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Thom's Daily Read 26January22Listen now (11 min) | If a Criminal Becomes President -- Do You Get More Crime?
Thom's Daily Read 25January22Listen now (11 min) | Is the Anti-Democracy Movement Reaching a Tipping Point in the US and Around the World?
Thom's Daily Read 24January22Listen now (6 min) | Can America Answer the Call of Kidney Karma?
Thom's Daily Read 21January22Listen now (8 min) | My Dishwasher Wants to Spy on Me!
Thom's Daily Read 20January22Listen now (12 min) | How the "Rules" Determine if Criminals Become Politicians
Thom's Daily Read 19January22Listen now (10 min) | Will America Look the Other Way on the GOP’s New Election Police?
Thom's Daily Read 18January22Listen now (14 min) | How America Is Becoming Unraveled
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