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Thom's Daily Read 16August22Listen now (21 min) | America's Founders Would Have Been Disgusted By Today's GOP & Trump
Thom's Daily Read 15August22Listen now (26 min) | Afghanistan a Year Later: Can We Finally Speak Honestly About Bush & Cheney's “Little War"?
Thom's Daily Read 12August22Listen now (16 min) | Can American Democracy Survive the "Fake News" Crisis
Thom's Daily Read 11August22Listen now (20 min) | Should Trump's Business' Get The Corporate Death Penalty?
Thom's Daily Read 10August22Listen now (8 min) | The GOP’s Casual, Cynical, Disrespectful “Democrat Party” Slur
Thom's Daily Read 9August22Listen now (11 min) | What Is It that Republicans Actually Do Love?
Thom's Daily Read 5August22Listen now (17 min) | Stop the Medicare “Advantage” Scam Before Medicare is Dead
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