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Do Americans Have the Will to Battle a Wealthy Rightwing Authoritarian Movement?

Thom's Daily Read 31December21

Will America Be Torn Apart Again By Wealthy White Men?

Thom's Daily Read 30December21

Thom's Daily Read 29December21

America Must Awaken From the Big Lie of “Rugged Individualism”

Thom's Daily Read 28December21

Neoliberal Parasites Now Want Public Libraries as Profit Centers for Wall Street

Thom's Daily Read 27December21

They Don't Want Us Looking Up...

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Sunday Book Excerpt: The Hidden History of the War on Voting

Geeky Science: The Hidden History of Santa Claus

Thom's Daily Read 24December21

DC Press Corps & Sunday Show Hosts: Do Your Damn Job!

Thom's Daily Read 23December21

Thom's Daily Read 22December21

Were They Traitors or Saviors?

Is the World Throwing Off the Chains of Neoliberalism?

Thom's Daily Read 21December21

The “In Emergency, Break Glass” Moment For Democracy Is Here

Thom's Daily Read 20December21

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Book Excerpt: ADHD - A Hunter in a Farmer's World

Saturday Report 12/18/21 "Ode to Sean Hannity"

The Deadly Omicron News for Trump-Humpers Laid Bare

Thom's Daily Read 17December21

It's Past Time For Democrats To Defy the Supreme Court

Thom's Daily Read 16December21

Is Fox News "The Greatest Cancer on American Democracy"?

Thom's Daily Read 15December21

Are “Free Trade” & “Monopoly-Is-Okay” the Cause of Our Current Inflation?

Thom's Daily Read 14December21

Are We Standing On the Edge Of a Grand New Progressive Era?

Sunday Excerpt: Screwed

What You May Have Missed

Saturday Report: 12/11/21 - The Betrayal of the Constitution

Thom's Daily Read 10December21

In Praise Of Progressive Bravery & Not Looking Away

Thom's Daily Read 9December21

Why the Media Needs a True Reckoning about Serving the Public Good

Thom's Daily Read 8December21

Here's the Craven GOP Plan For Ending Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 7December21

How Many More Children Must Die for the 2nd Amendment?

Thom's Daily Read 6December21

Democrats Must Reclaim Their Brand as the "Freedom Party"

Sunday Excerpt: "The Hidden History of Guns and the 2nd Amendment"

Saturday Report 12/4/21

Ask Thom Anything!

Thom's Daily Read 3December21

Lock Down the Unvaccinated So America Can Get Back To Normal!

Thom's Daily Read 2December21

Next Up On GOP’s Agenda: Stripping Women Of Political & Economic Power

Thom's Daily Read 1December21

The Deadly Reason Fox News' Talking Heads are Calling Fauci "Doctor Mengele"

Thom's Daily Read 30November21

Revealed: The Racist Plot To Tear America Apart

Thom's Daily Read 29November21

Is Greed the Reason We're In Omicron's Cross-hairs?

Sunday Excerpt - "Cracking The Code: How to Win Hearts, Change Minds, and Restore America's Original Vision "

Saturday Report 11/27/21

A Thought from Dwight Eisenhower Suitable for a Bipartisan Thanksgiving

Thom's Daily Read 24November21

No More "Tokyo Roses" Trying To Destroy Our Democracy!

Thom's Daily Read 23November21

Why Is the GOP Making America’s Job of Creating a Less Deadly Society More Difficult?

Thom's Daily Read 22November21

The GOP Now Stands For Trolls, Vigilantes & Death

Sunday Book Excerpt from "The Crash (Crisis) of 2016"

Saturday Report 11/20/21

Thom's Daily Read 19November21

The “Medicare Advantage” Plan to Kill Real Medicare

Thom's Daily Read 18November21

Is the New GOP "Southern Strategy" Civil War & Bloodshed...and a Return to "Leave It To Beaver"?

Thom's Daily Read 17November21

What is the “Wealth of a Nation"?

Thom's Daily Read 16November21

Seventh Generation Amendment: The Blah-Blah-Blah Has to End!

Thom's Daily Read 15November21

Will You Storm the Capitol if the 2024 Election is Stolen?

Sunday Book Excerpt From "The Hidden History of American Oligarchy"

Saturday Report 11/13/21

Thom's Daily Read 8November21

Authoritarian Coups Are Gradual then Sudden

Thom's Daily Read 8November21

Breaking Now: The Tragic Plight of the Children of Wealthy People Exposed

Thom's Daily Read 10November21

The Bill is Coming Due for Sending Good Paying Jobs Overseas & it's Called Unionization

Thom's Daily Read 8November21

Time for Democrats to Wake Up on Free Trade or Pay in 2024

Thom's Daily Read 8November21

What If Every American's Home Was a Power Plant?

Sunday Book Excerpt from "Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture"

Saturday Report 11/6/21

Ask Thom Anything! 6 November

Ask Thom Anything! 6 November

Thom's Daily Read 5November21

Is Qanon a Tragedy, a Danger, or a Terrorist Group?

Thom's Daily Read 4November21

The News Is Too Vital To Be Left to the “Free Market” & Must Again be Owned & Run by Actual Journalists

Thom's Daily Read 3November21

Last Night's Election Proves America is Standing on the Edge of a New Populism

Thom's Daily Read 2November21

Are Trump & His Cronies Guilty of Mass Murder?

Thom's Daily Read 1November21

The GOP's #1 Issue Is the Survival of White Supremacy

Sunday Excerpt from The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America

Saturday Report 10/30/21

Thom's Daily Read 29October21

Exposed: The Insidious Cancer at the Core of Democracy that Could Take Down Biden

Filibuster Fingerprints Are All Over Our Dying Democracy

Filibuster Fingerprints Are All Over Our Dying Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 27October21

Take This Job and Shove It!

Thom's Daily Read 26October21

Covid Shows How Fragile & Wrong Neoliberal Trade Policies Are

Why the GOP Has Enthusiastically Embraced Cruelty

Saturday Report 10/23/21

Thom's Daily Read 22October21

Conservatives & Billionaires Want You To Confuse "Rights of Citizenship" for "Welfare"

Thom's Daily Read 21October21

Could Vice President Harris Follow Richard Nixon & Challenge the Filibuster?

Thom's Daily Read 20October21

Is The Final Stage for the GOP & Democracy the 2022 election?

Thom's Daily Read 19October21

There’s Nothing “Normal” About Having a Middle Class: It has to be Chosen

Thom's Daily Read 18October21

Rightwing Media Causes Death When "Used As Directed"  

Saturday Report 10/16/21

Thom's Daily Read 15October21

Trump & His Dead-Ender's Hateful Plan Revealed

Thom's Daily Read 14October21

Wall Street's Barons are Causing Homelessness: Can We Stop Them?

Thom's Daily Read 13October21

Americans Begged Politicians for Peaceful Progressive Revolution for 40 years: Will It Happen?

Thom's Daily Read 12October21

How Far Down the Road Towards Fascism Has America Gone?

Thom's Daily Read 11October21

Sinema’s Reign Shows How Political Corruption Can Destroy America Like Metastasized Cancer

Saturday Report 10/9/21

Thom's Daily Read 8October21

The Newest Big Pharma Scam Exposed

Thom's Daily Read 7October21

Will the Next President Be America's Last President?

Thom's Daily Read 6October21

The Lost People

Thom's Daily Read 5October21

It's the Algorithm, Stupid!

Thom's Daily Read 4October21

Hungarian-Style Soft Fascism is the GOP’s Ruthless New Brand

Saturday Report 10/2/21

Ask Thom Anything - Sat 2 October

Thom's Daily Read 1October21

Americans are Fed Up with Both Corporate & Political Grift: Can the Democrats & Biden Reverse that Trend?

Thom's Daily Read 30September21

Is America Having a Foreign-Led “McCarthy Moment”?

Thom's Daily Read 27September21

Debt Ceiling: Republican Suicide Bombers Threaten America

Thom's Daily Read 28September21

Angela Merkel Governed Germany to the Left of Bernie Sanders: Why Don't Americans Know?

Thom's Daily Read 27September21

The New “Businessman‘s Conspiracy” Authoritarian Plot Is Closer Than You Think

Saturday Report 9/25/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 24September21

When Will America Break Free from the Clutches of the Grifters?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 23September21

Americans Want Tucker Carlson's Freedom

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 22September21

Trickle-Down Authoritarianism Must Stop

A Crime Wave Could Take Down the Democrats in 2022

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 20September21

Santa Claus Is About To Drop a Bomb On Biden

Saturday Report 9/18/21

The Cancer Of Money in Our Politics Gives a "Thumbs-Up" for Big Pharma to Kill More Americans

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 17September21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 16September21

The Real Crime General Milley Exposed Laid Bare

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 15September21

The Texas Abortion Hypocrites Don't Care About Post-Birth Children

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 14September21

The GOP Never Gave Ray DeMonia a Chance to Survive

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 13September21

The Filibuster: Should America Try Democracy?

Saturday Report 9/11/21

Ask Thom Anything! Saturday 11 Sept

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 10September21

Why Threats of Violence are Epidemic in America

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 9September21

The GOP's Obsession with Power-At-All-Costs Will End Badly for Us All (Including Them)

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 8September21

Time to End the Medicare Advantage Scam

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 7September21

How Sad-Sack Stooges for Rightwing Billionaires Pretend They're Patriots

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 6September21

The Texas Handmaid's Tale

Saturday Report 9/4/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 3September21

Is There a Sense of Impending Doom In the Air?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 2September21

Abortion: Is the Texas GOP the Dog that Caught the Car?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 1September21

Ron Johnson Revealed the Secret GOP Ruthless Con to the World

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 31August21

Trump "Salted the Earth" Against Biden to Get Chaos, Revenge & Profit

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 30August21

These “New” Democracy-Hating, Religious-Cult-Qanon-Believing Right-Wingers are Nothing New

Saturday Report 8/28/21

Thom's Daily Rant 8/27/21

Afghanistan: The "Big" Media's Question Today Is Wrong & Dangerous

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 26August21

Will Salvationist and Cartesian Thinking Be Our Doom?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 25August21

Could the “Monarchs” on the Supreme Court Tank Democracy?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 24August21

It's Time For Our Freedom Passports!

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 23August21

Trump Brutally Represents an American Version of the Taliban

Saturday Report 8/21/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 20August21

How Reaganism Turned Ray Rosenberry & Joe Stack Into Terrorists

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 19August21

Medicare-For-All Will Stop Boss-Men from Playing Games with Deadly Diseases for Political Gain

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 18August21

The Brutal Endpoint for "White Replacement Theory" Promoted on Conservative Media: Apartheid America

The 9/11 attack Wasn’t An Act of War: It Was a Crime

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 16August21

When Will We Stop Letting Our Presidents Lie America Into Wars?

Saturday Report 8/14/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 11August21

Trump's "Shared Psychosis" Is Destroying the Fabric of Society

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 12August21

DeSantis & Abbott : Will They Be Held Responsible for Mass Dying of Adults & Children?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 11August21

Why Conservatives Want Government To Fail Everywhere

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 10August21

Climate Change: Will America Wait Until It's Too late?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 2August21

Don't Despair: You Can Be a "Trim Tab" & Help Save the World

Monday's Disscussion Thread: Rand Paul is Trying to Start an Anti-Mask Movement: Is His "Libertarian" Movement - "A Me Society Instead of a We Society" - Going to Succeed in Bringing Down America?

Saturday Report 8/7/21

Ask Thom Anything!

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 6August21

Unthinkable Voter Suppression Has Begun: Now There's a Way to Defeat It

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 5August21

Reagan's Neoliberalism: America has Arrived at One of History’s Great Crossroads

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 4August21

DeSantis’ Anti-Mask Order Is Replaying Reagan's Phony “Rugged Individualism”

Tucker Carlson & Victor Orbán Together are a Bad Omen for America

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 3August21

A Warrior’s Instant Pass to Heaven Would be Cultural Poison for America

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 2August21

Trump’s Shadow Cabinet is Part of his Ongoing Coup

Saturday Report 7/31/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 30July21

Civilization-Ending Climate Change Is Knocking On Our Door

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 29July21

America’s 4th Turning Has Arrived — Which Path Will We Take?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 28July21

The GOP "Freedom" Scam Laid Bare

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 27July21

Hawley's “Love America Act” Is All About Hate

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 26July21

America is Suffering from an Epidemic of Political Bullying

Saturday Report 7/24/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 1July21

Trump’s Supreme Court Crime Spree

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 22July21

Healthcare Parasites are Sucking Americans Dry

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 21July21

Can America Go from Empire to “Good Neighbor?”

The GOP Delivers More Crime to America

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 19July21

The Only Two Buckets are Democracy & Autocracy

Saturday Report 7/17/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 16July21

When Does the Greed Stop?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 15July21

The Multiracial Democracy Ulysses Grant Was Willing to Die For is in Danger

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 1July21

The GOP's Shameless Plot Against Democracy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 13July21

Death is Their Election Strategy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 12July21

Time to Trigger the Nuclear Option

The Saturday Report

Ask Thom Anything Zoom Meet

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 9July21

Oligarchy: When Brutal Capitalism Becomes More Important than Democracy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 8July21

Trump Devotees Still “Drinking the Kool Aid” in Obedience to His Orangeness

The GOP’s “Flood The Zone With Sh*t” Race Strategy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 7July21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 6July21

Why America Can't Have "Nice Things"

The Saturday Report 7/3/21

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 2July21

How The Reagan Revolution Collapsed America & the Florida Condo

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 1July21

Cosby Got Trump's Sweetheart Deal

What Is True American Patriotism?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 29June21

Trickle-Down Economics Isn't Even a New Con

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 18June21

Democrats: Defy Trust-fund-baby Tucker Carlson & the GOP

The Saturday Report

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 26June21

Dear Democrats: Don't Negotiate With Terrorists-Lovers

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 24June21

Vaccine Passports Could Save Us From Trump's Final Massacre

The “mind-boggling” hidden threat in Georgia’s new voting restriction law

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 23June21

Time to Say "You're Fired" to Merrick Garland?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 22June21

How Does America Solve Its "Fake News" Crisis?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 21June21

Biden Should Withhold What’s Most Sacred to Rightwing Churches — Money

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 19June21

How Far Will the GOP Go To Steal the 2022 Election?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 18June21

The Demise of Local Entrepreneurialism is the Death of the American Dream

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 17June21

Why Is America the Only Developed Nation With No Right To Healthcare?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 16June21

One of them has to go: The GOP or America as we know it

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 15June21

How Trump Made Being a Psychopath Fashionable

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 14June21

Democrats Must Use the Most Powerful Word In Politics

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 12June21

Will "Economic Freedom" be the Billionaire's New Phrase to Replace "Capitalism"?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 11June21

Trump, Who Corrupted the Highest Office in America, Must Be Prosecuted

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 10June21

Why Fox News Claims “They” Are “Taking Down White Culture”

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 9June21

The Rightwingers are Surfing on Trump's Bullying & Getting Away With It

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 8June21

Should America Outlaw Homelessness?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 7June21

Can America function as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious democracy?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 5June21

The Poor, Tortured, Praying Republicans!

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 4June21

Can We Stop Psychopath-Driven Inequality From Making Society More Sick?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 3June21

Grand Dragon of Today’s Ku Klux Kaucus? Donald Trump.

Ask Thom Anything Zoom Meet

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 2June21

Could Qanon Reign Mean the "End Times" for Democracy?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 1June21

Can You Name One Successful Libertarian Country?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 29May21

History Exposes We Can Rescue America from Trumpism

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 28May21

Is It Too Late For Democracy?

The Ugly Truth: Republicans Want More Poverty & Crime

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 26May21

America's Cops are Having Their Harvey Weinstein Moment

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 25May21

Can America Rise Above Racism & Embrace a Higher Vision of a Common Humanity?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 24May21

Was Jan 6th Worse Than 9/11?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 22May21

Republicans Are Stealing the Commons

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 21May21

Blowing Up the Billionaires’ Con that's Shattering America

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 20May21

Americans May Only See Fascism in the Rear-View Mirror When it’s Too Late

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 19May21

The Election War of 2024 Is Being Fought Now

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 18May21

Trump's Paramilitaries Have Turned GOPers Into Bullies or Left Them "Scared Sh**less"

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 17May21

GOP Is Raising the Next Racist Generation of Right Wing Crackpots

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 15May21

Life Will Dramatically Change Under Brutal American Oligarchy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 14May21

The 2024 Treasonous Plot to Steal the Presidency Exposed, Yet Still Working

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 13May21

Is the "International Criminal Class" GOP Worth Saving?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 12May21

The GOP’s Dark Death Plot to Win Elections

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 11May21

The Democrats' "Killer App" Against Voter Suppression Unveiled

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 10May21

The Deep Delusions of The GOP Stripped Down

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 08May21

Americans Must Repudiate the Connection Between a Child-Murderer, Reaganism and Trumpism

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 07May21

Will Barr Get Away With Covering Up Treason for HW Bush, Reagan & Now Trump?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 06May21

How Do We Stop Corporations From Shoving Fascism Down Our Throats?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 05May21

Why McConnell Is About to Destroy the GOP

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 04May21

Nomadland Exposes the Middle-Class Rip-Off

America Now On the Verge of Re-Fighting the American Revolution?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 01May21

The Cautionary Tale of Joe Manchin's Opposition to DC Statehood

"Ask Thom Anything" LIVE Zoom

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 30Apr21

Count America In On "Trump Derangement Syndrome"

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 29Apr21

Dear Sen. Tim Scott - If America Is Not a Racist Nation...

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 28Apr21

Is Tucker Carlson Inciting Racist Police & “Karens” to Harm Minorities?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 27Apr21

The Hidden Secret Behind the Arizona ballot Counting

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 26Apr21

New Red State Evil Plot: Going Authoritarian & Ditching Democracy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 24Apr21

It’s Time To Blow Up the Maskholes' Sick and Twisted Plan

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 23Apr21

6 Steps to Restore Democracy & Defund the GOP

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 22Apr21

Republican Greed Now Dominates Americans' Lives

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 21Apr21

When Will America End "Slave Patrol" Policing?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 20Apr21

A New GOP "Big Lie" Plot is in the Works

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 19Apr21

The GOP Stands Atop an Ocean of Blood

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 17Apr21

The Ku Klux Kaucus Will End in Tragedy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 16Apr21

How Different Would America be if 4 Presidents Hadn’t Committed Treason?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 15Apr21

Jan 6th: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Commission

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 14Apr21

Is Genocide for Political Purposes Treason?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 13Apr21

Like the Nazis & Fascists, the Republican Party Must Be Purged

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 12Apr21

Oligarchs Con White Bois

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 10Apr21

The Republican Plot to Stop Herd Immunity & Flip America Into Authoritarianism

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 9Apr21

How Will the White Supremacy Brand of Today’s Republican Party End?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 8Apr21

Dear Joe Manchin - Want American Businesses to Invest in West Virginia?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 7Apr21

Radical Republicans Reach Out From the Grave: Congress Must Expel Some Members and Punish States

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 6Apr21

Can Depraved Evangelical Christianity Reform Itself or Should It Just Go Away?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 5Apr21

GOP "Cancel Culture" has its Guns Blazing Against Democracy

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 4Apr21

How Matt Gaetz Sex Scandals Lead Back to Reagan's Long Con

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 3Apr21

The Distressing Truth of Why Big Tech Is Lobbying for Regulation, Not Against It

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 2Apr21

There's a Bizarre Strategy Behind the GOP Culture Wars & Obstruction

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 1Apr21

The Covid Warning Signal We're Ignoring Could Be Disastrous

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 30Mar21

Call Them "Right to Life" or "Freedom" Passports!

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 30Mar21

"Trumpism" Is Simply White Supremacy

Never Forget what Trump & the GOP Did On April 7th, 2020.

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 29Mar21

Will America Hold Trump & His Enablers Accountable for 400,000 Unnecessary Deaths?

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 28Mar21

Guns: There's a "Free Market" Solution Every Republican Should Love

Thom's Daily Rant Podcast 27Mar21

To Save the World, End the Filibuster

Georgians Are Waking Up To Governor Kemp’s Authoritarian Takeover

Dear Republicans: What Did You Expect?

Mass Shootings: America needs an Emmett Till moment

Boulder: Is it Time to End the Second Amendment?

The American Taliban Has Seized Our Courts and It's Time to Take Them Back

How Institutional Racism & Gun Culture Have Poisoned America

Rand Paul May Be Infecting America with a Brand New COVID Epidemic

Here Come the Meat Wars!

The GOP Is a Modern-Day Death Cult and Proud Of It

The Main Driver Of Immigrants & Refugees is the Republican Party Itself

Culture Has Changed About Sexism - When Will It Change About Greedy Billionaire-ism?

It's Time to Roll Back Reagan’s Middle-Class Tax Increases!

Republicans Only Offer Faux Outrage While Progressive Democrats are Getting Things Done

Why the "Reagan Revolution" Scheme to Gut America's Middle Class is Coming to an End

Does the American Rescue Plan Signal the End of the Reagan Revolution?

The Real “Cancel Culture” Scheme By Republicans Revealed

Rich vs. Poor – Who Will Win?

The British Monarchy & the Royal Trumps Remind Us All of the Importance of Democracy 

America Needs a “Right to Vote,” as Georgia Proves Jim Crow Never Completely Ended

Why Is America Not Holding the COVID Hitman Accountable?

Why the Republicans Will Only Talk About “Big Lies” & Culture Wars

GOP Uses Dr. Seuss To Distract From Their Embrace of Gangster Capitalism

A “Jimmy Stewart Filibuster” Would Pass HR 1 & Save American Democracy

None Dare Call It Treason & Murder

Here’s the Genuine Litmus Test for Biden’s Support of Unions

Renaissance Thinking About the Issues of Our Day

The Fate and Future of American Democracy Hangs On the Minimum Wage

Time to Add the Republican Party to the Domestic Terrorism Watchlist

The Real Story of the Covid Catastrophe is Larger Than You Know

There’s a Nefarious Plot Underway Around the State of the Union Address

Blowing the lid off the billionaires’ big con — and its deadly link to the coronavirus pandemic

Republicans Go To War While Democrats Try To Negotiate

“Know Nothing” Republicans Must Be Held Responsible for the Death and Suffering They’ve Caused

This Week the GOP Will Again Roll Out The Brutal Scam They’ve Used To Con America for 40 years

Trump’s Ruthless Plan to Stomp Out Democracy in 2024