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Thom, I agree with your FSTV comment that The NY Times story is "the most important of the year." Thank you for making this the main story line of today's program.

The discussion on this over at Dailykos.com is also worth reading.

I'm hoping some concerned investigators, be they among the press or elsewhere, look into who in the Middle-Eastern countries were consulted with by the Reagan operatives, and disclose any information obtained.

In my view this story overshadows and undercuts every narrative and accolade about Reagan's words, deeds and ideology, and should be brought up anytime someone brings up Reagan.

Republicans don't have a president since Eisenhower worthy of invoking on any policy, ideology, or discussion for the direction of America.

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The difference between conspiracy theories and history is the ability of historical evidence to support history and refute those conspiracy theories which cannot be supported by the historical record. Unfortunately, it takes time for the full historical record to emerge as yesterday’s NY Times article demonstrates.

What is ironic is that the party that has screamed the loudest about election fraud and a rigged political system is the same party that has perpetrated the fraud and rigged elections.

It is also worth noting that the primary constituency of this party's base is white males who, perhaps, have never believed in a multi-racial, multi-gender democracy to begin with. As long as this group controlled the levers of power, they could support the quasi-democracy that has characterized American democracy from the beginning. But, now that their majority control is under seige, their true authoritarian colors are becoming more obvious.

It is hard to hide behind the mask of patriotism, while embracing Putin, Orban, and other white supremacist authoritarians.

We are STILL engaged in a great civil war testing whether this nation or any nation, conceived dedicated to the proposition of equality, can long endure. Since the 1860s hundreds of thousands have given their lives so that those nations might live. It is now up to up to us in 2023 to be dedicated to the cause which they so nobly gave their last full measure of devotion.

Humanness transcends skin color, and although we are not blind to our differences, we must remember that as different as we are, we share a common humanity.

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At every milestone in my life whether it was Cronkite exposing the war atrocities every night right up to the Covid atrocities, every Republican voter continues to aid and abet this criminally negligent party,l has had a devastating negative effect on my family. When I say this is an unforgivable sin I mean it. Willful intentional collapse of economies under GOP cost us homes, pets went to kill shelters, kids had to move repeatedly and make new friends, bankruptcy’s to stop garnishments, literally everything gets destroyed for everyone when they steal power. When is will it be enough?

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Dear Lord . These Republicans are the most corrupt group ever . Because it has become the boldest of all these groups of Republicans owing their current ease of corruption to the many layers of treasonous Republicans before them .

No wonder they lie with such ease. Lots of practice . From their villainous predecessors as well as Trump.

Its ridiculous how much damage they’ve done to this country and the world.

Every time any one of them opens their mouth we can all count on lies, misrepresentations and them having the gall to point fingers at Democrats.

I find it hard to have sympathy for Democrats as well for they’ve allowed this to go on.

Its despicable that they’re still claiming this election of Bidens’ should have been Trumps.

Its time for Democrats to some how get this information into the spotlight.

I thank you sincerely, Thom for your efforts to expose the truth .

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This article ,Thom , is a must read for American news media if they could muster up the courage to print it. Clearly in the rear view mirror history will reveal the criminal cover-ups of Republican administrations. These malicious, sneaky, traitorous actions by Republicans over decades are many and dangerous to our democracy. However, in my lifetime I have witnessed the gaslighting by newspapers and news networks reporting only snippets (click bait ) junk ,thus the whole truth for an accurate accounting is not evident for the average American viewer. It takes work and dedication to find accurate information and reporting that is not biased by radical ideology in news sources. The average American is overwhelmed by working, family matters and other realities of life to take the extra time to research for accurate information. Americans should be able to watch their local and national news media for accurate and timely information but much unfortunately is spent on “entertainment tidbits “ or fluff. It’s way past time for all the tRump and Republican co-conspirators to be named, shamed, called out and indicted, then Sentenced! Lock Them Up!

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Will that "wascally wabbit" finally be held accountable by the double barrels of ol' Elmer Fudd? The Republicans are working overtime to quash anything they can. One can only hope that the bombshell report from the New York Times, and this article from Thom, will give them pause to consider their heinous history since Eisenhower. Thanks for a great article Thom.

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...'Shocked by the brazenness of that one.' Most of us just would never think to kill people, risk lives to get elected. That's what took down the Iroquois Nation (and other native people) too. The Native American was just amazed that a man would do to another man what the white man did to them; completely against 1,000's of years of governance. Dick 'the Anti-Christ' Cheney was involved in so much of this, too. Iran hostages, 9/11, war in Iraq. A few months before we went into Iraq, Halliburton-Brown and Root had become a 'slow pay' on $ millions owed for goods and services. They were 120 days out on several million, just our company alone. I was pressured to 'gently encourage' them to get current. Well, they had gone on an acquisition binge and were having major cash flow problems, with no real source of revenue. And along came war in Iraq; we banged billions of stuff into the war on no-bid contracts with Halliburton (Cheney's company). Rumor has it, he was heard saying, 'What we really need is another Pearl Harbor' and ...voila! 9/11

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This article should be in The NY Times and Washington Post.

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Thank you Thom, for this thoughtfully laid out history of our extremely flawed political story over the past several decades. Politicians and corporations driven by greed and power are some of history's most heinous criminals and the Republican party seems to be the safe haven for them in this country. It's been excruciating to watch over the years, but I am hoping that this year we will see some reckoning, with Trump getting indicted, and the Dominion lawsuit hopefully winning against Fox. One can only hope that accountability will finally be served, at least to some.

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Thank you!!! I liked Gerald Ford right up to today. It is no wonder Trump thinks he can get away with criminal behavior.

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Either party could have been corrupt as hell and gotten away with it, because America hates the idea of publicly condemning one of its own presidents. I still won't believe Trump will be held accountable. An indictment is an accusatory instrument, not a declaration of guilt. We still have a long road ahead, and there's no reason to believe anything will change.

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Eisenhower: Beware the military-industrial complex.

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You're right on target today, Thom! I watched Medhi Hasan on his Sunday MSNBC show yesterday and was appalled by the interview he did with a reporter? / writer? about Reagan's deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1980. Neither of them revealed the real facts about this "treason"--as you appropriately call it. In fact, they left the matter as uncertain...vague...incomplete. This really amazed me that Medhi, born of Indian parents, either knows very little about this matter--or is very deceitful to his viewers. I thought your interview with him last week was absolutely superb...and that Medhi was on top of game. However, this piece he did on MSNBC really makes me think less of him. Can you please contact him...or at least send him your today's "Report"? I think he needs some education on this very important topic that reveals the "treasonous" behavior of past Republican presidents. It's long past time to set the record straight ! Thanks again, Thom !!

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P.S. on Trump; I really don't think his voters would have cared about Ms. Daniels and his affairs. His voters are more like, 'You go, Dude!' He shouldn't have bothered paying her off; probably would have increased his vote numbers.

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We can only hope that the law is enforced in this case. I hope there are enough people going into this with their eyers/ ears, and minds open and enforce the law against him. My fear is that because he is wealthy and influential to enough of the populace, that his threats to get his hypnotized base to support him (read revolt violently) that he'll/ avoid any consequences for his actions stronger than a slap on the wrist. I hope to see enough strength of character and conviction of morality and ethics, that we will see a truly just conclusion to his trials.

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Trump needs more than prison time, but the problem is which prison and how. Seriously.

He is entitled to Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. The Secret Service, even Biden's detail, are either hide bound conservatives or Trump Humpers. Would his prison guards be his SS detail.

He would wind up in a country club prison, surrounded by sycophants. He would take over the prison, like he has taken over the Republican party, and I would guess that most inmates are already fans anyway.

Real punishment would be taking away his cell phone and locking him out, via court order, from all social media.

Maybe confine him to his penthouse in Trump Tower, that way he could not enlist other prisoners in his treason, but then there are his sycophants in the Secret Service, they need to be fired or rotated and replaced with liberals., if such an animal exists in law enforcement (doubtful).

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