These cruel , bigoted individuals , Abbot and DeSantis are like college fraternity hazers on a whole new and atrocious power trip to delete human rights for immigrants.

They are despicable Magas following in the footsteps of their ‘big brother ‘DJTrump.

The ‘point is the cruelty’.

Yes, it is.

One wonders where this twisted preoccupation with cruelty will end. They love that they are the ‘baddest’ governors in the union . Such an honor for these two misfits. The fact that they even were elected to office should be concerning to all of us .

This is a Maga stunt,decided on by people who have been stricken by evil aspirations.

Where will it end ? Who is willing to stop this heinous violation of humanity by two thugs who see themselves as the tyrant kings .

They are not ‘ kings’ they are thugs. Tyrannical Thugs.

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Sep 16, 2022Liked by Thom Hartmann

For DeSantis this is his “great idea” of campaigning early for a 2024 presidential bid. He’s just more of the same along the lines of Trump and Trumpism. Believing The Lie. The MAGAS like their cruelty fresh and upfront. It is THE point. Good for Gavin Newsome and Joaquin Castro for calling out this cruel move on immigrants. From Venezuela escaping the autocrat Maduro. They came here for help, not more inhumanity. Where is Law and Justice when we and asylum seekers need them? I’m hoping justice is coming for these immigrants. And our laws coming for these perpetrator-governors. In the meantime SHAME on them. They are very obviously operating outside US law - interstate travel against these persons’ wishes. If not - we’re in a heap of trouble.

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The idea that DeSantis could well become the Republican presidential candidate in 2024 is horrifying. If I remember correctly, in George Wallace's attempts at becoming president, he had to be a third-party candidate. DeSantis is every jot as bad, and him, but stands a good chance of being the offering of one of our two mainstream parties. But the Great Winnowing continues. Let the inhumanity of these people speak for itself, and reveal their true nature to the higher spirit that still lives in the hearts of most Americans. As this dark underbelly of America is exposed to daylight, may it also inspire our best and brightest vision of ourselves and lead to a revival of faith in the American Dream, for all people equally. And may the ugliness represented by Trump, DeSantis, Abbot and the MAGA movement disperse into uncomfortable memories of a distant past.

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The FBI should march them off to jail for illegal human trafficking across state lines.

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While I agree, the FBI has enough to deal with right now. what with all those crazy MAGA's running around threatening to kill them. I do think they should be charged though.

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Sep 17, 2022Liked by Thom Hartmann

The last part is especially telling. They had refugee status and were lured under false pretenses by government officials. I also noticed in conservative media the Martha’s Vineyard immigrants were merely described as being shipped to a military base like they were going to Gitmo or something when in reality they were merely being temporarily housed in military barracks. I’m referring specifically to MTG’s Twitter feed.

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Images of the powerful USING the powerless are thrilling to people with an Abbott and DeSantis mindset. And, that is where this behavior stems from, their brains. They are not wired for empathy, and deliberating the nuance of how this stunt looks would not have been a part of their decision making process.

They don't get it---Trump, Abbott, DeSantis, McConnell, McCarthy, etc. don't get it. The list is about 25% long of any given society. People to them are not so much people as they are a means to some kind of an end or pay-off.

We keep hoping for the lowest point when it comes to the Republicans' cruelty, and I'm not sure there is one if they think they are "winning".

I don't know if they can be prosecuted for this, if so, they should be. Save them a cell next to the insurrectionists, they really didn't "get it" either.

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I live in Portland. I'm thinking we should offer free transportation for the homeless population here to sunny and warm Texassistan and Floriduh.

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The focus shouldn't be on these governors or race, but on our immigration policy and our other policies that hurt Latin Americans, such as policies related to drugs, trade, guns, military aid and training, and anti-union policies among others.

If some U.S. mayors in our large cities are already overwhelmed with the numbers of recent migrants who need assistance, how will other cities and states deal with even greater pressures in the future?

Every sovereign nation had a right to decide who and how many enter. Many Americans seem to think it is cruel to have immigration policies and enforce them.

The neoliberal economist Milton Friedman loved illegal immigrants. He said we get them when we can put them to work and don't have to spend 18 years investing in them before they can become workers, as we do with citizens who are economically unproductive non-workers for 18 years or more. Why do we operate our immigration system on neoliberal economic principles?

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"Every sovereign nation had a right to decide who and how many enter." That is true and we have such limits. But the limits are for economic migrants. Refugees fall under a different category, and the number that enter reflect the willingness of the citizens to care for people in need. Or if you are religious, to follow the teachings of Judaism or of Christ, who said to take in strangers in need. England, Germany, France, and many European nations have absorbed many times the number of immigrants in the last couple of decades as the US. You want to reduce illegal immigrants, the only real way to do it long term is to reduce the demand, by helping to create situations in their own countries where they feel safe in staying.

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Let's string some buts. This stunt has a different political goal, but it's the same stunt as the freedom rides, but times have changed so the only applause is worshippers of DeSatan.

I'm sure this won't help, and may hurt, the real goal, which has nothing to do with political refugees.

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While Governor's and Legislatures in Red States are pulling PR stunts and limiting the voting population to try to stay in power, their citizens trail far behind the Blue States in happiness! Wake up!


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The Geneva convention prohibits the use of prisoners of war for propaganda purposes. How are civilians afforded less protection domestically?

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Thom. I enjoyed reading your opinions but your prescriptions point readers in ambiguous directions. You must know, when mere opinions are cast as certain truth, an ideological bias always rears its ugly head. Your nonchalant accusations of racism clearly reveal this ugliness. Simple presumption of a contrived definition is repellent. And worse, this presumption forms the basis for your condemnation. You simply judged the motives and character of another and presumed the veracity presumption. This is a certain appeal to your feelings. As well, it’s used to attack the character of your enemy rather than addressing the real contentions.

If the governors are guilty of wrong doing then certainly you must see that the Administration also fall to the same accusation. The Freedom Ride North in fact has been happening for months. The Administration in fact has bussed and flown countless numbers of migrants all over the country. And if Governor Newsom can make his opinions sound like truth, then I assume I can as well. You see, because I like millions of Americans, have been horrified at the images of a mass migration across the southern border. The Administration has encouraged this kind of mass irresponsibility and now has hastily reacted to the crisis. They chose, without consulting the American people, to bus men, women and children all over the country. I’ve been mortified by how many have been flown to Nebraska, White Plains, and Jacksonville. It’s unconscionable to see the Administration make these unilateral decisions with the full pretense that country should pay for such gross irresponsibility. Clearly, transporting men, women, and children across all these state lines break many laws and presuming cities and states should accommodate such dysfunctional immigration policy is morally reprehensible.

Such blatant disregard of the immigration law is a flagrant infraction of the law. So I would strongly urge the DOJ to investigate possible criminal or civil violations of federal law based on this fraudulent undermining of immigration law. There are millions of migrants that have illegally crossed the border and for whom will never be accounted for. Transporting them across state lines remains an infraction of the Transporting Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization. No one is above the law and therefore RICO statutes must be used against the co-conspirators within the Administration. Such disregard of immigration law and inability to properly care for the millions that have illegally crossed the border reveals a fine-tuned malevolence. Condoning such gross irresponsibility will prove to be the most humiliating and dehumanizing experience for those who are here legally and for all those that have jumped the legal lines of entry.

Anyone condoning such matters should be looking at both serious jail time and/or serious civil fines for engaging in this heartless and coercive infraction of our legal processes.

Like Thom Hartmann and Governor Newsom, I too offer my opinion.

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