What they’ve created has taken on a life of its own & is now tearing America apart - Steve Bannon, echoing Hitler, predicted, “We’re putting together a coalition that’s gonna govern for 100 years”
Thom's Daily Read 15October21Listen now (11 min) | Trump & His Dead Ender's Hateful Plan Revealed
Thom's Daily Read 14October21Listen now (10 min) | Wall Street's Barons are Causing Homelessness: Can We Stop Them?
We’re seeing tent cities & massive homelessness in cities across America because a handful of Wall Street billionaires want to make a killing: Will Ame…
Thom's Daily Read 13October21Listen now (10 min) | Americans Begged Politicians for Peaceful Progressive Revolution for 40 years: Will It Happen?
Somebody needs to tell the politicians: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
Thom's Daily Read 12October21Listen now (8 min) | How Far Down the Road Towards Fascism Has America gone?
We are close to either a collapse or a renewal of democracy: which way will America go?
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