrace fascism, and that is all the MAGA Party offers. However, Biden is sleepy, his legislative agenda and regulatory untrumping is far behind what people hoped for. His age IS the issue for many of us - to many for the DNC to grasp.

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Thom, please refrain from using Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump as an example of third party voters. Hillary was the worst candidate the Dems could have nominated, and the only one who could have EVER lost to the likes of Trump. She surrounded herself with DNC hacks and ran a lazy, lackluster campaign, so sure she would win that she ignored key battlground states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Hillary and the DNC sowed the seeds and then reaped the whirlwind.

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Yes, and let’s completely dispel with the myth of Nader giving Bush the Presidency.

You might as well say that James Harris and his running mate Margaret Trowe gave us Bush too!


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