Now we learn Barr apparently went so far as to cover up Trump’s involvement with Putin, providing opportunities for Trump to extort Ukraine and pass…
Thom's Daily Read 30Jan23Listen now (19 min) | "Ghostbuster" Bill Barr was the “Who Ya Gonna Call?” Guy for Three Treasonous GOP Presidents
A catch-up of articles from the past week, to complete the jigsaw
Chapter 5 - Free Market Fools
The Best of the Rest of the News
Congress should pass legislation to create national standards for policing to regulate local and state police departments so violence-prone and…
Thom's Daily Read 27Jan23Listen now (7 min) | We’ve Seen Enough People Murdered By American Police: It’s Time for Genuine Reform
A “donation” of as little as $25,000 can get you “face time” over dinner with a sitting justice of the US Supreme Court
Thom's Daily Read 26Jan23Jetzt anhören (10 min) | Pssst! Wanna Buy a Supreme Court Justice?
Wealthy partisans aligned with the GOP are going for that Hispanic vote in a big, big way. They intend to use the same tools that have turned state…
Thom's Daily Read 25Jan23Jetzt anhören (9 min) | A Media Ceiling is about to Fall In On Democrats
Dying on your own terms when you’re in miserable pain and just a step short of that eternal portal is, after all, the humane thing to do. The dignified…