I knew Bill Barr was a liar and a thief following the Mueller report.

But this previous garbage work he did for Reagan and Bush, I’d either never known or forgotten.

I think we were suspicious but the non permeable GOP iron curtin was also in play . Since then however the GOPs treachery has been ‘out and about’ for a while.

Yes , Barr’s hideous cover up with the ‘Mueller Report ‘let us know clearly where he stood.

How interesting that when the ‘writing on the wall’ became a reality to Barr he flipped his trumptastic stance back to something resembling the truth. But Barr doesn’t ever divulge more than he can handle at ‘throttling the truth by the throat.’

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Sep 13, 2022Liked by Thom Hartmann

As a Canadian, I have an outsider's view. I marvel at how Thom keeps track of all these details, but I guess that's the many years of journalistic experience he has. I too have been suspicious of Barr (obviously), and wonder at his motives for being so vocal of late in a somewhat paradoxical role of condemning Trump, but also of not wanting to see him indicted. I can only wonder - is he attempting to muddy the waters of evidence of criminality that are showing up? or perhaps to have some desired effect on attitudes of the lawyers, justices, and Trump's base knowing what lays in store for the Trump team? Is it all an attempt to cover up his own involvement in it all? I'll continue to watch Barr's words and actions for clues, and to enjoy Thom's insights. I do find it fascinating how Republicans have managed to keep so much criminal behavior under wraps; now that there's a Democratic president and an independent AG again, we're beginning to see the rot that's been working against the American public by those in higher offices.

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Sep 13, 2022Liked by Thom Hartmann

Thom, when I read your lead into this column - "The corruption of our justice system is a cardinal characteristic of fascism, which is what Trump and — it turns out, Barr — were actively trying to do to America" - I should have had some hint for what I was in for. It was a great lead, and something all of us (who read) are concerned with FOREMOST - the corruption of our justice system...a cardinal characteristic of fascism. WHY? Because we are now LOOKING for the signs of fascism as they appear - one by one. Banning of books - highly noticeable. Overturning of longstanding laws in the country - with little warning - Roe, regardless of its numerous times of protection by PRECEDENCE in the Supreme Court. And then an ex-president - RECENT - squirreling away highly classified documents - FOR WHAT USE WE WANT TO KNOW.

But when it involves a FORMER and highly corrupt attorney general from the 1980s (great heavens above!) protecting two - not one but TWO - former presidents from charges of treason - you have my attention.

I could feel stupid - but I don't. I wasn't involved in politics very much during the 80s. I had made a big move out West and trying to find work during a sudden recession, find the right place to live, and just managing my personal life. But all of this that I'm learning ALL OF A SUDDEN is challenging. Not overwhelming because I was suspicious (highly) of Reagan and his "smiley" promises and his frequent WARS he seemed to really cotton to. VERY suspicious of what he really was after when he was elected - I just KNEW it was a BAD thing, especially for women.

When I started hearing "Iran-Contra" I had no idea what that meant. But I dug and I pulled and I read and listened till FINALLY it all made TERRIBLE sense. All I can do is to thank you, and thank the friend who introduced me to your reports. I'm still learning. Scary times.

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Something was said that stuck with me back in 2019 when Barr took the AG job. They were trying to figure out why he returned to the swamp. They said it was most likely that he needed a payday. He's one of the multi-million dollar "holdings" guys, but that doesn't mean he is not "cash-poor".

The payday point is believable, but to me the mystery is who is paying him and pulling the strings off-shore. Barr cut his baby-teeth in the CIA. Bush spent time as CIA director and Mueller ran the FBI---he is literally Barr's friend. Where is the City of OZ and who is behind the curtain?

Is this all about Money? Ideology? A blood oath? Hatred of the left? Barr actively worked against the Vietnam protesters, and Mueller is a decorated Vietnam Marine veteran. Don't underestimate how far back things go for this guy and his associates.

Watch Barr when he talks; his body-language betrays him. What a liar! He is a slippery SOB, but not that good. What's obvious to me is that he is the FIXER. The Bilderberg Group? Perhaps, Trump was a useful idiot for somebody or some group besides Putin.

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Bill Barr special assistant to William Casey 1986. See link to Iran Contra through the Arkansas Economic Development& Finance Authority . This is explained in detail by Terry Reed in his book Compromised : Clinton Bush & the CIA

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Great article, with the constant fake news flow, we need to remind people of actual history.

I have a comment on the underlying assumptions.

The older I get, the more I'm convinced that the Founding Fathers intentionally created a fractured and fragmented system that has hundreds of drivers, each with their own steering wheel.

I think they realized that we'd all go to sleep if it wasn't constant friction.

I think the JERKS stuck us with a system where 20% are psychotic fanatics, 20% are cerebral progressives, and 60% are too busy to bother unless the building is on fire and they have no choice.

I'm not sure that this is a bad plan.

Calm parliamentarian governments toddle along with 8 factions stroking and stabbing each other, very politely. This can put citizens to sleep long enough for them to wake up in a fascist Sweden.

Our fractious two party system keeps 40% of us throwing tomatoes at each other and the 60% acting as a bored, but powerful, backup.

I firmly believe that across the USA, we will see a very clear message sent to our legislators this fall. The message is "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR CRAP, GO TO YOUR ROOM".

Both the GOP and the Dems will think we only mean the GOP. Both will be wrong.

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