Although we can blame the elected officials in the Republican party for feeding the hate, fear, and death that motivates our poorly educated to become vigilantes, they are nothing more than expensive tools used by their corporate masters to perpetuate the greatest grifting in human history. It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to do whatever it takes to get reelected, (including genocide and treason) and that kind of person should not be in office. Until we can replace them with elected officials who pledge to promote our general welfare with best practice-based solutions and protect us from the oligarchs (and their toadies), our backsliding democracy is unlikely to recover. If only Someone knew how to fix it so money no longer equaled speech and corporations no longer enjoyed the rights of citizens.

Also, thanks for a new way to describe those who kill peacefully assembled citizens with their vehicles as drivers-into-crowd, or “DICs.” Certainly Ron DeSantis should be regarded as an honorary big DIC for the work he's done to perpetuate DICish behavior.

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Kyle made his wish come true. Two months prior, he wished he had his gun...He didn't come across similar situation by accident. He didn't just happen to have his gun this time...This was kept from the jury. Juries can get real mad at this kind of censorship. Judge will die with blood on his hands after Kyle-baby kills again...

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Judge Schroeder already has blood on his hands for what he has unleashed. There will no doubt be many more deaths long before Rottenhaus kills again.

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The only tangible consequence of history's sad chapter on Trump-style fake populism that could possibly be construed as, at least, indirectly beneficial for succeeding generations is that it finally and fully exposed beyond any doubt the truth of the GOP as the right arm of the world's wealthiest and most powerful faction of elitist authoritarians, who are passionately opposed to sharing power with the little people scurrying about under their feet.

The "masters of the universe" have been preparing for decades, if not centuries, their distorted version of a white, Christian democracy-in-name-only, which in reality is basically a plutocracy serviced by servile workers regardless of faith. In our time on the stage, the forces of greed and bigotry are in the process of implementing their final solution for multi-cultural, multi-racial democracy and the eradication of its institutions à la Steve Bannon's "deconstruction of the administrative state." Our democratic institutions are only as good and strong as the people working within either to destroy or to improve them.

So all that is extremely valuable information going forward. If humans are to realize a happier, more productive future that is in balance with nature, it's a crucial step just to realize first (so many don't) the deadly pitfalls of tribal politics in all its glory -- a cynical and nihilistic message based on fear and hate and division rather than on tangible policies that would benefit everyone regardless of society's perceived ranks and statuses of the deserving and the undeserving.

We cannot ever allow oligarchs anywhere near the reins of political power! That was true at the time the founders forged the Constitution; it is true today; it will be true tomorrow and forever after. Hopefully, our children and their children will have learned lesson 101 of a functioning democracy: Do not elect someone fundamentally opposed to democracy. Who knows what jargon will be used by our descendants, but "no-brainer" works for now. "Duh" does too. "WTF is wrong with you!" The list is long...

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If you know the basics of body language, look at the footage of Rittenhouse saying he backs BLM and that he is not a racist. I remember how ignorant I was at 18. The one person I knew the least was myself. He is either lying or doesn't really know what he believes.

I think we only have to look at George Zimmerman to see what Kyle will be doing in five years. This just happened, and it is on the website for KTVB Channel 7 in Boise: "Gun conference at Idaho hotel canceled after venue learns George Zimmerman would be featured speaker". It's from Nov 6, 2021. Good article if you have time.

I went to a psychic for kicks once when I was young. She gave me the best $20 advice ever: YOU CANNOT BUILD YOUR HAPPINESS ON SOMEONE ELSE'S SORROW!

Maybe that's why so many Republicans are hateful, fearful, and are constantly selling death.

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Think of the peer pressure young R. is inundated in to Do It Again. Las Vegas should have a pool: when will he kill again?: Odds on one year? Within three years? Exclusion of only two months old statement: 1) Wish I had my gun 2: I would shoot those guys. Explicit conex. to purpose of gun...If jurors acquitted reluctantly, this old Public Defender warhorse imagines any given juror feeling very burned, that this was hidden from them.

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