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Thom's Daily Read 31March23Listen now (14 min) | Dead School Children are a Sign of America’s Trump-Fueled Fascism Problem
Thom's Daily Read 1March23Listen now (9 min) | The Grift Is at the Core of the GOP's Existence
Thom's Daily Read 29March23Listen now (8 min) | Does America Need an Emmett Till Moment to See How Children are Mutilated by AR15s?
Thom's Daily Read 28March23Listen now (12 min) | Guns Don’t Kill America: Republicans Do
Thom's Daily Read 27March23Listen now (11 min) | The GOP Motto: “Accountability for Thee, but Not for Me"
Thom's Daily Read 24March23Listen now (8 min) | Why are So Many Republicans Embracing Quack Science?
Thom's Daily Read 23March23Listen now (9 min) | Is the GOP "War on Woke" to Keep Racial & Queer Minorities “In Their Place?”
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