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Thom's Daily Read 29November21Listen now (7 min) | Is Greed the Reason We're In Omicron's Cross-hairs?
A Thought from Dwight Eisenhower Suitable for a Bipartisan ThanksgivingListen now (4 min) | A warning, a call to protect the future, and a prayer for love and decency...
Thom's Daily Read 24November21Listen now (13 min) | No More "Tokyo Roses" Trying To Destroy Our Democracy!
Thom's Daily Read 23November21Listen now (6 min) | Why Is the GOP Making America’s Job of Creating a Less Deadly Society More Difficult?
Thom's Daily Read 22November21Listen now (12 min) | The GOP Now Stands For Trolls, Vigilantes & Death
Thom's Daily Read 19November21Listen now (10 min) | The “Medicare Advantage” Plan to Kill Real Medicare
Thom's Daily Read 18November21Listen now (13 min) | Is the New GOP "Southern Strategy" Civil War & Bloodshed...and a Return to "Leave It To Beaver"?
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